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Would recommend100% agree

Good value100% agree

Good quality100% agree


Great artist and great CD.

Great artist and great CD. If you like alternative music, I'd recommend thus highly. Well written and performed by a genius.


My favorite Beck CD. One of my favorite albums period.

Great CD. I love it. I can never get sick of it. It's not hip-hop influenced like Beck's other albums, just great music, melodies, singing, huge variety of instruments and musical styles that you don't hear on the radio. I recommend it for anybody, but musical taste is all in the eye (or ear) of the beholder. At least check it out, maybe you will appreciate it as much as I do.Read full review...


New CD's

Something like James Blunt but new.
Thank you.
Somehow music from space continum on 4 wheels, that does not have a gas transmission at the end of the road.
Good CD's mike ,
Krys Burak.
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This is such a fantastic CD. Beck, much like Ween, has two sides. The crazy what the heck is it side and the super sweet ear candy side. Mutations showcases Beck's beautiful songwriting but just enough strangeness creeps in to keep it from getting boring. If you like Sea Change you should love this one.Read full review...


Great Beck CD

I like all of Becks stuff, this one inparticular. In a wierd way it reminds me of Sea Change. Its a good CD to put on if your just gonna hang out and have some music on, The bonus track after the last one is fairly interesting too.Read full review...



Just wanted to say that the poster that I purchased is great!! Just what I wanted and I am so glad that I found it on E Bay.

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