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Good graphics96% agree

Fun92% agree

Good value92% agree


XBox 360 is Fun easy to navigate!

I have had a lot of fun with the 360. I had a Wii. The 360 is much better in that the controllers and the Kinect are much more versatile. The sound and graphics are excellent.
There are many titles to use the Kinect from sports to action games. I purchased a joystick to use with flight airplane shooter games. The Wii does not have that attachment. I also purchased a rifle to use for the hunting games. The rifle by Cabella is much better that the Wii because it is self contained. The Wii you had to wire your controller into the rifle.
The 360 complete package is very reasonable. I purchased the 360 because the Gamestop associate told me there were more titles than the XBOX 1.
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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: ryanizzo


Just one issue

This item was a good value but after arrived and we tried to open the disk it will not open and try different positions to see if it will open. Find out that it will not open because it had dirt and a sticky door. After it was clean it opened and will open only on flat position but sideways will not open. Other than that small inconvenient. Good.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: terryzintz987


somewhat disappointed

Both controllers did not work properly, had to replace them. Needed to buy a power cord as well as this did not come with one. Had difficulty hooking it up to get it to work on our TV. No instructions so had to wing it and eventually asked a friend to help. The product is outdated compared to xbox 1.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: dkmic122


READ the discriptions carefully!

the gaming system was/is a gift for my daughter. She loves it, it is pretty easy to use but we are still getting used it. The reason this is not a 5 star is that when reading the description, it showed it came with extra rechargeable remotes and all cords. It did not say nor did it include the charger for the remotes. I misread, but I feel that the wording was misleading. I needed to go and purchase a charger for the remotes (not all backs were included so I could not just put regular batteries in them). This cost another $30...oh they don't make chargers for the batteries we have so I'm not sure what to do about this. At the moment we have a plug and play charger too (extra $$$) so we have to plug in the remote to charge it either while we are playing the Xbox or leave it on to charge that one. This is a little frustrating. The reason I put game selection as 1 start, the unit we purchased did not include any games.Read full review...


excellent quality. quick shipping. great product!

very easy to use!!! as long as you have little experience with any game you will figure out how to use it. my 10 years old son love it.


Awesome product with the Kinect!

This is one of my favorite game consoles since the Super Nintendo. I love the Kinect sensor for playing games. I would definitely purchase another system for other rooms in our household. Great for when friends come over. There is always something to do when using the Kinect featured games.Read full review...



Great system, very fun for my whole family to play. We love the Kinect because it is easy for little kids to play as well as the adults.


the best staycation 2014.

I really appreciate the last owner who took such a care of the console. the thing looks like new, with all the accessories and bunch of good games. best of all the price is very reasonable. our family is having such a wonderful time with it.Read full review...


great family fun!

My grandson loves it! And I am going to use it for Netflix!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: jorkosporgan


Awesome Product Gerat value for the money!

I got this product because my wife wanted it for the dance and exercise games.

I love the quick visual response, setup functions, and voice communication. Our 10 year old loves playing the Kinects Adventure game. It takes pictures of you as you make strange moves to play the game and display them for you to see.

I would like Microsoft to make the controller even smaller and sleeker in the future. They should also make the cable coming from the controller detachable, so if there is a short in the cable I do not have to buy a new controller. I also do not understand why there is no Blue Ray option, only DVD, in this day and age. Come on.

It is a great system, once you take the time to set it up and calibrate it for your space. It truly goes way beyond gaming when you get to the online features, namely the face to face video communication and more.
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