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Light small and effective

Very important in my home studio sound exellent and is compact with all the features you will need for a home studio

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: mivodrums



Don't forget to send the cd of the programmation

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: madison.residen...



very basic

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: pixelproaudio


Simple and nice

It works great... simple to use... easy to hookup... great deal

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: fwesa2011


Basic level of external audio interfaces - robust unit for a small fee!

M-Audio Fast Track Pro Digital Recording Interface is a combination of reliability and low price. This is another unit of production of M-Audio features small size, the quality of the analog-digital process, the presence of two microphone inputs. Are supported by phantom power. The interface has its own software. The device connects to the connector USB. The main advantage of the device, in my opinion, is ergonomic to use. This is a very good option for outbound DJ or for home work a normal user who appreciates quality external sound card.
Why you bought it?
- because I trust M-Audio as a manufacturer of audio devices
What you like most about it?
- ergonomics of use
What you dislike about it?
- certainly it is a quality device for small money, but for professionals in the field of sound does not fit
Whether or not you would buy the product again?
- buyer who knows exactly what he needed - there will always be pleased with your purchase.
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A solid 2-channel audio interface that offers lots of options

I bought this unit as part of a package with ProTools MP9 in order to upgrade my home studio. The unit seems to be a good solid unit that has several nice features over the similar M-Audio Pre. The one specific problem I've had with it so far is that both the M-Audio Fast Track and the accompanying ProTools MP9 claim they record at 96 khz, but the most I've been able to adjust them to is 48 khz. So the upgrade I'd hoped for has been a slight one. Still, for the price I guess that wasn't bad. ProTools MP9 comes with a User's Guide that's 1278 pages long, so the learning curve on that software is pretty steep, but I feel like the M-Audio Fast Track itself is truly pretty simple and straight forward, and it seems to do what it's supposed to.Read full review...


Perfect addition to the home studio.

I'm a professional recording engineer and mixer + a gigging DJ and this is the best usb interface for the home I've ever used. I haven't yet needed extra power, just the usb, even with phantom on. One issue with it, when using a mic, it's really quiet. I recommend a preamp of sorts. But very nice, as long as you have a clean power source and obviously decent gear (or else nothing will sound good), it'll be great for you. All in all this gets a 10/10 from me.Read full review...


Great product!

Love it! Thank you-

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: w$hank$


Easy to use with great sound quality. Excellent value!

I'm using the fast track pro with Garageband '11. It is very easy to setup and the software automatically recognizes it. So far I have only recorded with an electric guitar; haven't tried two track recording, microphone or the midi channel. I had to use the RCA outputs to get a good signal to my stereo system for monitor. Don't worry about the green signal light when playing electric guitar, it flickers but you will know by the monitor whether your connections and settings are correct. I would recommend this for any novice who wants a quick, easy-to-use interface. Recording quality is great if you use good cables. The usb seems to handle two way traffic well and there is almost no delay in the monitor feedback which helps you stay in time. I have not used any comparable devices, but I think this one is good for the money.Read full review...


I would recommend it to someone with great computer skills.

The unit works great but the software it comes with, Pro-Tools SE 8.0.3 is garbage. I was able to install the software without a problem but I could never get it to open to update the software (running Win7). When I contacted the new company for the M-Audio box at (Digi) they told me they did not support the software and could not assist me, he did give me the number for the Pro Tools SE support but when I contacted them they told me they no longer supported the software because it was outdated, they told me I could buy the software but the cheapest I could find was over $400.00. The good thing was that the M-Audio support person told me I could use the box with any music editing/recording software. I downloaded Audacity Cross Platform Sound Editor (Free) and the M-Audio works great I did not have to have any special setting and was recording crisp clear sound as soon as I hit the record button. The M-Audio I found out also works without software for playing the instrument through headphones. I did not have to do any troubleshooting and from what I've seen on line the software is generating all kinds of problems from audio to recording errors. Also requires a very powerful computer from reading the installation directions on the website and you can't use a laptop! When I bid on the M-audio it was being sold for parts only because the owner could not get the box to work, so I feel I got a good deal (after a day of internet searches and phone calls)
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