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great phone for texting

Overall good phone, easy to text on. Dont like that phone is so thick and heavy. Screen size a little small. Graphics not so great, camera didnt take very good pics.


A Texters Delight, Good Basic Phone, at 2nd-Hand Price is an XLNT Value

for a dumb phone its a good phone, for a texter its great! The deal I got from this seller couldnt be beat.
It is an older school type phone so its thicker, but I actually like that. It feels like you have something in your hand and it doesnt slip from your grip as easily. The screen flips orientation when you use it from a standard phone vs the qwerty keyboard for texting too.
It has voice recognition, blue tooth capability, a camera, a scheduler etc., the usual bells and whistles. You could use it for some online stuff too, except that it has a very small screen and it cant use a lot of the apps youd really want. But, for the $, its a great deal for a basic-use phone. (Because its so much older now, be sure to get a deep discounted price: DONT EVER PAY RETAIL FOR IT!
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This remains the best price and for a Phone of this Quality

I really enjoy the cellphone and all of the apps that are available to me. my only concern is with the size of the keys
I need a board that is slightly larger, I had an accident that broke all of my fingers wrist and hand, due to the Arthritic conditions that I have been left to deal with the board creates
great difficulties when I attempt to use it. I hope that computer manufactures would keep in mind that we who have disabilities want and need to have our Need to have easier access and Functionable equipment. As this nation increases in
age we will call for and demand more Accessible items just millimeter adjustments
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This is a really good phone

This is a really good phone and i only have a few complaints. First of all the buttons are quite small so it takes a while to get used to texting using it. Also the back is extremely hard to take off. All in all it is a great phone with a long battery life and a flash on the camera !Read full review...


Kyocera M1000 virgin mobile phone

This mobile phone simply works for sending text messages and calling. That's it. A quite plain use for a cell phone that is intended to be more sophisticated. However, in my case, I just wanted to have a cell phone that allowed me to communicate with my fellow students at the university while my brief staying in the US.

The best characteristic of the phone is the full QWERTY keyboard because it really helps typing up messages, but there are still some bugs on it because more than often the system freezes while typing a message and you have to remove the hardcover to get off the battery and restart the system. By the way, it is really complicated to take off the hardcover the first time if you do not have a screwdriver or something in hand.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things I would like to change of this phone but I'll simply go over the more important ones for me.

*The keylock feature works horrible when you try to unlock the keypad.
*The silence mode (vibrate) is so lousy that you may never notice you got a message or a call.
*The screen display is so small that it is really hard to navigate through the screens or to use the internet apps.

If you want to use this cell phone just for calling and sending text messages then this is the right phone for you, if you want to have fun, surf the web, stay in touch with your social networks, read your email, stay connected to your IM services or doing pretty much all the things you can do with any smartphone, then get a smartphone. Kyocera M1000 won't do that for you.
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not a great phone but it gets the job done

This simple little cell phone is really basic and easy to use. since its from virgin mobile i would recommend it for someone who rarely uses a cell phone and texts every now and then.
pros: bluetooth, 2mp camera, 2 creens, full qwerty key board, flashlight, great service (traveled to california from texas and it worked the whole way).
cons: very small screens, bulky; a little too big for regular pockets, very limited features.
overall this phone works great and will definitely get the job done, although it might seem huge and ancient in todays market.
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best phone virgin mobile ever made!

this phone was my favorite phone ever it is like using a tiny laptop when flipped open to full qwerty keyboard view. i had bought my phone in 2008 and it was the best phone i had ever bought. i had it about a year till it fell in the toilet and it ended up getting water damage stopped working would never come on or anything. that was 2 years ago then someone told me if i would have put the phone and battery in a bag of rice it would have cleared the water damage. well just out of couriosity a few months ago i put the battery and the phone seperatly in a bag of rice over night plugged it into the charger and oh my god after 2 years of not working at all it works! i love this phone it went thru hell and back and still works it has been steped on, thrown against walls and cement, and it still works to this day! only thing wrong with it is the front cover went all white can still kind of see thru it though and that was caused by beig almost ran over by my car. but inside of it still worked picture crystal clear still to this day on the inside.great texting and picture messaging and got good ringtones.Read full review...


Doesn't work with T-mobile

The biggest concern is the phone is unlocked and in theory supposed to work with any GSM network. I had a problem to connect to my T-mobile account, as the phone failed to register. I spent a while with T-mobile tech support online and they couldn't so anything.
On other hand it worked with no issue with my friend AT&T SIM card, so if you have AT&T you can take a chance, if have T-mobile - don't buy it.
Another concern is keypad is too small and it's extrimely hard to tect or dial a number. I couldn't evauate other features, because as I said I wasn't able to connect to T-mobile.
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I Love This Phone (Kyocera WildCard M1000-VirginMobile)

The Wild Card M1000 by Kyocera is a lot like have a Jr. Smart Phone, if you like to txt or have to txt a lot, this is the phone for you, it isn't a slide out,but, it is a Clamshell QWERTY Keyboard, that is so easy to use a child could figure it out,it does make the phone a little on the thick side approx. 3/4"-1", but really not much different then a Palm or BlackBerry, only shorter, it has dual LCD screens, it has Auto Texting, Voice Recognition, IM, E-Mail,Picture Mail, Blue Tooth, 1.3 MP Camera w/flash, Hearing Aide, Headset Sound which is great if you wear a Blue tooth headset a lot and you are 5-25ft away from the phone you hear all the alerts through the headset no the phone, i have personally used all of the fore mentioned and after having 20-25 different phones over the last 15yrs. this is my favorite in every way, it has 100 other uses and options and settings i am still getting to know, It is also a Qualcomm 3G CDMA which i didn't know when i bought it, it trully is a Jr. Smart Phone. The Speaker phone on this is exceptional, it is the 1st phone iv'e owned, where having a speaker phone was an asset, it is loud and very clear, no echo or back noise, it makes it very easy to be doing something else while on the phone, none of my other phones, smart phones, PDA's, could measure up to this one, i have yet to find 1 option w/the Kyocera Wild Card M1000 that wasn't above standard in every way, the only thing that this phone is missing is an SD slot for additional storage, if it had that then i believe Jr. here , would be a thing of perfection & beauty, it is very good looking and the size is perfect for the hand for texting and taking pictures etc. This is 1 phone you will be very happy with, and coming from me that is saying a lot, I'm even starting to enjoy texting, 2 weeks ago i would have rather gone in for a root canal, if you are considering this phone, STOP!& BUY IT!Read full review...


Virgin Mobile's BEST Pre-Paid Cell (could be better)

Let me start off by saying I have owned 4 different cellphones with full keyboards. LG Voyager, Motorola Q, Verizon (UT Starcom) XV6700, and AT&T Fuze (HTC Touch Pro). For a Pre-Paid cell this is a great choice, and it will surely do a good job for texting. But if you plan to browse the web, check e-mail, use MySpace or Facebook, or listen to music, then this will not work for you. The Mobile Web browser on this phone is the same as all there lower end phones and cannot properly display most websites. There is no MP3/Music/Video player, and the only way to listen to any music is to have someone text it to you. Virgin has disabled any Internet Downloading unless you buy the media through the Virgin XL service. You can use it for E-mail, but only if you have a Yahoo! or AOL Email address, but don't expect to download any attachments besides sounds or pictures. The dual screens are a nice touch, but they are small and the phone would benefit more from a larger single screen with a sideways sliding keyboard. The Bluetooth on this phone is rather weak, and very limited to only a Ear Piece so you won't be able to link up to your friends phones or a computer. The keyboard layout is rather odd, placing the navigation pad in the middle, making your thumbs reach awkwardly to the sides for certain letters or symbols. The menu lacks any newer features that older or lower end Virgin phones, and you can't change the theme or colors either. My final thoughts on this phone are.....If you have a young teenager who likes to text and you dont want to risk getting a contract and wind up with a huge bill then this would be a good choice, but if you are looking to get a high end phone with a keyboard and alot of cool features like most of the new phones you see from the big 3 (Verizon, AT&T and Sprint) then you will be highly dissapointed and end up buying something else in a month.I hope this helps you decide.Read full review...

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