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The Droid 2 is an excellent choice for a good solid android smartphone!

I have to admit, I've got a special affinity to the older Droid smartphones. And the Droid 2 is no exception.

There's a reason these phones have been around for a while. It's because Motorola uses high quality parts in their manufacture that really makes a difference in their use, their feel, and most notably, their functionality.

The Droid 2 is capable of running the latest Android development software and most of today's games and applications.

The only real issue I have with the Droid 2 is it's lack of internal memory. This can become a bit troublesome even with an additional SD card installed as even applications stored away on the SD card can often take up needed space because of application start-up requirements. But it's an older phone so it's expected. When it comes down to it, it really becomes a simple matter of tradeoff.

And in my opinion, it's often the Droid 2 that wins in this match up!
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just did not work

tried it for a month wasnt impressed with the screen spazzing out doing what it wanted to do on its own. could not control it could not stop it from dialing or texting random words . in other words phone was broken .Read full review...

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i would recommend this phone to anyone out there very happy with it!!!!!

great phone to have! takes awesome pichures. love it!!!! i would recommend this phone to anyone out there very happy with it!! it slides open to text, very easy to look up anything u want on it from pics to music to web the quality of the phone is 5 starrs. my first time owning a droid phone it great theres so many accessaries u can buy for it extended battery , a case , a holder ,and a screen cover. so take a moment and consider this phone. why keep up grading buy this phone youll be really happy with this motorola droid 2 a955Read full review...


Not worth the money for a used/reconditioned phone.

I actually liked this phone just fine. I like having a slider and a small phone. I got it used (reconditioned) to fill out the rest of my contract (6 months). It worked well for 3 weeks, then completely died.

Motorola has EXCELLENT customer service. They did a lot of troubleshooting before determining that it was not worth repairing.

So if you are considering a used/reconditioned Droid 2, I wouldn't recommend it. This is NOT a reflection on a brand new Droid 2, but I doubt you could buy one of those anymore!
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Worth the price.

Great phone for what most individuals need to do in their everyday life. Activation is as simple as 1...2...3. Picture and sound are great and the size of the screen is perfect. The touchscreen is not hard to manuever and the slide our keyboard is just an added bonus, which I find is not really a necessity as everything can be done with ease from the screen.Read full review...


Motorola Did it again, The Good Things Remains...

I have one of these and i´m really satisfied. I like the Color, the Build-it-in keyboard hidden behind the screen, the screen size and the thickness, compact for the hand and special for pockets.


DONT TOUCH ME..the screen seemed to say and ran from where I wanted to go.

The phone has a lot of good features, unfortunately it was impossible to work with it. The touchscreen went haywire and wouldn't take you where you tried to go. I don't think its a fault of the design of the phone but it was old and was not working. The slightest tap on the face by my chin when trying to talk sent it off to other apps and even hung up my call I was trying to make. Other times I could not get the phone to even turn on. When I tried to dial a number (after many tries just to get the dialer) it took me to a different number than the one I touched. It was not a good purchase even though I think the make of the phone was probably a good choice, this one didn't function properly.Read full review...


Its a really decent phone for the money

This is a nice phone till it has fits not sure Y but starts opening things all by its self about once every two weeks. with a reboot it fixes it till next time. But over all is a decent phone for the money does many things that is a major help for what I do for work. If it didn't do as said above It would have been five stars across the board onto the ratings. It takes really nice Pictures and video. The slide out key board is a nice feature over the touch screen.Read full review...


Awesome product! Great buy for the money!

Brand new and accurate details as described. Love the touch screen and vivid colors. Easy to use and figure out. So glad that I got another one.



no issues what so ever easy to use nice size love to sliding keyboard display is a little small but overall phone is great

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