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entertaining kids movie

My daughter loves this. She is in a mermaid phase and this gave her the fix! Music and storyline is entertaining.

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Little Mermaid Ariels Beginning

Just as awesome as the first Little Mermaid. One great addition to add to my Disney movie collection. This is one is a must see for every little girl out there. The characters are amazing and the story is great!Read full review...

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grandchildren did not enjoy

Service from whom I ordered was good.....the movie just didn't hold the interest of my 3 and 5 yr old grandchildren. The regular, more popular Little Mermaid is a good movie...

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Great deal!

The kids enjoy the movie and it works great! Thanks.

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The Little Mermaid, Ariels Beginning

Really good movie. Love how it tells how it all began. Definitely a wonderful family movie 😃 Highly recommend this movie 😃

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Ariel The Beginning

Very happy with this dvd. Again, Ariel The Beginning is a classic and I'm so glad that I get to share it with my grandkids.

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QUALITY production!!!

The story is a prequel to "The Little Mermaid," and explains how King Triton banned music in his kingdom when his wife was killed. We learn how Sebastian became the music conductor for King Triton, and how Ariel & Flounder met. Naturally, it is the full-of-life Ariel who helps bring music back to her father's life. Although the villain is not as fun and nasty as the legendary Ursula, Marina Del Rey (ably voiced by Sally Field) is plenty of fun as the evil governess for King Triton's daughter. Not content to be a governess, she plots to usurp Sebastian's position, even if it means getting rid of Ariel. Jodi Benson returns as the voice of Ariel. In both singing and acting, she is fantastic and totally believeable as the songstress under the sea. As Sebastian, Samuel E. Wright returns...who else could voice this classic animated character? There are seven musical numbers in the film, and the fact that it was directed by a choreographer (Peggy Holmes) is a plus. The movement of the characters in the film AND the dance numbers are fantastic.

Extras are also great. 2 backstage Disney featurettes: "Splashdance" is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the movie, hosted by director Peggy Holmes. "The Little Mermaid: Under the Sea and Behind The Scenes On Broadway" gives a backstage look at the Broadway musical production, featuring interviews with the cast. There are 2 deleted scenes (shown in storyboard form), "Music & More" (where viewers can directly access the musical numbers AND watch them karaoke-style with the words on the screen), and the game "Mermaid Discovery Vanity Game," where you can learn about each of King Triton's daughters by clicking on the personal items on their vanity/makeup tables.

Overall, a wonderful DVD for children of all ages. Definitely a quality production!
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A kid favorite!

A very cute show. It tells how Ariel's mother died. That's probably the only thing in it that my kids don't like about it. They love the music and the story. I think it's their favorite out of all three The Little Mermaid movies. My children are five and six, I'd consider it to be age appropriate for them, and they'll probably still enjoy it for a few years. I would recommend it. It's a cute movie.Read full review...


Great buy

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: jorda9249


The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning

This is a great product. The some songs are pretty good. But some voices seem a little off even though it's the same voice actors. Age probably. It's pretty funny and features Ariel's sisters too. Refers to the Little Mermaid at times so it makes it funnier if you've seen it. Personally, better than Little Mermaid II. Some continuations aren't great but this is worth it to have.Read full review...

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