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Six to Sixty - the racing is fun.

My 6-year old grandson and played this several times when he was home over Christmas break. The only real drawback is probably operator error: It is way too easy to over-steer. But we laugh a lot and take turns crashing and losing. Definitely a good addition to my Wii discs.Read full review...

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awful game

See title

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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: wyattseller80


Very enjoyable game!

I don't usually like driving games but this one is really fun. I am still getting used to the controls used for it but I think it will be a game I can enjoy for a long time. My husband also enjoys it.


terrible game, don't waste your money!

This is a terrible game. It is so hard to control where your guy is going and you are constantly running into things. I bought it hoping that my 4 year old could play it since he can do other games like this and there is no way. My husband and I can hardly do it! Definitely getting rid of this game!Read full review...


Fun Game

I bought this product for a family member who has reported that the game works well. While I haven't played it my family has enjoyed it, even my five year old nephew. They did say the noise was a little bit annoying but the game itself was entertaining. The game arrived as the buyer described and the buyer kept me informed of the orders progress. Thank you!Read full review...


Fun game, fun theme

A fun game to play. It is very similar to Mario Kart. We wish it was compatable with the Wii Wheel. We bought the game in hopes that it would be easier for our 6 year old son to play. He has a harder time keeping up with the computer racers. Wish these type of games would have an extra mode beyond rookie, intermediate, & pro to accomodate for the children that are young (ex. 5-7 yrs. old). He drives a full sized ATV and races quarter midget race cars in life & has problems keeping up & loses interest quickly due to losing to the computer racers.Read full review...


Fun & Simple

I bought this game because it was cheap and I am certainly a bargain shopper. Besides that, my girlfriend is obsessed with M&M's. This game is quite simple, lacking any complicated controls, has a low replay value, and I would not recommend it to the avid gamer. However, to children and/or the casual gamer who doesn't mind blowing 10-20 bucks, it's a great buy!Read full review...


A game for the 'very' young at heart!

My grandchildren, ages 4,8 & 10, enjoy this game for its zany M&M characters. They love to challenge each other & can get by with it while playing this game. Anyone watching as it's played will also get in a few chuckles. The game has graphics that make one use their sense of direction, rather quickly (or you'll find yourself in a corner or stuck behind the props). Don't worry, you eventually figure your way out, coming in last. Still, it's an entertaining challenge for children who like to compete!Read full review...



Waht can I say, my wife is laughing hystarically on the couch playing a video game! Who says you can't teach an wait a minute, that's going to get me in trouble! Here's the nitty gritty, I thought that this might be a little to much a "KIDS" game. In reality it's perfect for people like myself and my wife that were never much of a video gamers. It was easy enough to pick up the controllers and start racing! The longer that we played with it, we found that it should keep us occupied for a while as we move up in kart performance nad get access to different courses. By he way, I am always the red m&mRead full review...

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