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Good value100% agree

Long battery life100% agree

Small form factor100% agree


Love this little phone. Needed a regular phone with texting and it has a keyboard.

Small but might. takes great pictures, hides in pocket and eaxy to text.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: directbuywireless


windows 7 not a windows 8... but value and mircosoft quality, cheers!

Great price, plus free wifi... can't complain! The fact that I have to hit a button every time I need to go "back" is very annoying. The screen is not for wifi viewing it's way too small. However, if you have Verizon and like tech "basic" non-data phones this is wicked cool! At $60 beggars cannot be choosers.Read full review...


A reliable, easy to use phone without unnecessary features

If you're looking for an iPhone or Droid like phone with a complete app store and lots and lots of features, don't buy this phone. It wasn't meant to be that.

My experience with the Kin has been absolutely positive. I chose the Kin Onem over other Verizon phones because
-5MP camera. While the pictures don't always come out as well as an iPhones, it does have the same resolution.
-Wifi. WITHOUT a data plan. This isn't found on any other Verizon phone.
-Browser :)
-Multitasking music player. It uses the same software a Zune does, at least looks-wise. It doesn't output as loud as an iPod touch (Sorry for that comparison, but I have nothing else to compare it too) but it's a very easy to use music player that will run in the background while you browse the web, text, email, etc. There are simple volume buttons on the side, and the music is very easily paused through the lock screen. There are equalizer presets, but they are kind of awkward to get to and in my opinion aren't that great. The phone only holds 4gb, so don't expect to fit a ton of music, but you should be able to put quite a few of your favorite albums on it. I'd also like to point out that you'll NEED zune software to put music on it, it's not just a plug and play mp3 player like I was expecting. Ohwell, it was easy to do.
-Very easy to use email client.
-LONG battery life. If you're used to a Samsung or most other droids, you will be very happy with how long the battery lasts :)
-Pretty interface... Kind of. It takes a while to get used to. It is very simple and easy to get around. Protip; if you think that there should be more to a screen you're looking at, swipe it sideways. There probably is more. This was confusing for awhile.
-Texting is incredibly simple, complete with conversation mode. However there is no copypaste anywhere on the phone, and no way to lock messages.

Overall, if you're looking for a simple phone that will do the things you would expect out of a phone exceptionally well without lots of other unnecessary things (app store), then this is the perfect phone. Did I mention there's WiFi without a data plan? That was 90% of why I bought it. Facebook, twitter, and most other sites work perfectly fine on it. It's not the most responsive, and it does lack YouTube, but for what I needed it to do (social networking, reddit) it worked fine.
I'm very happy, and I would definitely recommend this phone. Especially to anybody using a phone with Verizon software on it, this is definitely an improvement.
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Cute but missing too many common features needed

I bought this phone because I liked the idea of having a feature phone with a physical qwerty, touch screen and wifi. Sounds like the best rolled into one right? Not quite. It's missing a few of the fundamentals such as an alert when you miss a text or phone call, no way to change the tiny font to a larger more seeable font. You can't forward emails and worst of all, you can barely hear the ringer even on high. I tried downloading outside ringtones but that didn't help. So very disappointed.

It's a great little phone for teenagers. It takes wonderful pictures and picks up wifi pretty quickly. The keyboard is easy to type on and it's cute, but cute isn't enough when you miss multiple calls and texts because you can't hear it and it doesn't have the option of alerting you to a missed call.
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I loves it :)

I got this phone because it was time for an upgrade. It was the cheapest one to upgrade toa dn I did not have to get a data plan. It only cost me $19 :) All the other phones were smartphones or extremely basic. All the smartphones wanted a data plan..I already have the Zune software and put music on it, which I find cool. I'm a HUGW music person so it's nice to have music on my phone that plays clear. I still use my Zune, but use my phone as a backup or when I want to use the speakers. Battery life is long too. I read a review about the sound of tones. It must be the ringtone you pick because mine are fine and can be quite loud on high. I'm not into apps and games etc for some reason. I just use it for the simple things, so this phone works for me. I really love the size because it fits everywhere and the touch screen is very responsive and smooth. Also, I like the Wifi and you can watch Youtube videos.
People talk about email and not forwarding etc. Well it's not a don't expect it to be one. Anyway this phone works for me. It's like a basic phone and part smartphone in a way. Great phone for the $19 I spent on it.
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You DO need a data plan for this phone, unless it's the "M" model.

I bought this phone because my current phone (enV3) kept turning itself off (cleaning the battery contacts fixed this problem). I had fixed my old phone after already purchasing this. I figured I'd still give it a try and it would be nice to have something different.

Main problem with this phone is the fact that you DO need a data plan. I've read many reviews of people saying you don't, but that's not true. I was unable to activate this phone, so I called Verizon. Basically, the guy at Verizon told me that if it was a "Kin One M" I wouldn't need a data plan, but my phone was just a "Kin One" so it DOES need a data plan. I don't want to pay an extra $30 a month for a data plan, but if I did, I'd get a Droid or an iPhone, not this POS. Like I said, I believed other reviewers on other sites claiming that you don't need a data plan and you can still get online if you're in a wifi area. Well that and the cheap price is what sold me, but now I can't even use it.

Here are some other things I didn't like...

The layout is confusing.

The QWERTY keypad is small, and I couldn't for the life of me find the "underscore" symbol.

The speaker phone at it's loudest was about as loud as my current phone without the speaker phone turned on. I had to hold it to my ear while in speaker phone mode.

I've read many other negative things about this phone, but being that I can't even use it, I didn't get a chance to try anything else. I just hope that I can get the seller to give me a refund, minus whatever fees.
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Stylish but clunky & unreliable, sub-par phone

You'd think I would give this phone 3 stars because most of the categories were 3 stars, but it is such a piece of garbage overall that I couldn't. I am the ONLY person that uses this phone. It has never been dropped, it has been treated very well. It has a hard cover, nothing has ever spilled on it, no water has ever hit it, etc., etc.....
Yet after only a couple of months of owning it it started acting weird (right outside the warranty window, of course). The touch screen "flip open" feature would freeze with a half-black, half-picture screen. If you flipped the phone open, it would work fine, so this was more an aesthetic thing, but still frustrating.
The touch screen would not work if the battery was even the slightest bit low & the battery drained VERY quickly (I do not use it much except to call/take pictures - I have no data plan for my phone - and I let it charge fully when I got it, unplugged when fully charged, etc., all those thins that SHOULD extend the battery life).
Now I've owned it for about 5 months or so, the "a", "e" and "c" key are barely working. Yesterday the "a" would not work at all. Today it's working but only if you push it much harder than should be necessary (enough that I have to pause to push it in texting).
The features & set-up of the phone are clunky and akward. It takes forever to delete certain histories because you have to delete each "call" separately if you've ever called a number back and/or texted (they are all lumped into one "entry" on the phone, rather than "called", "missed", "received", "text", etc.).
I like the "top contacts" feature & that it's an easy & quick slide to get to it. I also love that the phone is tiny, super portable & very "cute".
Overall, however, I hate this phone. HATE it. This is the worst phone I have purchased ever and I tell everyone that!
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Excellent product great options for the price!

My daughter is almost 13, this is the 4th or 5th phone she has had. She wanted something where she could get on the internet & etc. I told her we have 3 phones on our acct, and was not going to add another one. So she found this phone, you can get on the internet, anywhere she can pick up a connection. She loves it, I have the droid 2, she can do basically everything I can.Even has a touch screen. So far, we are more than happy with the phone, it is small and compact but the touch screen is large. I would highly recommend it to anyone that doesnt want to add a expensive data plan!Read full review...


Good fit for us!!

Got kin one for my daughter. I wanted a smart phone but didn't want to pay added cost for web access as we have home wifi and my phone has hot spot. Kin one is perfect as she can use wifi at home or where it is available . It's a cute smart phone without the ugly smart phone Internet access fee.Read full review...


Works great for a Verizon Pre-Pay Account

Using as a basic phone on a Verizon Pre-Pay Account. Works great. Even has an added bonus of wifi so anywhere that has free wifi I get to have internet on my phone for free. The phone has a small screen but webpages are expandable for easy browsing.Read full review...

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