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I had the chance to use this phone a tiny bit because of a friend giving it to me to do a review and then i gave it back. The phone has a solid look to it and a good upgrade from the scoop/rumor. The keyboard and sound quality as well as some other bugs with a better camera and little other tiny differences were fixed. It seems like LG read the negative reviews of the first rumor/scoop and made a good phone out of it.

Now there is small cons with this phone that werent on the first phone, even if the settings are correct as you want them the camera seems to take pictures of everything grainy. I don't know why but it does. Other phones don't of this model. One thing that was hard to get used to was the select keys on the qwerty keyboard being further away from the options that you want to select. Also I find the text message showing all conversations a little tiny bit confusing. Over all if want a good messaging phone for the usc or alltel network,, choose this. it is a good choice
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If You're Looking For A Great Contract Free Phone Look No Further!

If You're Looking For A Great Contract Free Phone Look No Further! The Alltel LG Banter Is An Excellent Phone. It's QWERTY Keypad Gives It An Amazing Ease Of Use For Texting. The Phone Supports Bluetooth Headsets, Has Mobile Web, Can Take Pictures, Can Play Music, And Has Support For Micro SD Card. If You Don't Like The Color Of Your Phone, The Phone Has Interchangeable Faceplates. The Phone Can Also Support Verizon Wireless Users. The Phone Has An Amazing Battery Life, Estimated 12 Days Of Idle Standby, Estimated 15 Hours Of Continues Texting, And Estimated 5.5 Hours Of Talk Time.Read full review...


LG Banter

I love the Qwerty keyboard on this phone. The only problem is that my original Banter must have short circuited and I had to replace it with a used one on Ebay. The replacement has been working great. I like the size and feel of the phone too.Read full review...


Banter Purchase

The phone was in great condition and it works great! Very pleased with the purchase! I purchased this phone because I am in the middle of my contract and did not want to pay full price for a phone thru the cell phone company. The phone I had was not text I got the Banter, which my son also has and I love it.Read full review...



i love this phone, it great for texting, love it i droped mine so many time and it still works i droped mine off a ride at my fair it fell over 200ft and still work great i love this ofone so much i am getting twice!!!!!!!! HAHA I Love It!!! and if you are a hyper-texter (if you send more than 300,000 messages a month or more), like me i recomend this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Read full review...


Works very well

I like that it has a sliding keyboard however the only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have video recording. But then again that is not something that I use everyday so over all I am very satisfied.Read full review...



awesome, very convenient, works great, excellent features, I loved the design and the convenience, very useful and helpful for accessing internet


Made good on an honest mistake

We purchased the phone for our verizon account, when we found out it was not a verizon phone, we sent it back and the seller gave a full refund. She has proven to be ab honest and professional business woman.Read full review...


well the product just caught my eye and loved it

i love every thing about it it works good , takes good picture and texting is also fair for my money i think i could of got a better deal


very awesome phone

great little phone excellant for texting A+ yes good phone to get or give great for texting very nice alltell phone

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