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Zi6 - well worth the money

We took our Zi6 to Canada on vacation. It had a 16gb SDHC Card in it. We took over 250 picture and 5 20+ second HD videos and didn't come close to using up all of the memory. I love the fact that it uses AA batteries. We took several rechargeable spares and a recharger with us and never had to worry about the camera going dead on us. My only complaint is the audio - there's no provision for an external mike and the internal one does not provide enough volume.

But overall it's a great pocket camcorder.
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You better be "tech savvy" to make it work well...its not the best Kodak

Out of many pocket camcorders made by Kodak...I have had several and this is a good little camcorder but it is well known for freezing problems due to firmware problems. Kodak didnt even admit to its customers that the camera, indeed, had a firmware problem initially..and was just sending "pre-formatted" flash cards to customers who were complaining. (If it was a NEW camera only..haha) This was Kodaks fault and its one of the reasons I wont even buy a Kodak Digital Photo camera anymore..lack of quality and customer support. The Zi6 is a good camera if you update the firmware however. Just prepared to be a "tech savvy" person if you buy this..if your not..then I suggest a better, more durable camera..the Kodak ZX1.Read full review...


Very Happy with this camera! Glad to have found it!

I love this camera, uses AA battery's that are a plus! Quality is really good with great features like macro, simple to use with great results. Great for any on the go type videoing or something like youtube.Read full review...


Like it!

Great camera. So much better than the FlipVideo which became worthless after a couple of years when the battery died and could not be replaced. Though Kodak's Zi6 is out of production,it is a finely crafted instrument, completely user friendly, and promises to be infinitely serviceable.Read full review...


good buisness

I love all of the features the product has. Everything seems to be functioning properly and is pretty cool. The only thing i was a little disappointed with was the resolution with the still pictures. Everything else was pretty impressive for such a small device. I would recomend this product to everybody I know.Read full review...


great camera software sucks

great camera but software sucks, needed to download software for easier use, phots are great, camera is great, woulnd't change much else, great buy


Camcorder and money

The best cheap camcorder you can buy with your money. It's worth the price and quality. Films 720p @ 60fps. but it is best used in sunlight or really bright areas.

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