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Funny! Funny!

I Love Lucy fans will enjoy this set with all of Lucy's funny antics, always trying to get into show business, etc.
Lucy is at her best along with Desi, Vivian and William. This cast brings together some of TV's most memorable episodes that will stand the test of time. If you are looking for quality & laughs add this to your collection to watch
over and over again.
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I love lucy !!!

A Great Dvd !!! I love it !!! 😃

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Season 2 of I Love Lucy includes two of the most famous half-hours in television history. "Job Switching," originally broadcast mid-September of 1952, is the crazy, battle-of-the-sexes episode in which husbands Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) and Fred Mertz (William Frawley) trade roles with wives Lucy (Lucille Ball) and Ethel (Vivian Vance), culminating in the men making a shambles of domestic chores while Lucy and Ethel take disastrous work at a chocolate factory. That's right: This is the show where the ladies have a Chaplinesque experience with a too-fast factory conveyor belt, forcing them to hide candies in their mouths, in their hats, and down their blouses lest a tough forewoman fire them for incompetence. A half-century later, the scene is still so fresh and funny it would grace any current sitcom. "Lucy Goes to the Hospital," which received an amazing 71.7 rating on January 19, 1953, is the historic episode featuring the birth of Little Ricky and a load of wonderful slapstick. Other television series (The Dick Van Dyke Show) and movies (Nine Months) have tried to top Lucy's time-to-go-to-the-hospital shenanigans, but there's nothing like the sight of Ricky and Fred falling all over themselves or Ricky showing up at the maternity ward (direct from a voodoo-themed show at the Tropicana) in witch doctor makeup.
The other 31 episodes included in I Love Lucy: The Compete Second Season have choice moments, too. "Lucy Becomes a Sculptress" finds the ever-ambitious redhead falling for empty flattery at an art-supply store and commencing an ill-advised career working in clay. Ricky agrees to bless this new endeavor if an art critic says she has talent, but Lucy tries to increase her chances by posing as a bust of herself--resulting in mayhem, of course. The usual running themes in I Love Lucy--Lucy's misguided desire to be a part of Ricky's musical career, and her penchant for disguising herself to investigate something--are all over The Complete Second Season. "Ricky Loses His Voice" is a delightful piece in which Ricky's laryngitis inspires Lucy, the Mertzes, and an aging chorus line to put on a Tropicana spectacle, and "Ricky Has Labor Pains" finds Lucy and Ethel going undercover as male reporters to find out what happens at a stag party. Lots to enjoy here, and the special features include bloopers, information about the guest cast, and snippets from Ball's radio show.
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Season 2 another great set!

I decided to buy all of the boxed sets because of the clarity of the dvds and plus the bonuses that come with it. They come with special deleted scenes and "My Favorite Husband" the comedy radio show too, if you choose to watch it. I also bought "I Love Lucy" because I never get tired of watching it over and over again, or when I need a good laugh + the "I Love Lucy Show doesn't come on in my area as much as it used to and when I'm ready to watch it or I get bored I just flip a dvd in and watch it. I think the value is great and so is the added bonus and clarity and that's why I give this set a 5* rating.Read full review...


perfectly funny like everything else I LOVE LUCY

This is no surprise, but this DVD set is very funny just like everything I LOVE LUCY. So glad I made the purchase and would recommend this set to any and everybody. Dont be on the fence about this set.Read full review...


Great series! Many episodes in one season! Gem!

Owning the DVD's allows you to watch shows randomly or in the order they were produced. Either way, for a small price, you can enjoy 'I Love Lucy" when you want, not at the cable companies initiative. No more of the same episodes over and over and over. With 9 seasons and literally hundreds of episodes, you can watch it for a year and never see the same episode twice. Or enjoy your favorite episodes over and over! Either way, it's your choice.Read full review...


I Love Lucy - Complete 2nd Season DVD Collection

I LOVE the second season of I Love Lucy. It contains the beloved pregnancy episodes, including the one where Lucy goes to the hospital. It is HILARIOUS!! A great buy for any I Love Lucy fan.


I Love Lucy Season 2

I Love Lucy is definitely one of the best all time classics, who doesn't love Lucy? I picked it up at the library for my kids and they loved it! They laughed until they cried and there tummies hurt. I had so much fun watching them watch it, I just had to have it in my own collection to watch over and over with my kids. Who says classics go out of style?Read full review...


i love lucy season 2

its a great season, where lucy's entire pregnancy is televised. one of the best/ funniest season of them all... famous episodes are the chocolate one which is hilarious. i honestly do recommend this season if ur a true lucy fan.Read full review...


I Love Lucy-The complete Sesaon DVD

Love, Love the I Love Lucy second season.
It is refreshing to watch TV shows that are free of vulgar language, and values I do not agree with or wish to promote. This classic show can lift your spirits and make you laugh. I really like that before each show they tell you when the episode first aired.Read full review...

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