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Good value100% agree

Long battery life100% agree

Small form factor100% agree


THe guts of every other LG slider in a sexy sleek new shell.

This phone said it was refurbished but I cant even tell it was ever used!! The mirror finish on the screen is excellent and the stainless steel back feels sturdy. The phone has some weight to it which lets you know its built well. I have had similar LG sliders so the phones OS was the same as before. very little difference. The camera is fast and takes clear crisp pictures. The ringer is loud and and the call quality is clear. I really like the directional control they added on this model, i just wish it stuck out a bit more for easier use. The keypad is almost exactly like a razor so texting is not as easy with the lack of key separation. Overall the phone is not much different than any other lg slider from the past, same OS, same applications just in a much sexier and sleek package with a better camera. These few changes are what a good phone needed to become great. I prefer a more standard phone over a smart phone so this is great for me.Read full review...


Frustration and poor performance

I bought this phone to replace my motorola rizr, which had been stolen. First of all, the ringer can hardly be heard, even when set at loudest setting. The toggle to maneuver through the menu is very user unfriendly as sometimes it takes little or no effort to change to a new application, and other times it sticks and is impossible to control. Sound quality is only fair and the phone itself is very large and heavy. Stick with Motorola or Nokia!Read full review...


I like it so much I am considering buying more any condition, for back ups!

This was my second purchase of one of these. I broke the screen on my first one and was looking to buy one for replacement parts. But the phone I got in this purchase was in perfect working order and was so reasonable in price. I use it and have saved my original for spare parts. I do not text on it, so I don't want to comment on that part of its ability. But other than that. 4 out of 5 stars all the way.Read full review...


Good phone for price

Its a phone that my mom loves, she doesnt like the complicated one such as iphones. This is very easy to use for older people.



great phone reception is excellent even on mountains and for prices already have other for my son is very friendly and it can be used used like a mirror


This phone is GREAT!!!

This phone is GREAT!!! It's not a fancy touchscreen, but it's more than a basic. Has talk, text,web... all the necessities! LOL! Also, the mirrored Shine has come in handy very often instead of a mirror. Works fantastic!Read full review...


its very easy to use.

lg shine is one of the best product.I like it.I have using lg long time but these is the 1st time I am using lg shine cu720,look's like I like these one better than other.


Incredible sound clarity and great for ease of use!

Great phone!!! Very sleek and modern with an ease of use that is unrivaled by phones in its class. The "world traveler" ability is an added touch!


Good, good.

The phone is for the average user and those who are into technology and so forth. The design of the phone is very gratifying because of the sliver gloss around the phone. All in all, a good phone.


Great item, fully satisfied with this purchase!

Excellent! beautiful phone, I used to have the red one, but have liked this one a little more, I love the color silver!

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