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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree


Great product, exactly as described.

I was feeling nostalgic for old nintendo games. I have had experience with this game before and playing it now I enjoy it even more. Yes, some of the tracks are different, but the ideas remain consistent and it is still engaging. The price will depend on the condition of these games, considering these are no longer made, however anywhere from 15-25 is a fair price for a game that won't go out of style.Read full review...


Love this game! Easily in my top 10

This game brings back so much nostalgia from my early childhood. Bringing this game back into my collection brings a smile to my face thinking of all the road trip I spent binge-playing this game. It has fantastic AIs and has a little bit of slipperiness which adds to the excitement.Read full review...


Not just a great Game Boy game, simply a great game!

This is one of those GBA games that looks (and plays) great on the Gamecube's Game Boy adapter. Mine is connected to a Commodre monitor, and this game looks great on it!
The gameplay is probably in between the SNES version and the N64 version. If you like the Mario Karts series, this is a must have for your collection.
If you like racing games and haven't tried any Mario Kart games, stop reading this and get one immediately!
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Mario Kart for GBA is great for younger kids, & adults!

I have three daughters, aged 5, 8, and 10. I bought the GBA for my oldest daughter when she was five, and since then they have moved up to the Nintendo DS, DS lite, and the DSI. They also have WII, and I have PlayStation 2. I figured the Game Boy Advance would be great for travel and I wanted to learn how to play at least one game. At 40, every year I play video games less and less.

So, I bought Mario Kart for my current 5 year old, but it was also a simple driving game for me. I don't know what all the controls do, or how to work the special weapons and features, but I can drive!!! My 5 year old can too, and slowly we are learning the game together.
I give it two thumbs up! A fun game that doesn't take a Network Engineer to operate!
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Vroom Vroom

This is an amazing game. Like wine, each Mario Kart gets better with age (or the series does at least). I had originally played this game on my GBA SP a few years back but had to sell it when I needed the money, and that was a very hard thing to do. The sheer depth of this game is unreal. Not only does it have it's own unique, brand new circuit of games to play, you can also unlock ALL of the original tracks from the SNES game as well! Call it nostalgic, call it a throwback, but whatever you call it, it's a classic in handheld form.

The only drawbacks to this game which make Mario Kart DS the superior game, is the lack of easy to set up, easy to play multiplayer function. But hopefully we'll see this game released on a future DS system with the ability to play over wifi. This is a must play for anybody who is a fan of the Mario Kart series. Be sure to share it with your friends after beating it!
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An excellent racing game!

This is another great game in the Mario Kart Series. It is most like the one on the SNES, with the similar turning style, and the coins. This is an easy game to get, and is very fun,it is recommended to anyone who has a Game Boy Advance!Read full review...


One of my favorit GBA games! :)

This is a great game I always liked the mario kart game since it first came out for Nintendo 64 and now I finally bought the game for my Gameboy player on my gamecube. If your a fan of Super Mario bro. games and like to play a racing game that allows you to compete with other familiar characters of the game and alouds you to lay traps for your opponents while making sure you don't fall for their trap at the same time keeping yourself alive then this is the game for you its a great game and you'll like it. This game is a five stars game!*****Read full review...


Fun Simple Game

This game wont keep you entertained for very long periods at a time, as it can get repetative. But, it is extremely fun to carry along in the car or backpack because its great to break it out for a couple races in your free time! Plays and looks a lot like the original mario kart, which is awesome.

Overall, lots of fun if you enjoy short periods of gaming and simple games!
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Just what the kids wanted.

Kids love the full game on the snes and can now take it with them on the road.

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loveit love it love it.Great deal

The kids love it.It works great.Shipping was really fast.Best of all was the price.When i need my kids to be good and sit still,say at the doctors office, and so on.this is a good game to let them play.There is no stabbing or guts falling all over with lots of blood.It is goods clean raceing.Good for girl or boy of any age.Yes even the big kids like mom and dad.Read full review...

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