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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree


Awesome Game,Greate Value for the money and shipping was cheap too! ;-)

I remember when this game first game out, there is a version of this game available for the SNES as well but the saturn version is far superior with better graphics and very tight gameplay. The game here in North America I believe to my knowledge was never released here in Canada or The States. Most people would just import this game to play it overall it is a good rpg game it has an awesome storyline. If you haven't played Magic Knight:Rayearth you owe it to yourself to play this game I recently just picked up the boxed edition here on ebay for dirt cheap it wasn't sealed it was a used copy but was in great shape if you can find a sealed copy for cheap grab it as fast as you can because the game isn't one that I see to very often it is pretty rare in it's own right and for fans of Magic Knight:Rayearth there is an anime series based off the same name it has two seasons totaling around 56-65 episodes long between the two seasons, just another great reason to buy this game! I fist learned about this game in a magazine ad in a magazine called gamers republic it was one of the best published magazines throughout the 90's I believe I still have the issue with the ad in it! I look very forward to playing this game again and hope this review will help others make their decision to buy this game don't miss out on it!Read full review...


Mostly true to the series, great final game to the Saturn legacy

I was lucky enough to pick this up when it was released, even though I didn't have a Saturn at the time and ended up borrowing a system to play it. I bought it because I loved the anime and wanted to see how it compared; hands down it is mostly true to the story with some added 'RPG Filler'. The gameplay was loads of fun, although the Saturn controller took some getting used to. Sadly I was unable to beat the final stage before I had to return the borrowed system, but since I had seen the series I didn't mind too much. Graphics are classic RPG Sprite and from what I recall the cut scenes were great looking. Working Designs may not have put out a lot of titles but the ones I got to play were all great. Assuming you like female-oriented stories and you can snag this for a good price, don't skip it!Read full review...


a MUST-HAVE for every Saturn owner!

Working Designs made quite an impression on the Sega Saturn in the mid-90s, and Magic Knight Rayearth is no exception. The gameplay is solid, the graphics crisp, and it really shows off the Saturn's rather underrated 2-D power. You switch between 3 schoolgirls, Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu in an attempt to save Princess Emeraude from the "evil" Zagato and save the world of Cephiro. The game plays alot like Zelda in many ways, and although it doesn't take the cake from Zelda necessarily, it definitely makes its mark in genre as truly one-of-a-kind. So is it worth the money? I would say definitely, especially since this game has maintained it's value over the years, and if you look hard enough you can find a good deal on the game.Read full review...


It ain't Legend of Zelda, but it tries.

I bought this game years ago at Electronics Boutique when such as place still existed in retail land. Anyhow, I loved it. I'm pretty sure it was one of the final releases on Sega Saturn by anyone. The now-defunct RPG warehouse Working Designs ported it to America.

At one point, the game was supposedly 100 percent voiced-over but a test group didn't appreciate digitized voice actors yapping at them, so the bulk of the voice acting was scrapped. I don't know if agree with this decision or not. I have never read the manga or seen the animes, but I thoroughly enjoyed this game. MKR is wonderful, I'm glad I still own it. Great action RPG. If you like a traditional "JRPG", try "Albert Odyssey" instead.

MKR has a similiar perspective and play control to Nintendo's "A Link to the Past" Zelda game, but none of the girls who you play as are as versatile as the Linkster!
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Magic Knight Rayearth on Sega Saturn

Magic Knight Rayearth is an Action/RPG that requires you to explore, solve puzzles, manage Items, and fight the baddies on your way to saving the usual land/planet etc.
You play as three 14 year old girls that reside in Tokyo.Once summoned to the land of Cephiro you begin to explore under the guidance of a wizard.As you proceed through each town you get closer and closer to the bad guy/enemy and figuring out the mystery that lies behind the planet Cephiro.
The Graphics are of the typical anime style game.Smooth 2D textures mixed in with a clean prerendered background combine for a very crisp and easy going mood. Nice addition's to the game are the 100+ hand drawn cut sequences that really add to the story's depth and further draw you in.
Although there is not a huge variety of music, the smooth tunes of village exploration serves it's purpose. Music for the bosses are a bit more up tempo, which get you into the action right away.
The one area that really stands out is the vioce acting. I just can't seem to get over how superb the quality of the voice acting is. Each character's voice and tone of speech fit's in perfectly with each characters personality and gives you more of an incentive to love or hate that character.
While the gameplay is simple enough some say that its way too easy for seasoned gamers. Using your weapon is efficient and has a very straightforward approach.As for your magic spells each character only has three magic spells that can be used. There is also an inbalance of magic spells where some spells take up MUCH more magic points than others. The puzzles also blend well with the game and don't give a feeling of straying away from the games' storyline.

Magic Knight Rayearth is a fantastic game that will keep you going back for well over 30 hours (only short i know) butthis was the last game to be released in the united states and was translated by Working Designs who are no longer around but they translated loads of Action/RPG games from the east all of which were great.
If your a Saturn owner you MUST own this title,as for dislikes i didnt have any and i would highly recommend this game to anyone.
Also incase you didnt know this game was NEVER released in the UK on the SEGA SATURN and buying a US NTSC version is THE only way to enjoy this great little game.
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Definitely enjoyable, but worth the price?

Magic Knight Rayearth is an action adventure game for the Sega Saturn similar in its gameplay to Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past or the later Ys games, though a little more simplistic. As one of the final games to be released for the American Sega Saturn, and published by Working Designs, it's a true collectors item, but what of the game itself?

The actual gameplay is average. A solid and simple hack and slash overhead adventure. In fact, gameplay may seem relatively slow-paced compared to games such as Ys V, though this isn't necessarily a bad thing. The first hours do become a little tedious. However, the game compensates by presenting legitimately challenging puzzles and mazes after the first two dungeons.

The graphics are bright and colorful, the music is memorable, and the overall presentation of the world is on par with Link to the Past. The characters, both playable and background, present a lot of personality that players will either love or hate. Fans of the anime or manga series should note that though the game is based on them, the game consists almost entirely of original events. The three heroines have idiosyncrasies unique to the game and the game works as a stand alone story.

In summary: the game is simple, though fun to play, and draws much of its strength from its charm. Some may dislike its lack of depth and scarcity of action based gameplay, but ultimately it's good points outweigh its flaws. How much one is willing to pay, unfortunately, may depend more upon its worth as a collectors item than the actual game.
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Magic Knight Rayearth for the Sega Saturn

What I liked about this game was that it's an RPG and I like those kind of games, especially if it's anime-based. I'm not really a fan of the Magic Knight Rayearth anime series, but I really enjoyed the game. The game is adventurous and have many anime-cut scenes, some from the anime too. So, whether someone is a fan of the anime or not, people would still enjoy this game; and I've also heard that this is one of the best Sega Saturn games and it really is. What I was disappointed about this game was that it was not much of a challenge. The game for Super Nintendo was more interesting than this one. So, I really liked this game, I just wish it was more challenging, that's all.Read full review...

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