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Good value100% agree

Long battery life71% agree

Small form factor50% agree


Just what I needed

ATT texting me said the would not support my old v3 razr, I had just ordered 2 batteries so I was set! This one came with a good battery and uses the the Motorola software on my PC. And works with my chargers. No worries.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: dadthegreatest



features easy to use-battry life very good-an old style motorola razr phone,not complicated like the new phones of today that i would not buy.great value for the money. bought razr because i had one for years that gave me great service.liked the razr,it was so very easy to use. didnt dislike any thing about the razr.to me it was better that any other phone on the market today.loved it.Read full review...


Excellent phone

This unit replaces the ATT 2
g. My favorite Works great with many features

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: proxwire


Works great and great condition

Perfect flip phone
My dad won't use anything different
For someone who doesn't want a smart phone this one is great
Easy to use
Volume is loud
Slim design


love the slimline look and feel. use with the motorola plastic case, great

have been a BIG fan of the V3xx for a very long time. this one is a back-up for the one I bought 6 months or so ago. the first one was a simple V3 model.(that one was eaten by a lawn mower). I will be back buying another when I find one that has everything that I am looking for. complete set (book, box, charger.Read full review...


great phone for the money, reliable , easy to use, great basic phone

My father isn't into the whole smartphone thing. he just wanted a basic phone that was reliable , affordable and easy to use. This one is


Great little phone!

This is the second razer for me. I like it! I ordered a display model and am very happy with the condition. I've had it for a few months now. The (only) regret I have is that I wish I had bought a black one the like my old phone. This one is silver and the dial face is hard to use because of the reflection when I try to dial.Read full review...


Best Cell phone ever made

What I like most about this phone is, I can hook it to my laptop and use the internet from my phone on my laptop. The internet on this phone is about 9 bucks thru my Carrier (ATT) unlike the expensive limited internet on any of the SMARTphones. I like both the Large views screens as well... I believe this is the best cell phpne ever made. The reason they stopped making it was, the wireless companys didn't like us being able to use the UNLIMMITED internet on our laptops so cheep. NO one would buy the SMARTphones if they kept making the v3xx . REMBER there is a big difference from the V3 and the V3xx... The V3xx has 3g internet making it almost as fast as broadband internet, the V3 uses 2G making it like a landline hook up on the internet. Happy dayRead full review...


Motorola RAZR V3 (AT&T)

Even though the RAZR is not the latest and greatest, It Is a GREAT phone.
I Like/Love Motorola products. They are rugged and work forever.I bought the RAZR V3 to replace the one I lost. My son had one and I liked the speaker phone part of it. He always carried it in his lap in the Tahoe and never remembered to retrieve it before he got out. Countless times it hit the concrete or asphalt, and never seemed any worse for wear. I had my replacement for almost a day before I fumbled it and it hit the Concrete... Hard. Not a scratch on it and It has been dropped since and still works. The phone has more features than I will ever use. I am not sure how many phone numbers the RAZR will hold, but I have never been able to max it out. One thing I don't like is the color display....Easy to read inside, but must be covered or in the shade for me to see it in bright sunlight. As a Oilfield Electrician and Instrument Tech My company Motorola cell was exposed to Harsh Electromagnetic and Electrostatic fields along with rain and lots of dirt. Always worked. The RAZR is almost always able to acquire a signal, Even in Elevators and steel reinforced Concrete buildings.
For me the RAZR would be the perfect phone if it had a black and white display that I could see in the sunshine. Maybe that will change after my cataract surgery. $36 on E bay with two GOOD batteries and a charger. Battery life is great I can go three days or more without a charge, depending on use. I LOVE my RAZR If you want an inexpensive RUGGED WORKS ANYWHERE phone Get a RAZR.
If You want a touch the screen and move the pictures with your finger or whatever, get an Iphone.
$200-$300 with a 2 year contract AT&T Jan 2011 Son Got one Great phone
ME..... I LOVE my RAZR
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Motorola RAZR V3xx

Almost new condition & a great price.
Exactly like my old one that I wore out.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: buy.here.be.happy

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