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Good graphics100% agree

Fun100% agree

Good value100% agree


Why buy the plain white console when you can get it in SPARTAN GREEN!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Why would you even wait? I mean the xbox is already awesome as is, but now, it comes in halo green??!? That's one sick looking console. It seems to stay relatively cooled compared to the earlier xenon console, and with hdmi built in, I get to use 1080p instead of 1080i, as was previously provided by use of the component cables. If you can get it for less than 100 bux without any major issues, you are getting it for a deal.Read full review...


The xbox360 is a good system

The Halo 3 edition Xbox360 has a great look to it, plenty of storage space for the average gamer and as always the Xbox360 is very fun. I think the Xbox360 beats the ps3 and wii by far.


Spectacular Item! Was worth every penny

I bought the xbox 360 at a great used price with the intentions of playing awesome games. Turns out it did just that. Many of the action video games that come out are compatible with the xbox 360. All in all I would I say that the xbox 360 was a great investment. There is one little downside compared to the Playstations which is the need to buy membership cards to have online multicapabilities (I.E Pandora, Iheart, Netflix, Twitter, Online Gaming, Etc.) unlike Playstation where that is included. Well, thats just another way Microsoft makes $$$.Read full review...


salvage, save a good machine for as long as possible

I bought the halo Xbox for parts. My old one has been passed to 3 different owners and after tons of use and many years of not gentle use the disk drive began to fail. I fix most electronics and needed the part. Found the halo 3 edition with a failed av jack, so got the disk drive and a sweet case.Read full review...


Microsoft Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition 20 GB Green & Gold Console (NTSC)

Ebay's canned description of this model, states that internet connection is wireless. This is not true, you need a wireless adapter to connect to the internet. They range in price from used 20 bucks to more than 50 for new. Purchased used, works, but disappointed that it is not wireless for internet connectivity.Read full review...


Perfect for Halo fans.

Xbox is a bit loud. I bought it used so it may have other parts than the originals. It was not cleaned very well when I got it and when I opened the box the smell of cigarette smoke nearly knocked me over. But, it plays games very well and the design is awesome!Read full review...


Panasonic SDR-SW20S Camcorder

I love it workes great, I tryed to bye another, looking for another.

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This product is all about the looks rather than what it does...

This is the Halo 3 Special Edition Console. It looks cool, but does everything a normal Xbox 360 does. I bought this because it looks different than any other Xbox 360 and because it outputs in hdmi. I have purchased an extra matching controller for it, and both work great! It is very hard to find the original green accessories for this in working condition because they were made in very limited supply, however I have them all and they are very cool! All in all this product is more about the looks rather than what it can do, since it only sports a 20 gb hard drive. Even so it runs games smoothly and I have never had a red ring of death on it yet!Read full review...


Cant beat it for the price.

I was in need of an inexpensive camcorder and eventually settled on this unit. I picked it for it price and feature combination. Specifically I liked the fact that it is SD so no moving parts, can get wet, and has some drop resistance.

I used it this week while spending a few days in NYC. Didnt really get to test its waterproofing and fortunately never dropped it but I did get to use it in a variety of light settings. Overall it preformed well. In dark settings it has a little trouble but everything was still very watchable. The overall picture quality is ok, not the greatest even in its highest setting but not bad either.

I was using a 16GB SDHC card which worked fine with the camera. With that, at its highest setting you get about 3.5 hours or recording time. The middle setting was like 7 hours or something and I forget what the lowest setting gave.

You have to watch out with battery life. I used it on and off for most of the first day recording probably about 20 - 30 mins of video total. I also did a good deal of tinkering and play back so that drained it as well. Best practice is start recording then close the LCD screen to maximize the battery. You have to be careful of the battery indicator since it wasnt too accurate. On the second day it was readying that it was half full so I didnt charge it the night before then died within 2 mins of starting to record :/.

The software it came with is ok, again not the best but not the worst. It does not overload you with wizards assuming you are completely clueless but it is simple enough for anyone to use. The camera records its files as .mod extensions which is some format JVC came up with a few years back. The software will convert it to any others you would like like mpg but I also found that if you just rename the file to a .mpg extension windows media player will play it just fine. This was in Vista and I have just about every codex out there installed. I tried it on my Work Laptop running XP and it wouldn't play but I didn't spend any time trying to figure out why or download any new codex's so I cannot say what the problem was.

The one quark to the video files I found is that everything is saved with a 4:3 / letterbox flag even if you have the recording mode set to widescreen (16:9). So WMP will automatically put vertical black bars on the side squishing everything horizontally. Kind of annoying. Using a program like TMPGEnc will take care of this by telling it to export it as 16:9.

I also tried playing from the camcorder directly to a widescreen TV using the provided AV cables and it showed up widescreen fine. As long as you have stretch modes in whatever you are playing it, you should be able to get around it without conversion.

Overall, I am very happy with the camera. Since HD recorders as still very expensive this is a great choice to hold me over until they come down.
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Big Deal in Small Package

Just what we need to capture those vacation movies. Presently have 2 digital camers with movie capablility, bought this camcorder is strickly for the movie featue (eventhough it does take pictures). The size makes it great for travel. The waterproof and dust proof features fit right with our travel to sandy beaches. Personally feel that the value of the camcorder totally exceeds the price paid. The camcorder is easy to use. Cannot wait to get those movies of the grandkids. The smallness of the camera and controles may cause problems for some, but once you know which controls to push, it should not be a problem. Because of its size, it is ideal for travel, especially to those places with water and sand.Read full review...

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