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Ok so I needed something to add a lil depth to my sounds experience in my bedroom. Being as it is a small system It actually really dose add the depth I was looking for. Granted if you looking for something that you can really FEEL as well as hear a difference might want to look at something a just a bit bigger but all and all for my application this is a perficte product. Very happy and surprised. Happy shopping everyone.Read full review...

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Good sound, wiring set up could use slight modification, worth what you pay

The Logitech S220 Computer Speakers system is good, but there are a few things that brought out an inner demon in me. To make it short and sweet, the wiring is a little messy, was getting tangled within 3 minutes of set up. Now this could be on the way I have the system set up so I'm not going to whine about it.

Other than thatthe sound quality is nice for what the system is worth, it adds enough depth to a room, but not so much that you're vibrating the windows which is probably better for the peace anyways. :)
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Best speaker set in this price range

These are simply the best computer speakers in this price range I have ever used. I'm sure you can pay a lot more for speakers that might give somewhat better sound, but at this price point these S220s can't be beat. I have 3 sets of these - on both computers in my home and on one TV. They give very rich, full sound. Also, the sub-woofer is rectangular instead of a square block like many sub-woofers and I find this makes it easier to fit in tight spaces like behind a desk. And they give you plenty of wire between the 3 speakers and to the control switch so it's very easy to place the set wherever you like. I've used several other speaker sets prior to these and they are often chintzy on the wire length making placement more limited. None of the other sets I've used have sounded anywhere near as good as these Logitechs. The most recent S220 I purchased was manufacturer refurbished and it works just as good as the brand new sets I bought in the past. I highly recommend them.Read full review...


Good subwoofer, good price, poor speaker performance.

The subwoofer was nice for the price. There is a bass volume control on the back of the sub. I like the wired remote volume control, it has input for headphones and a microphone. The speakers, however, are a different story. They buzzed and distorted at all volume levels. Really BAD sound. I plugged them into 2 different devices to be sure it was the speakers. The speakers plug into a phono jack on the sub. I simply plugged in a different, nicer set of speakers and fixed the problem. I was just replacing my old subwoofer anyway, this worked great for me, at a very low price. It seems likely that I got a bad set of speakers, but for the price I will just toss them rather than return them.Read full review...


They work...

Can`t say much about the sound. I ware hearing aids, but I can understand what people are saying. So that`s all that maters to me...

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I just don't know what to say! Stop hesitating and buy now!!!

I bought this setup for my room and I don't know what to say. I never imagined getting the sounds that I get out of this thing. I adjusted the EQ settings and these speakers rock my little one bedroom apartment and some. (I can feel the vibration in the walls in my living room and this thing is in my room.) I needed something I could use to hear everything when listening to music and watching movies. I can really hear everything now.
After losing my hearing when I was 2, I have always wanted something that would give me the sound quality to be able to hear what I've always been missing. This buy was well over what I had expected.
I love the volume control switch that is integrated in this system. This makes turn up the volume very easy. It also has a Microphone and Headphone Jack on the switch for personal listening. I like this as I am a gamer and sometimes I use my Headset. Very convenient if you ask me.
The price is well worth it, if you are looking for a good setup for a room or small apartment. I am definitely going to buy one for my brother when I get paid. He heard mine and was like "WOW!!! That sounds awesome, dang that's big sounds for something so small. &*!@#^ WOW!!! I got to get me one of those!" I'm going to get it for his birthday that's coming up.
Enough said, if you want a good product at a great friggin' price, you won't go wrong with these speakers.
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Great value!

These speakers are wonderful! They are much smaller than I expected, but still have big sound. My bedroom is about 15'x10'x10' and these sound great. I've heard complaints that they won't fill bigger rooms with sound, but they work perfectly in my case. The cords are long enough that you can have the remote and satellites on your desk and have the sub on the floor. The bass knob is on the back of the sub, so you can control how loud it is and the power and volume are on the remote. These speakers also have a mic input on the remote and a mic output cord attached to the aux in cord, so you can easily record, or voice chat, or play games. The power cord doesn't have a ground, so you can plug these in anywhere. These speakers are great!Read full review...


Solid product, quality production at a great value.

These speakers are a great affordable 2.1 add-on to give your desktop a fuller sound. Not only from the subwoofer adding to the low-end, but the satellites offer clean mid-range and a crisp upper range. The functionality of the wired remote, offering volume, a power switch, and inputs for both microphone and headphones is top shelf. The subwoofer also comes with a gain control of sorts, allowing you to cater the bass to your specific needs easily.Read full review...


Great Sound, Can't beat the price, clear & deep bass

These speakers are one of the best, if not THE BEST for the price. Everyone that has heard my speakers cannot believe what great sound they produce for the price. I have a set for myself and recently bought another set for my grandfather. When he saw them he said, "these are the same size as my old ones!?" But when i hooked them up, he was BLOWN AWAY! The volume and sound quality improved 100%. The bass is very clear and gets nice and deep. They also have a remote which extends the rear mic and headset inputs to easy reach. Trust me, you will not go wrong with these speakers.Read full review...


great computer speakers for the money, cannot go wrong

Nice computer speakers, compact but big sound. Has its own volume control which is very convenient. Sub woofer has adjustable bass control.

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