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Good graphics94% agree

Compelling gameplay88% agree

Good value100% agree


Instant Classic!!!

This game is one of my children's favorite games for the Wii....A instant classic!!!...Fun for the whole family.....a must have in your Wii game collection...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: bdhansell2


Fun to play with a group or alone. 150cc can be very annoying

Overall the game is fun to play, especially with a group of people. It is challenging and the courses are all unique enough to want to play them more than once. My only critique has to be with 150cc. When playing on this difficulty level, the AI tends to to cheat and by that I mean, you will often get hit with shells and bumped at key spots, causing you to fall off bridges and/or ledges which will often cause you to lose races. I often came very close to winning a race only to lose at the last second due to a blitz of blue and red shells. Aside from that, the game has been fun and entertaining. You will have fun unlocking characters and karts.Read full review...


Fast Shipping! Garme Works Well!

I purchased this game for my kiddos...I've heard it is fun and easy for little kids. After receiving it, I played to make sure it works and I was surprised to see how fun it is. You can choose the player and the car. I'm sure my little ones will enjoy it.

Fast Shipping and the game works great! Thank you!
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mario kart

kids having lots of fun w/ game

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: mykidscloset2013


The tracks are nice, hard to unlock things, balloon battle isn't the same.

I loved Mario Kart ever since Super Mario Kart on the SNES. It is the best karting series in gaming and always has been, the only competitors who have come close in all these years are Crash Team Racing or Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed. The Wii version does many things right, but some things not so much.

First off, the tracks and characters are stunning. Classic tracks remade with Wii graphics look great, character models shine, and even items look spectacular. This game looks like an HD game running in SD, which is a shame because it is BEGGING for 1080p resolution. That is a limitation of the console and not the game though. So if you want the best looking Mario Kart game ever made, this is it.

The tracks are very creative and there are a slew of new items and characters. The problem is unlocking things. Not so much tracks because to unlock tracks it is the same as it has always been: beat the Grand Prix is 1st place on every track to unlock the rest. Simple enough. Characters take a LONG time to unlock though, and many you will never figure out how to unlock unless you look it up online. Some you need other games for, like Rosalina, who will only unlock if you own a copy of Super Mario Galaxy.

This game always does best what the Mario Kart series is known for: multiplayer. You will have tons more fun with the game if you sit around a couch with friends and you grab controllers. You will laugh, shout, throw tantrums, cry, and have a great time.

Compared to other Mario Karts though, this one feels lower for some reason. It improves in a lot of areas, but some of the things that made previous Mario karts so much more fun is gone. The blue shell now flies in the air and hunts first place only, whereas in previous games (like Mario Kart 64) it would go on the ground pursuing first place while also crashing into every single person ahead of you in the race, making it a much more lethal weapon and much more helpful in a race. If you are eighth and get a blue shell, hitting just first place doesn't help nearly as much as hitting everyone in front of you did.

My final gripe is with balloon battle. Ever since Super Mario Kart this has been both mine and all my friends favorite game mode. We have locked most of our hours into that game mode on each game, especially Mario Kart 64. It was so crazy and fun, and you felt so defensive of your balloons because you were so worried about losing them. It was a free for all hunting game based on skill. Now it forces you to split into teams, and there is no option for free for all. Now our favorite game mode has become our least favorite because this takes away all of the fun and thrill that was in the previous balloon battles.

All-in-all, it is Mario kart. You will have fun with this game no matter what. I do not think it is worth the expensive price tag though, especially because Nintendo never drops prices on their first party titles. It is not the best game or the most fun in the series though. If you want to play the best Mario Kart and have the most fun with it, and you have a Wii, pay $10 for the far superior Mario Kart 64 on the Virtual Console instead of spending $30 or more on the inferior Wii version.
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Wii is a Box full of Fun

I purchased a used Nintendo Wii pack. I'm a middle aged woman; this is the first game system I've purchased for myself. That said, it was easy to learn the controls. The graphics are good, -things have gotten waaay better since Pong!- the sound is great, and I have had a lot of fun. It took me a little while to get used to the controls; a little bit of movement accomplishes a lot. Wii is the kind of fun that easily spans generations-picture Monopoly without the bitterness. It's an easy way to entertain guests'children/mother-in-laws. Buy rechargeable AA batteries and a charger for the remote; in the long run it pays for itself. The equipment is small, sleek, and easy to organize; all the plastic accessories fit easily in one drawer. The controller box must be left out in plain sight or it won't work. This bugs me, but maybe that's just me. I had to replace a controller because it wore out; I wish they were more durable. Perhaps all gaming systems are like this? There are a lot of stupid games out there; be quick to test and slow to purchase. All in all, I would purchase this gaming system again.Read full review...


Lots of fun for the whole family

My 6 year old daughter saw her cousins playing the newer versions of MarioKart on their DS and she wanted the game. Instead of buying her a DS we got this version for the Wii. It has been the summer of Mario I our house. the Wii has never been played this much, even after we first bought it. My 3year old son was telling everyone he saw how we have a new Mario racing game. After several weeks of practice, my daughter actually gives me a run for my money on some of the tracks. I'm having fun trying to unlock new characters or vehicles to show the kids. It was definitely worth the investment for so much fun and more to come.Read full review...


Wii Wheel boosts gameplay of one of Nintendo fan's favorite racing games!

I bought this game because, as a Nintendo fan, I really enjoyed Mario Kart 64. A bonus was testing the Wii Wheel, which was as enjoyable as I had imagined. Using the Wii Wheel does take some getting use to, but is not impossible to master after some practice. The levels are fun and challenging, and the addition of motorbikes is notable. The Wii Wheel brings a greater level of user interaction to a game with a stellar history. The addition of "tricks" (i.e. mid-air acrobatics) makes gameplay that much more enjoyable. This is hands down, one of the best games Nintendo created for the Wii console.Read full review...


Wow! So much fun!!!

Mario Kart Wii has new race tracks, and some fun features, such as being able to feel when a car bumps into you (with or without the round stirring wheel).

If you have internet service, you can also go online and race against random players from around the world. It's so neat to see player's names from all over the world (Europe, Asia, etc.) - and you get to see a map that shows where your competitors are from. Alternatively, you can choose to race only against your friends (or the computer on single player mode). I've used that feature to compete against my sister who lives in a different state.

Of course, there are also trophies and unlockables in this one too. Lastly, there is no need to purchase the round stirring wheel unless you want to hold something round. The round stirring wheel does absolutely nothing besides snap onto your wii-mote to make it round.
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an enjoyable game with family and friends.

In my experience with playing the game, I have to say that is a very fun game to play with your family. The game has a choice of 16 characters to choose from: baby Mario+Luigi+Daisy+Peach, Dry bones, Koopa Troopa, Toad + Toadette, Mario & Luigi, Daisy & Peach, Birdo & Yoshi, Diddy kong, bowser jr., Waluigi & Wario, Funky+Donkey Kong, Rosalina, King boo, Bowser and Dry bowser, and a variety of vehicles. The online has some issues as far as network coding goes, but it's a fun game to play online against competitors. up to 12 people in each World Wide or Regional race. The battle mode is kinda meh.. But enjoyable. If you have kids, or you want a family game this would be a great buy.Read full review...

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