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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree


One of the best MK games

Great roster and gameplay. A must play if you like fighting games!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: chancesrgood


Amazing even for non MK fans!

I have already played MK Deadly Alliance and MK Deception is as good as its predecessor. The fatalities and stages are increased. The conquest mode is really fun to play and explore the different realms with Shujinko who is unlocked after completing the main quest. More characters to play, Stages have traps which can be used at player's advantage. Puzzle & Chess games are a nice addition too. I miss the old test-games between the fights but overall it is a great game to play and master. It gets pretty tough to beat if difficulty is increased.
Buy it!
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good deal

Great price

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: luckyesale62


Mortal Kombat: Deception : Awesome

What an awesome game! I really was happy with this edition of Mortal Kombat. It brings back alot of memories from the original mortal kombat series, and of course is bloodier than ever. The fatalities really are sick on this one, and so are the hara kiri, which is a suicide move that the opponent can perform when defeated. The platform fatalities and the "traps" are pretty cool, however it can feel like pretty cheap sometimes when your winning the match and than just happened to get pushed into a trap. Mini games are sweet, the puzzle kombat is addicting, my girlfriend won't stop playing it. Chess kombat is ok, and The RPG is pretty lame, not worth clearing off all 58 slots on your memory card. But overall if you are stuck in gamecube land like i am this is one of the best fighting games on the GC and you can find it for a bargain here on ebay.Read full review...


Reconsider who you give this too.

If you have a child that you allow to play rated M games be warned that there is a lot of blood like the rating states but also the player can make the character punch, kick, slap and use weapons on elderly folk, women and children. Make sure your child is old enough to understand the difference between real life and video games before you let him or her play. Recommended for 17 and up.Read full review...


Mortal Kombat: Deception is great fun!

Wow, this game is one of the best MK games to ever hit the consoles. The gamecube version is better than all the other versions. Why? As a little bonus for not releasing this version with the other console versions, Midway decided to throw in Goro and Shao playable characters! Read my Review of the XBOX MK:D to know about the gameplay mechanics, because the gamecube is the same. The one thing i will say is it is easier to do the moves on the gamecube controller and that makes the game a little more enjoyable!Read full review...


Best Ever!!!

Man, I highly recommend this seller!! the game came about 4 days, faster than i expected. The game is awesome and just had to get it for the gamecube!! because of the two extra characters (Goro and Shao Khan) I was more drawn to it, so here is a game that is worth buying! The best fighting game of all!!Read full review...


Good find

I wasn't expecting to find this game, i haven't played it since it vary first came out, so i was super excited to be able to find one for my console!!! It plays great but i would suggest not letting the really young children play it because it is really bloody, i guess that is why it is rated MatureRead full review...


I was very happy with the product.

I love mortal kombat. And I have every game except for this one and thats why I bought it. Plus the price was very nice and on top of that the game was just like new. I was really happy with the game play. I normally dont have alot of money to spend on games but this one was worth it.Read full review...


enjoyed the game

The kids enjoyed it. they play the game every day. Overall the game is excellent. I would recommend this game for all kids

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