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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree


Very realistic game, keeps me occupied for hours.

I had this game before using a PS2, then I sold the PS2 with all the games. This was my favorite game and now I'm a Xbox user I had to have another MX vs ATV game, so I got this one and I'm back to playing Joe-MXer. I realize this isn't the lastest MX vs ATV but it's good enough for me. I always use the cheat code to unlock everything so I can just "trail ride" instead of racing all the time. The only thing I don't like is lack of replay and the fact I can't do a whip when free riding, when I whip the bike it always throws me off and crashes.Read full review...


this is awsome even my dad learned how to play this

the graffix are great and it feels like you are really riding the bikes and atv's it has realistic cool tracks too. it was easy to learn and very addicting to play. i recomend it to any one who likes the off road experianceRead full review...


A good time waster.

I bought this game because being one of the few titles that makes use of the full 1080i hdtv resolution the classic xbox can output.

I played it before at a friend's house and I had great moments with it.

As with all driving games, you must try and retry to beat the time and the oponents, and this game is not frustrating because controls are well balanced.

Speed feeling is also well achieved, and the game is fun and has a great replay value.

Anyway, this is how I see it, and as I am not a professional reviewer, I can't give further details or valorations.
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Good Condition

Very Cheap, Game was Clean And In good Condition

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: iggstrove


i was very happy with the price and service i got from the seller.

This game is by far my favorite game. I play it all the time it has endless tracks to race on and if you don't want to race you can free ride so many different areas that you never run out of places to ride. The only thing i didn't like is it doesn't offer the two stroke atvs like the computer version.Read full review...


Excellent Game! Just great!

I went all out and bought this game shortly after it was released and it was easily worth the $50 price tag and I don't say that about many games. The game play and graphics make or break a game and these categories are simply amazing! It's alot of fun. I've done both the Nationals and Supercross series twice with both ATVs and dirtbikes and each time it's a blast. It's hard to get tired of with great modes for multiplayer. Great game, 2 thumbs up, definitely worth it!Read full review...



If all ebayers were this fast and this great at customer satifaction,this would be the best shopping place in the world..they are a great example ofhow it's done the right way...


a game to show off your xbox!

this is a beautiful game to show off your Xbox! It runs in true HD resolution and has a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. The action is fast, the graphics look great. It has some nice multiplayer modes. Definitely a keeper!Read full review...



this is a great game. it kills all the other ATV games and it has pretty good multi player. I love the fact that you can drive more than a ATV or MX you can drive a golf cart, monster truck, airplane, helicopter, buggy, sand rail, and pit bikes, to. The graphics are AWESOME there are verry few glitches in it and just over all a great game to buy.Read full review...


Pretty cool game

It has lots of differents games, locations and races. It has good choices for vehicles. My son has played it for many hours already and we have only had it a few weeks. Game seems to be working very well on an old system.Read full review...

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