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awesome deal on an xbox with many many extras

This was a great deal on this xbox and it included the 60 gb hd not the smaller 30 gb. It also came with a set of heaphones, a wireless adapter, two new games that had been released within the past two months, and two wireless controllers as well as a wire to make one of the wireless chargers into a wired charger if you get halfway through a game and your batterries go dead. The system was also half full of all kinds of downloadable content including two complete downloaded games. Wow what a deal this was for 128.00 including shippingRead full review...


The xbox 360 gets a big thumbs up

I bought this product for my oldest son. We have an xbox 360 in our basement that all three of my boys were sharing. My oldest son wanted one for his bedroom, so I bought another. I like the xbox 360 because it has great graphics and is easy to use. The only thing I don't like about it is the price. We have owned a regular xbox and there is no comparison to the 360. Games seem to pop right out of the tv screen, with such bright and realistic graphics. It was definitely worth it.Read full review...


Xbox 360 all the way,way better gaming experience

I have been using Xbox 360s for a while now,and Xbox 360 is better than the PS3 by a long shot


-Xbox live parties,play different games and talk to your friends at the same time! no need for game chat!
-huge selection of games,almost every game that is released is on Xbox 360
-Voice messages,no need to type out long message when you can just talk and save time.
-Xbox 360 controllers have a built in mic port. its easy to use and mobile!
-More people are on Xbox live than any other video game system
-Code of conduct. Its safe and easy,and its clean play,because they monitor every thing that is said


-Payed memberships. It gets VERY annoying to pay monthly or yearly for this
-No built in HDD. With xbox,you need to buy a external hard drive to save games and Data on.
-No built in WIFI. You need to buy either a wireless adapter or a long ethernet cable to have access to Xbox live.
-Controllers have no built in rechargeable battery pack,you you either have to buy batteries often,or buy a charger dock.
-Over heats. Prone to over heating.

here is a comparison to the Xbox 360s top contestant,the PS3

PS3 Xbox 360

Cost $180-280 USD $50-300 USD
internal hard drive no form of internal Memory
built in WIFI no form of internet access
USB ports 2 USB ports 3
Never over heats prone to over heating
Low game selection HUGE game selection
Good design Very good design
Bulky Design barley takes up any space
Less players online More players online
Free Cost $$
Chat,only game chat Chat,A LOT of different ways
HDMI,yes HDMI,on some consoles
Power supply,little chord Power supply,a big brick
Web browser No web Browser
You tube No youtube
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter
Play station store Xbox Market Place
Gamer profiles,ehh i guess Gamer profiles,yes
very little selection in the Huge Selection in the xbox
Play Station store Market place
No avatars Customize your own avatar

So over all Ps3 may seem better,but i like Xbox better,i have an xbox 360 and a Ps3,i love my Xbox way better.

I bought my Xbox because all my friends have one,and i wanted to check it out,i haven't loved my xbox any less from the day i got it.

Hope you found this helpful!
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Good buy, but beware of product flaws.

I bought this system used for a pretty good price. At first i thought i had bought this at a steal! I love The Xbox 360 and it is definitely my favorite console.

The one i purchased off of Ebay was a console for my girlfriend. The only reason i didn't give this a 5/5 was because the system is freezing. For no reason it freezes, it's not overheating or getting a red ring. It just freezes. So that is very concerning.

But my personal arcade is doing great and i will always love playing some XBOX!!!
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My grandson is having a blast with this! Great value for the money!

I bought the Xbox 360 as a gift for my grandson. I just got back from visiting him, and he is loving it. He is 9 years old and is able to play the games well. The instructions for use are easy to follow. I'm a little concerned about the overheating issue that seems to be common with the Xbox. I did purchase the Smart Plan warranty through Best Buy.Read full review...


Great console, LOVE IT!

This is a great game console. It does everything, it lets you play music while you game through the same speakers. You can play a game while in party chat and no one online can hear you and your friends. It's extremely easy to use and a perfect thing to buy yourself for fun or your kids. They will be happy and so will you!Read full review...



DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, YOUR GETTING RIPPED OFF. So i bought this after my elite got stolen from my house, i hooked it up and it worked fine for maybe 3 days of little play and then it gets the red ring of death, i send it in for a exchange and i go to play the one that came in after the exchange and it did not even turn on at all, it had the red ring before i even got to the dashboard for the first time, so this company is "refurbishing" them just so they last till your warranty is over, i even tried messaging them about it again and i got completely ignored, im only writing this so it does not happen to you, i DO NOT recommend this to anyone, and your better off flushing your $115 down the toilet than to buy this junk!Read full review...


make sure you have games in mind to play on the xbox 360 before purchasing

While i am personally a nintendo fan due to their game selection and type of games, the x box 360 is the go to console to play live over the internet with other players as well as to purchase games online with ease and without having to buy the actual disc that can scratched. Also since i have netflix, it is very convenient that I can watch movies and tv shows on my tv now, whereas before I could only watch it on my computer. i used to have a cord that made it possible to have the computer and tv be dual monitor/screens but the cord broke. Make sure you have games in mind to play on the xbox prior to purchase or else there is no real point in getting an x box. Also, i bought mine used for much cheaper and keep in mind it costs 60$ for a years worth of internet and live game capability. i would only buy an xbox below $200Read full review...


Love this product!

Works great, tons of features, and games. With basic component knowledge, this system is virtually plug and play. I don't play games much, and bought this for my son. At 10 years of age, he was able to set up his system the way he likes, all on his own, and set himself up to play the games he loves. 5 Stars!Read full review...


X Box Marks the Spot for a Great Gaming Experience!

We already had one but through time it had stopped functioning properly. To fix it would have been quite costly so we decided to go this route. We are really glad we did. My son says this one works as well as the one we got him new two years ago for Christmas. He's thrilled so I'm at least happy. (I'd be happier if he didn't blow me away on some of the army type games!)Read full review...

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