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Good value91% agree

Long battery life91% agree

Small form factor91% agree


Fast, quality phone that is easily repairable

The phone is quick enough for all the apps you'll be using. This is an Android Gingerbread phone, so your software updates are limited, but I have not had any problems with installing new apps from the Play store. The screen is a pretty decent size, and functions with an ideal amount of sensitivity. I was a little worried that web browsing on this size of touchscreen would be inefficient, but it has proved to be my best smartphone yet. Best of all, it is dirt cheap and still quite potent as an easily found used phone, and it is listed as iFixit's second most repairable phone, so parts and easily sourced for it and nearly the entire thing can be disassembled with screws. Why buy a fancy new tablet to take for out of town Internet use when I can just take this Motorola Atrix 4G for which I paid under $100CAD?Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: onehourcell



The product I received was in perfect brand new condition. Fast shipping.
Some may say this model is out of fashion these days (too small) but this is exactly what I really like about it. I just don't have room in my pockets to stuff something like 4x6. When I need larger monitor I have a tablet.
To be more specific: I bought this one as a spare because I have been using exactly the same phone since 2012. Never fails to connect and never locks up on me (I travel overseas). Battery holds up - I'm still using the original one.
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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: elva201384


Phone not recommended

I bought four of these phones, one came defective. When researching on the Internet and fix the problem, I take great surprise, this phone comes with a factory default, the operating system is corrupted and there is only way to fix it, just changing the machine internet. This really is a big problem, so I recommend analyze or to anyone interested in this phone.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: onehourcell


Good size, packed with features and most durable.

One of the best phones that Motorola has produced. My original Atrix 2 was in use for over four years and withstood considerable abuse (like dropped from second story roof on pavement; put it back together and it still worked) and climate conditions. Dropped in toilet, got it out and dried it for twenty-four hours and still worked.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: onehourcell


Great phone for a great price, all you could want from a phone.

I bought this phone as a gift for my sister. I've always been fascinated by this phone, since it has some special features that you don't even find in the smartphones released today. It is obviously a bit older, but it still has an OK processor and display, compared to newer budget phones.

There is no stutter at all when operating the phone, and you can definitely tell that's it's of high quality when holding it. The fingerprint-reader is a nice feature that I enjoyed toying with, and the Micro HDMI is also nice.

The camera isn't that good, although it is an 8 mega pixels camera, but that's to be expected with an older, cheaper phone. Most phone cameras aren't good today, either.

The phone is a bit thick because of the battery being extra large, which is a trade-off most people can live with. This means that the phone lasts longer, but probably still not more than a day of heavy usage.

Because the phone is an older model, the Android version on it is only 2.3, and Motorola has confirmed that there will be no updates for it. Android 2.3 is not as user friendly as Android 4.1, and later versions, which means you'll have to get to know the odds and ends of Android 2.3 before you can use the phone to its fullest.

If you're thinking of getting an iPhone 4, or an Android for less than $150, this is the phone for you. It has all the features you want, and packs more punch than most.
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Great phone for price. Worth a buy

Although this phone is older and only comes with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS, it still works great. Bars are usually full, so no struggling to get a signal and screens transition quite smoothly. The phone does tend to heat up when under heavy workload and rarely ever freezes when under pressure. Battery life is quite good and I have spent the entire day playing music on it before running dead. The Motoblur account helps save and recover personal information so no need to worry about loss of contacts and alike. Screen is small however,but the storage space it comes with is great. Setting up the 4G data settings if needed is a bit of a pain, but works great once you finish, speeds are not as fast as current phones though. Still no complaints. I would definitely recommend this phone.Read full review...


The best smartphone and easy to use.

I have it for almost 3 years and the features are very easy to understand and use, besides that has a HDMI cable that you can see the pictures and videos on any TV that has the HDMI input,great sound, battery life 3 days stand by, and 2 days if you use it calling and receiving. Besides the camera is very good ,nice pictures inn high quality. I never change it for any other phone.Read full review...


Forget the Iphone, this is the Iphone killer!!!

What a great phone. It does everything the Iphone does and then some. Voice activated features are awesome and it has more to offer than I will ever use. My only wish would be for a little longer battery life but I have a million things running in the background all the time. For the' bang for your buck' this IS THE PHONE TO GET. The Motorola quality shines with this phone with every feature. A definite buy item!!!Read full review...


great phone !

I love the phone. I have two others and have had great service. I researched these phones for use on straight talk. I have been using them on straight talk for just over a year an now adding another. No problem with any of the features. I charge the battery every two days. The phone does better with battery life ( and I don't know why ) if I power down and turn back on a couple times a week. I do not update youtube app because the updates cause bids not to load. Could be straight talk not sure. I recommend this phone.Read full review...


A Pure Pleasure for this Phone! Exceeded all expectations. Bravisimo!

The phone was for my cousin, and he is absolutely ecstatic about it! It exceeded his expectations beyond boundaries, which is great coming from him. The phone condition was like new which also pleased him. His 14 year old son told him that he got a great phone. It was better than his mother's iPhone, in functionality and power and battery life, all by 75% and kids oughta know about these things. So Bravo for the price, the condition, and the pleasure.Read full review...

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