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Is this HOT or not?

This pup was designed for close quarter use, and it is worth the effort. There is a compartment in the back for (4) 'd' cell batteries for the fan. The fan 'makes' this unit, and I would estimate that you could not use this heater full on in a tight space... it would be too hot with both burners on. I tried it for the first time in an area of some 200 square ft, (both burners) too hot, The outside temp was plus / minus 30 degrees. That should give a potential buyer an idea of the output of the heater. The heater is very well designed, good craftsmanship and good finish. I would suggest that anyone buying a unit also purchase at least two fuel filters, and one new pilot light assembly. Do I expect problems... no, I don't. But, the last thing you want is for your heater to fail at the most inconvenient time. Remember, Murphys law, if it can go wrong, it will go wrong, and at the most inopportune time.Read full review...

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A great heater!

We ordered this heater to assist in heating our boat during extreme conditions. It performed better than expected. We only used the heater to get the temperature into comfortable living boundries to assist our electric heat so it did not have to work so hard getting the heat up to speed. Our Big Buddy came through for us with flying colors. We recommend!Read full review...

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Valuable addition!

The 10' Quick Connect Hose is made very well with high quality materials, and one of the great features is you don't need the fuel filter with this hose.

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Very COOL Heat!

This this is bigger and even more awesome than it looks in the picture. Way cool, way easy to start. Holds two small bottles of gas; with two more in the optional Mr. Heater Big Buddy Cover I acquired elsewhere for a great price. Heavy-duty system for the Boat, the garage or even the back yard for "fancy" picnics. Can't wait to put it to goog use! For sure.
When I say COOL - I mean HOT!
100% well engineered.
Like me?
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camper heater

just got my mr heater big buddy in and carried camping last weekend. i have a coleman popup niagara which is pretty large. the temp on the first night was below freezing with a 20 mile north wind. turned the big buddy on LOW and it kept us cool all night which where we like it. i cant sleep when warm not hot. i was concerned that being new, it would give off an odor. the heater NEVER put off any smell of any kind! i was very pleased with the quality of this heater and the efficient way it operated. the air quality in our camper never changed in any way after we turned the heater on. i am sure if i had turned the heater to medium heat; it would have been too much. if i had turned it to the high setting; it would have run me out!..its good to know that with this heater we can camp regardless of the temperature outside. AWESOME HEATER. david g.Read full review...

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Great Product.

Very good product, I highly recommend. Got a chance to use inside my large tent under some cold conditions at night and was highly impressed. I love the tip over feature and the auto shut off when there's no more propane. Adequate ventilation highly recommended. I do however recommend the single large propane canister. The 2 smaller ones tend to run out of gas to fast.Read full review...


Easy to use & lots of heat

Heater works great, I like the adjustable heat settings and the two internal 1lb propane holders. I also like the optional hose for hooking up to a larger tank and electrical plug for the fan mode if you don't want to use batteries.Read full review...

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fan power

The fan works great but its a shame that you have to pay such a crazy price for the ac power pack.
Great unit to warm up the shop.

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grear little heater

This little heater is just the ticket for quickly warming up our home on those chilly mornings. ,I live where we seldom get any colder than 40 degrees at night , we don't run any heater at night for safety reasons ,although I feel this heater is safer than any electric one , no cords to overheat . I turn it on in the morning and in 15 minutes the chill is taken off the house. I use a small fan to circulate the heat more than the one that comes with the heater which is efficient for one room.

I also purchased the 12 foot hose and regulator so I can hook to a 30 lbs bottle out side the house. just ran the hose through an existing tv cable hole. I can get about a week of heat out of one bottle at 16.00 to refill. That is much cheaper than running electric space heaters.
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Good heater!

This heater works very well, gives off a lot of heat and the controls work as they should. My only criticism is the built in fan is weak but I find that it is not really needed.

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