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Good value100% agree

Long battery life66% agree

Small form factor100% agree


Global phone

Excellent small phone...for those who like flips this is an easy transition from the phonetablets of today.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: flipxbabie



I am very unhappy with the phone and I would like a refund or an exchange for a different phone. The phone constantly shuts off by itself. The charge doesn't last for more then a few hours. When ever I charge the phone or try to charge it the charger plug that plugs into the phone has to be moved a certain way to charge the phone otherwise the phone doesn't charge. Live streaming is a waste of time because loading is extremely slow. My old phone was better then this phone and I got a new phone thinking it was going to be better. Not happy at all.Read full review...


Great for apps and texting

Great phone for a great price! Battery life is short so you have to do everything you can to conserve. The features are endless but again, battery life. Easy to use. A little slow between transitions but I would recommend this phone to some one who likes app and texting. :)Read full review...


Not Recommended!

I did purchase this phone at a discounted rate, but I still wish I had spent that money elsewhere. This phone is not dependable at all! The battery life is so poor, even when apps are purchased to monitor the battery usage and when GPS and Wifi are turned off. I charge this phone 2x a day and do nothing but text and internet on it. I rarely talk on it. When I do, I believe the mic is either broken or very poor. Everyone I talk to says I sound "muffled". Along with those issues, the screen locks up or goes crazy. I have had it type out random letters in a text message without even touching it. The only good parts are the navigation settings and keyboard for when the screen goes crazy. When making calls, it is very unpredictable. about 50% of the time, it will be calling, and the line is completely dead air. After multiple attempts, I have to turn off the phone and then it will work. I know this isnt my network, since my last phone made calls with no delay or issues.
I do not recommend this phone to anyone. There are so many on the market that are more worth the money spent, so research wisely.
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It's a great phone with great features, very sturdy, durable, & reliable!

This is a good, solid phone, with the features I need.

Several months ago, I was working in a shop that was dedicated to rebuilding broken mobile phones. That is where I got my exposure to the Motorola Droid models A855, A955, and A956. I worked with phones that were stomped, smashed, hit with a hammer, run over by a car, thrown against a wall, and just destroyed in any way imaginable. The amazing thing that I found in these Motorola Droids was the rugged construction that usually kept the electronics intact and functional. This kind of durability, coupled with all the features and functionality that I need in a mobile phone, led me to purchase a Motorola Droid 2 Global (A956) for my own use.

I am very satisfied with this phone. It is truly the best phone I have ever owned to date. My previous smartphones were: Motorola Q, HTC Ozone, and HTC Imagio, all of which employed WindowsPhone OS. The Motorola A956 marks my move to Android. I have found that Android is much more stable than WindowsPhone, and it has far more apps available (especially the free apps).

My only gripe with this phone is that it is difficult to unlock, and so far impossible to root, after upgrading the Android OS from Froyo to Gingerbread and upgrading to the latest firmware. According to everything I've read in discussion forums and reviews, rolling back the OS and firmware to root and unlock the phone is an unwise move, as it will basically render the phone useless. However, there is nothing wrong with the phone in its upgraded state. The phone operates as it was intended in design. It is smooth in operation, very reliable, and very sturdy.

The slide-out keypad is responsive and comfortable to use. The on-screen virtual keypads are also pretty responsive and comfortable. The touch-screen on the Motorola Droid models requires a heavier touch than some phones by competitors such as HTC, or Samsung. Yet, I figure this is no big deal, and it is probably attributable to the ruggedness of the screen. So far as I have seen, the touch-screen on the Motorola Droids is more resistant to cracks from being dropped. That's a fair trade-off for simply having to employ a slightly heavier touch.
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Good Value - Good Phone

Battery life is OK, but nothing exceptional, Nice phone that does the necessary jobs that the newer model does, only it costs less. Handy and easy to use.


Perfect True World phone working on Verizon(3g), ATT(3g) & Tmobile(edge)

The Droid 2 Global is an amazing value. You can use this on ATT 3g and Tmobile on Edge. It has the bands you just need to unlock them! Also need to unlock the SIM.

Was trying to find a good ATT phone to use with Straight Talk 45$ ATT Sim plan. None that looked like had decent features and battery life. I just needed to look outside the box.

I loved the original Droid design but it had issues with speed memory ecet. Basically the Droid design has been perfected in the Droid 2 Global. It is a global Verizon phone so it will work overseas with a simple SIM unlock code (you can buy the code or have a friend in good standing with a Verizon acct activate it on their line and ask for the code for free). What about ATT. Well Verizon locked the bands so they won't work on ATT Tmobile.

But some geniuses figured out how to get around this even with the new restrictions put on the phone with it's last/final update. All instructions below:

You only need to get the official extended battery from motorolla/verizon to make this the perfect travel phone. The official Droid 2 exteded battery doesn't add much at all to the back and makes the phone last multiple days with light use or about 5 hrs with the screen on active use.
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I love this phone!

Love this phone. Going on my third one...bought them used, one the screen went black.. my fault, and the second, refurbished but the center of the screen didn't work and it wouldn't stay connected to the internet. For the money, the phone is AWESOME, as long as you get a GOOD refurbished one! Easy to use and my fat fingers need the keyboard!Read full review...


If you live in the country this phone may not be a good pick.

Pro's - operating system works great, screen is nice and easy to use
Con's - Battery is not good at all, touch screen can be very picky on when it wants to work (the first year it worked seamless), I have had this phone for almost 2 years and starting to have some major issues. I don't want to have to replace it but I might have to. I have to shut it off and on to get my 3G to come on sometime so that I can make calls.Read full review...


Great phone, but the minor issues take away from it so it gets a solid 4/5.

This really is a very good phone, keeping in mind it's about 2 years old now i think when it was introduced it would have been top of the line and on par with high end phones.
The camera isn't great but it isn't bad either it would have been great if it had a front facing camera though, low light situations aren't a big problem here as it has a dual LED flash and really makes it work.
Ir is QUICK even by todays standards, all tasks i use it for are completed and without lag. You can watch a movie on it listen to music while reading the news on the web it doesn't bother this device one bit, i had more expensive Blackberries that would stick and have buffer issues while doing those things.
Only issue i face is using USSD codes via my prepaid wireless carrier. This phone will not recieve a reply from the carrier when running USSD codes, so things like checking balance, transfering credit, using interactive carrier codes won't work while using this phone. That's my only problem with it.
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