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Accurate version of LITTLE WOMEN, sticks to the book

If you love LITTLE WOMEN, you'll probably want to see ALL the film versions. Each has something to recommend it. However, in my opinion this is the only one in which ALL the girls behave the way they are described in the book. Three of the four also look exactly as they are described, with the exception of Beth being blonde instead of brunette. All appear to be the right ages to play girls in their teens to early twenties. Thus I could enjoy the film without the distraction of, say, June Allyson and Elizabeth Taylor obviously play-acting at being teens, or Winona Ryder as Jo being shorter and more delicate-looking than robust Claire Danes as Beth. The script stuck close to the book without changing important plotlines. Significantly, for me, this was the first LITTLE WOMEN where I could actually BELIEVE there was any attraction between the March girls and the men who became their husbands. As Professor Bhaer, William Shatner was fun-loving and decidedly NOT an old man; John was considerate toward Meg instead of a cardboard character; and we see affection develop between Laurie and Amy, so for the first time in film history it didn't appear Laurie was settling for Amy because he couldn't have Jo. The costumes are beautiful. This version is definitely worth a look.Read full review...


Little Women (for TV)

I bought this because I own DVDs of the Katharine Hepburn 1933 version and the June Allyson 1949 version and thought this would be a good addition. This one is different from the others in that it is longer (it is presented as a 2 part miniseries) and it seems to go into more detail. The language is a bit more modern, but the characters are much the same as in the older "movie" versions. I liked having more details, but kept wanting the story to move along a bit faster. I liked the ending better than in the older movies (although William Shatner's german accent was never very convincing). All in all I'm glad I bought it and will enjoy watching it from time time in coming years.Read full review...


The Best Little Women Movie

This movie was made for NBC a TV movie in 1978. I saw it when it was on TV but I did not remember a lot about it I have been looking for it forever I am thrilled I found it. If you like Little Women and have not saw this one or like me saw it so long ago you can't remember it you MUST see it. IT IS THE BEST LITTLE WOMEN MOVIE OF THEM ALL. I like all the other movies the 1933 with Katharine Hepburn as Jo, 1949 with June Allyson as Jo, and 1994 with Winona Ryder as Jo if you have not watched these you should. But if you only want to watch one Little Women movie you must pick this one it has more details from the book. If you read the book you have to remember Jo saving her money to take Beth to the sea shore none of the other movies have that in them this one does and it will make you cry just like the book did. All the other actresses did a great job playing Jo but Susan Dey will always be the face of Jo for me from now on she was GREAT. Meredith Baxter Birney is Meg, Eve Plumb is Beth and Ann Dusenberry is Amy they also did a great job. This is a 3 1/2 hour 2 DVD movie and it includes all the touching moments from the book that made me love Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy if you love them to you have to see this movie. But even if you don't know the Little Women this movie will introduce them to you and you will never forget them. You can see the direction the lives of four sisters take as they try to find their place in the world.Read full review...


Wonderful Story Line

This wonderful movie was full of fun and laughter. Went in to great detail about Amy and Laurie. Jo findly finds a nice looking man in this one. Beth was wonderful and so was Mr.Laurence. Needed to improve on Marmee and Aunt March as far as looking their age in the film. Still a wonderful story. I enjoyed it very much. Nice clean Family movie.Read full review...

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