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Good value90% agree

Long battery life72% agree

Small form factor90% agree


As long as the OS works with the lapdock, I'll keep it around!!!

I've owned this phone for over two years. It does everything I need for a phone to do and MORE! Mine broke so I just replaced it.

The greatest feature (for me) is that it docks to a lap-dock PC adapter which allows you to actually do limited Firefox web browsing and makes the Atrix 4G into a FULL SCREEN. I am not aware of any phone which has conversion to a laptop as well as HDMI connection to a TV or a monitor. The lap-dock also charges the phone and extends the life of the battery virtually forever.

It is not the latest (nor the fasted even though it is a pretty speedy dual core) in Android OS but still gets the job done at a real bargain price.

You want more from a phone? Buy a tablet...
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Great trouble free fast multitasking phone. Business or pleasure or both. P

The ATRIX 4G, though outdated at 3 years old, really is packed full of features. The car dock software, the webtop software, and full Firefox browser using all the motorolla docking stations turns the phone into a PC. I use the lapdock notebook, the car docking station and the bluetooth keyboard and bt mouse while hooked up with HDMI cable to my tv also for full pc experience. The ATRIX 4G also has finger print reader to lock and also encrypt phone. Dual 1 core processor is still plenty fast. The 12gb built in memory and the external mini memory card expandable to additional 32 gb memory. That's 48 gigs of internal memory with ability to swap in other 32 gb cards. Just a great phone and computer. Just bought my 2ndtv ATRIX 4g after nearly 3 years of trouble free use. First phone got a leaking lcd screen from dropping g it many times HARD. great phone especially now with low cost either licked AT&T or unlocked. Get the car dock and the entertainment center package to experience Full pc usesge potential.Read full review...


An excelent phone that is fast and great call quality.

Very much an underdog of a phone. I bought one for my wife last year and though she didn't like it at first she now likes it a lot. So I just bought one for my stepson as he was insisting on a iphone 5 and we just couldn't afford one. The reviews of the atrix 4g place it right at or above the iphone 5 and in practical use it will perform wonderfully as long as you watch what you put on it. Android being the open system it is you occasionally run into the rogue program that turns on you. Not the phone's problem just the industry. This phone I bought was in pristine condition and works perfectly. My wife hasn't been nice to hers and has dropped it more than a few times and even ran over it with the car and it still works fine. I only hope this one I bought for the stepson provides the same service.Read full review...


Still beats out the iPhone 5 and it launched in the days of the iPhone3

The original Atrix 4G is still the gold standard of a smartphone. Its fast, intuitive with a large screen that will still fit in your front pocket and a battery life that'll run for days,if you don't run 4 apps a one time, which you'll be tempted to do because it does it all so well.

It does get a bit warm using the GPS while doing other talking for long periods and streaming MP3s via Bluetooth

The 2.3.6 Android system will run most popular apps although dont be too quick to upgrade apps since some updates (such as more recent YouTube versions)really work best with ICS (Android 4.0) and up
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very easy to operate better them my last phone and i will not give it up.

I love every bit of my smartphone it's very easy to use reasonable price. I like everything about this phone it can do more them my other phone did I can't say anything I dislike about the phone I had no problem and I would tell my friend to buy one I just so glad I brought this product.Read full review...


Great phone but, check for screen lock issues! Emergency Calls Only Screen

I had a the same problem twice when I bought this phone. The screen was stuck on "Emergency Calls Only" and would not show a swipe unlock button to get to the home screen. I think this was an issue the seller should had checked before sending the phone. I found info online on how to fix it. After I fixed the phone, I must say it is a great phone. You should also buy the multi-media dock with the remote control and use the web top for entertainment. Use this with a cloud storage account with movies or music. I paid $65 for the phone,$17.80 for the dock and hd cord.Read full review...


Hardware is old, but makes a great backup phone.

This is an older phone that runs the older Android Gingerbread OS. You can flash it to non supported OS's though and get it up to a higher OS rev. The hardware is getting a bit long in the tooth by today's standards, but the price of the phone is great and makes for a good backup phone, or a smartphone for a kid without too much worry of breaking it. Most of these phones will come locked to AT&T, to include their MVNO's like H2O wireless, AIO Wireless, etc. AT&T won't unlock it for you though unless you're a current customer of theirs or can prove you're the original purchaser of the phone, although this phone is old enough that you should have no problem finding an unlocking service here on ebay or elsewhere allowing you to put it on T-mobile and their MVNO's.Read full review...


Top of the line even at the 2 yr manufacturers mark.

I purchased this product because i broke the screen on my htc aria. I reviewed the phone on cnet and phonescoop. I love this phone. Lightening fast on simple mobile prepaid provider. Lightweight, easy to use. Open many applications. Purchase the lap dock for the best computing experience. Touch screen is very responsive. The screen is small and it looks plain but its powerful and the lap dock makes up for the screen size.Read full review...


deliverd a day ahead of time.. was how it was avertised

the phone is easy to use sound, picture quality are great. phone is light and durable. highly recommend the phone


very good product and great value thanks

nice phone , easy to use and it can be used for multitask. the best of this product was the price , very cheap for an smartphone but for my expectations its awesome

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