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Little House on the Prairie Christmas (2003, DVD)

I chose to buy this item because it was re-mastered and distributed by Imavision/NBC Studios (with LionsGate affiliation). I have a few of the LHOTP complete seasons and they're all from Imavision, so I already knew they did an outstanding job of re-mastering and that I would be purchasing a quality product. I have read other reviews by customers who complained (presumably about other distributors) of graininess and choppy editing, but this distributor does a crystal clear job.
Their is one instance early in the episode entitled: "The Christmas They Never Forgot" when Hester Sue is talking to Pa as he helps her unload gifts from the back of the covered wagon. Her dialogue is chopped off mid-sentence. However, I happen to own that very episode on VHS, which I taped off the television during the early nineties reruns! I pulled it off the shelf, blew the dust off, popped it into my VCR and fast forwarded it to the same scene. Lo and behold, the original version cut Hester Sue's line off as well. But that is the only "flaw" I have come across. Also, scenes reserved for commercial breaks fade in and out with precision.
I highly recommend any version of Little House on the Prairie, grainy, choppy or otherwise. The family values this series attempts to instill into the hearts and minds of the viewers are fast becoming obsolete in this day and age. This series proves that Television CAN teach Good Manners, good morals and integrity--without all the flesh and foul language---and still be dramatic, heart warming and fun. Laura S.
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a little house christmas

the first of the two episodes from the classic series is the best when it comes to how we shouuld celebrate the Holiday. Show number 1 has more heart the second one is ok


Wonderful Family Christmas

I personally like all the series of Little house and especially this one, there is no foul language, just plain good wonderful times with family at this special time of Christmas.


Thank you so very much

I love it. My girls love little house on the prairie.
Tell of the times back then.
What a family is
How a family works together in the hard times.
How love stand true.
How sickes was and how work was on a farm in living in a small country townRead full review...


awesome product

I got it off of ebay site. I like it. It is a good movie I enjoy it. I love the little house on the prairie movies.


little house on the prairie christmas shows

i love these shows and i found i didn't have these christmas cd's. i wanted them for my collection. i give this product a excellent rating. thank you!


A little house on the prairie Christmas (2003, DVD)

I am a confirmed Little House fan. This movie is a great example of simple living for families and how to be happy on just being together as a family and not by material things possessed.


Little house on the Prairie DVD

Received the DVD in decent time but the quality of the DVD was poor. It quit toward the end of the movie and all through the movie it had audio problems and there were little squares all over the movie....HELP!! I love this movie but......Read full review...


A Little House on the Prairie Christmas (DVD 2003)

Half way through the DVD, it will stop and you can only watch the first part of the first show and can't watch the second one at all.


I love these movies and the cd works GREAT

I love these movies and the cd works GREAT !! it didn't take long and the package was in good shape upon arrival.

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