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Good value87% agree

Entertaining87% agree

Engaging characters87% agree


Kida love it

Thank you childrens lclassic

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i have all the disney movies but in vhs

I was so happy to have the opportunity to purchase these great movies for a fraction of the cost. Thank you.

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The movies themselves are wonderful. I love Disney be careful who you buy them from

Horrible experience with this order be careful who you buy from on here

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A real Disney Classic. One of our favorite films.

This is one of the best Disney films ever made. Our old VHS copy would no longer play without severe tracking problems. So, the DVD has been added to our collection and we have already watched it twice with different grandchildren. I am not sure some of the "ethnic stereotypes" would pass today's Political Correctness test but it is still very enjoyable for all ages. Also, great songs.Read full review...



No issues playing..loved it


Sweet love scenes

Is wonderful to have a Disney movie without the witchcraft and demonic elements

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This visually eye-catching Disney movie is in a league of it’s own. Disney always puts such impeccable details into their animations and the true to life mannerisms of their characters is always sincere and believable --- even if all of the main characters seem to be of the animal kingdom. I say this without hesitation; this story is one of Disney’s finest. As you listen to the catchy little tunes and watch the vivid colors pop before your eyes and the plot is quite enjoyable the characters different in statute come together and have no partialities but are one in nature, you will sit in awe of this masterpiece. A scoundrel meets up with a pedigree Cocker Spaniel and the love bug hit them and doggoned it is puppy love.

LADY AND THE TRAMP is the sweetest starry-eyed tale between a street-smart mutt and an uppity pedigree Cocker Spaniel. Although this isn’t Charles Dickens poverty-stricken story, it is an endearing tale about an abandoned dog that finds his dinner in trashcans and alleyways, named Tramp. Tramp meets a pup from uptown in the ritzy neighborhood named Lady.

This aristocratic pooch’s master has a new arrival in the house, a new baby. Aunt Sarah (Verna Felton) comes to tend the new infant. Busybody Aunt Sarah brings with her, flotsam and jetsam Siamese Cats named Si & Am. Those sinister cats, Si & Am steal the show. The little ditty “Siamese Cat” by Peggy Lee is hilariously ridiculous and fits the ornery duo. The little bratty cats cause more trouble then they are worth. Lady gets blamed for their mischief and is fitted for a muzzle. Sadly Lady runs away from home. She comes across a vagabond mutt named Tramp; he shows her the ropes of the streets and how to survive by the skin of her paws.

Lady (Barbara Luddy) and the Tramp (Larry Roberts) develop a romance that seems more than puppy love. I mean goodness-sakes -alive, when the guy gives the gal the meatball in the spaghetti dinner; then you know just how much he cares. During that romantic spaghetti dinner “Bella Notte” is definitely the score to eat to, cheers. Nothing was sweeter than when both Tramp and Lady have their famous most memorable scene of munching on the same spaghetti noodle as their noses meet. That goes down in history as the most romantic scene caught on film.

And is there a dry eye in the house when the dogcatcher nabs Trusty? With the help of Tramp’s good OLE pound buddies Trusty (Bill Baucom) and Jack (Bill Thompson) they pups save the day.

In Dolby Digital Stereo the tunes "He's a Tramp," "What's a Baby," "Peace on Earth," “Belle Notte,” and "The Siamese Cat Song" come through crisp and clean. The audio is good enough for this flick.

There are a few features packaged in this DVD and I do say very few: Two features to mention those:

Full-Color Character Artwork on Disc Widescreen format 2.35:1 Closed captioned [cc]

Although this DVD is not jam-packed with extras it is filled with adventure galore and mix a little adventure with romance and how can you go wrong? Lady becomes leash-free and fancy-free with her charismatic stud-muffin Tramp. Bow-Wow, enjoy this marvelous love story!
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Great choice

Loved these. Family treasures for years to come.

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my review on lady and the tramp

i have loved this movie since i was a child i remember the very first time i watched it with my brother it brings back great memories from my childhood

i bought this also because it was the first vhs i had bought my children when they were young they are now 27 and 24 and we had lost the original in one of the moves we had to make while they were growing upRead full review...


Lady and the Tramp

This is my favorite 'all-animal' Disney movie- where the main focus of the plot is brought down to the level of our four-legged friends. I really this type of genre of Disney movies (Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, etc.) where all of the animation was painted by hand- it really makes the storyline come to life. I had bought it on DVD because I was conforming all of my VHS to DVD since that is what the norm is now. This movie is FANTASTIC for children and anyone who is a dog-loving child at heart.Read full review...

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