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A Movie To Own!

One of my favorite love stories of all time! Wonderful story, acting and the soundtrack is memorable.

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Good movie

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Overall a nice movie, but not enough punch at the end

This is the first movie Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock have starred in together since Speed (1994)- a movie in which they definitely had chemistry and (literally) burned up the screen. The writers of The Lake House were hoping to recreate that same chemistry between the actors and in my opinion they did... for the most part...

In this movie Bullock and Reeves share life together in a uniquely designed glass house on the lake. The only problem is they are living 2 years apart. The story starts when Kate Forster (Bullock), who is moving out of the lake house, leaves a note in the mailbox asking the new tenant to forward her mail. However, the person who receives the note is Alex Wyler (Reeves). He is not the NEW tenant, but the person who lived in the house before Kate did. Kate and Alex continue to communicate with each other through letters they each leave in the mailbox. Through the letters they realize they have a lot more in common than the space they used to live in and of course, they fall in love. The question is whether they will ever be able to meet, or if fate will continue to keep them apart.

I found this movie to be nicely done and quite romantic WHEN you don't think about the living 2 years apart/communication concept too much. When you do, a lot of things about the plot just don't make sense. I was also a bit disappointed by the ending- I was expecting more of a climax / more emotion. There is actually a scene in the middle of the movie when Alex's father dies that struck me as more emotionally charged than the ending of the movie. I was disappointed by that. I felt like I wanted to cry (yes, I like to do that sometimes...), but just couldn't. Overall a nice movie, but not enough punch at the end.
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Cool Concept & Decent Acting... It's worth the watch...

Lake House is about 2 strangers who haven't found the time to have personal lives for themselves. They lived in the same lake house at different times and they begin to talk to eachother by letter through the mailbox.
The twist of the movie is that the guy is living in 2004 and the girl is living in 2006... I like the way the director intertwines their lives and they discover things together. Basically, one is helped to see the future, and the other is helped to remember the past...
The only thing I didn't really like about the movie was that they seemed to fall in love really fast for just talking through a mailbox... But what movie doesn't right? Cinderella fell in love after 1 dance?
Also, the movie has parts where they are speaking audibly to each other although they are actually reading a letter from eachother... So in reality they would have to return to the mailbox to speak with eachother each time even though they have full length conversations in places other than the mailbox..

All in all, I enjoyed the movie, I love figuring out movie plots before they actually happen and I figured out all the key points which were about to happen.. So it was fun for me..

Trent McKell
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What an AWESOME MOVIE!!! Very touching and heartfelt!! We waited awhile before we seen it, but are VERY HAPPY we did!! We think that this is one movie you'll be sure to enjoy very much. Its a little confusing at the beginning if you're unaware of what the movie is about, but will make complete sense once the movie goes on. A++ from beginning to end!!

EXCELLENT Cast Performances by Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves!!


We HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!! You'll want to watch it again!!!

Our Rating: 10/10 A+++

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The Lake House (DVD)

I LOVED this movie. I have seen a couple movies in the past that bring couples together "across time barriers", and they have intrigued me. I enjoy the "anticipation" of awaiting their destined meeting. Even though some folk may view it as one of those "chick flicks", my son (35 yrs old) thoroughly enjoyed it as well...he reported one of his favorites of the year.

I viewed it 2 nights in a seem to "pick up" on some un-noticed events/sayings when you watch it the second time around.

My only "drawback" would be some offensive language in a couple of places. I wish they would just make movies without bad language; why does it seem to be so important? The movie either has credibility via it's story content with the viewer or it doesn't!
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Don't question the physics, enjoy the romance

Sight unseen, I purchased this Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves vehicle because 1) I loved the pairing in SPEED, 2) my husband is a huge Sandra Bullock fan, and 3) I am a sucker for romance. I wasn't disappointed on any account. Viewing this moving requires that you completely give in to the notion that it is possible to communicate across two years with a time travelling mail box. But once you have conquered the implausible, it is a sweet story of love that crosses the time barrier. Sandra Bullock has matured in her acting to embrace the sadness of missed opportunities and a deep connection to the subject of the film. Keanu Reeves plays himself, which isn't a bad thing, but it's hard to believe that he is unable to find a partner worthy of him. I was able to figure out the plot twist early on, but it was fun to go the distance with two likeable and seemingly ordinary lonely people. Christopher Plummer is wonderful as Reeves emotionally remote father. Definitely recommended as a chick flick, males would be too dissecting of the nature of the space/time continuum.Read full review...


Better be glued to the tv with no distractions!

I prefer to watch movies at home where I can focus on the film.
This film is one of those movies where you have to pay attention, ears and eyes.
It is hard to do with a two year old running around lol.

Overall I found the movie to be good.
I won't say excellent because If you don't watch closely you will miss something . and the way it flows is sorta confusing.
It jumps back to much ! and forward to much .
And if you don't watch you will get lost.
Too much jumping around for my tastes.

I was too dispointed in the ending .
I was like WHOA is that ALL!
Seemed like it should have been more too it .

Over all a good movie to get and see.
The acting from both was very good as well as the rest of the cast.
I would recommend this movie , just watch and listen !

Please my review if you found it to be usefull!

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A Lovely Leap of Faith.

The Lake House is a Slam Dunk for beautifuly written and acted romance films. This one is one of the best to come out in years..But many people will find the plot a strech.Sandra finds herself inlove with a man living in her old house who she talks to only thru letters in the mail box when they writing they both realize that She is in the future talking to him in the past.. 2 years past. They must find a way to meet thru the time gap and only love can get them thru it.
If you are the type to believe that love can overcome anything time and space, then you will be in love with this film.

The acting was better then in speed and you trust in the people in this film.You feel as though their love is as real as it gets..
This one gets an A and will be sure to make you take a leap of faith.

Also if the above was helpful please let me know by voting. Thanks for reading.
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Lake House Romance

Time travel aspect had some wrinkles, but the main part of the movie was beyond romantic. What man today would wait that long just to make sure he could hook up with the lady that captured his heart? I also loved the relationship between the brothers. They challenged each other, but were also respectful of the pain they both suffered. The father role was also done very well. A true jerk for the intellectually brillant and insecure.Read full review...

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