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Easy to use100% agree

Good image quality100% agree

Lightweight100% agree


Nice little camera for the money.

This definitely is a very nice little camcorder. I especially like the remote control that works so well with it. It is very user friendly but I do find it hard to find a SDHD Card that does not have a red exclamation on it which means it cannot be used. So for now, I use the internal and a 4 gb card. It is very light weight and easy to handle. I do not care for the USB pop out. It is a little difficult to get out of the case. I was use to their Zi6 where the USB just popped out with a button and was very easy to download. This is a little trickier I think then the Zi6 in that respect. But as far as the over all camera it's pretty portable and like I said user friendly.Read full review...


Kodak Touch

Very small a real plus for vacation. Battery life wonderful will easily fill a 16 gig sd card on a single charge. Cuts , crops and edits video with a single click. Would buy another one if i ever needed to.Read full review...

Verified purchase: No


If its reburbished dont expect much. If new, I'm sure you'd love it.

I bought my Kodak playtouch on ebay, refurbished. The best thing about it, is its easy to use, most people think its a cell phone. I am not satisfied with it, for if I record a .45-1:00 minute video of my grandkids, the first half audio and video is perfect, then it turns into loud static noise and there are various colors of lines across the screen when watching the video. I'm glad I got it for around $20.00, half was shipping. I see it sells on some sites from $40.00- $60.00 and frankly, if I had paid that much, I would be sending it back asking for a refund. I used it at church to record about a 5 minutes song, it played great the first minute and half, the rest was a blurry screen of various colored lines, sometimes the bottom half of the screen would be messed up and could see the people in the top half on screen. I live on a very low income, so I chose this one, for its ease of use. Unfortunately, no matter how low the price was, reburbished, should work like brand new, or dont sell it.Read full review...


Great qality product for an excellent price.

Great little pocket camera. Good quality and easy to use. Excellent for youtube videos. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants a little pocket camera with good quality.


Best camcoreder to make video of seminars, trainings. lectures, events.

Very good working pocket camcorder.

I use it to make video of the meetings, seminars, trainings.

Before I bye Kodak PlayTouch, I use Sony HDR CX-700 for this kind or work. But CX-700 is much much bigger - take a place in my bag.
Now I use Kodak PlayTouch that can be placed in any pocket (it is of the size of mobile phone).
The video quality of Kodak PlayTouch is not so excellent, as of Sony CX-700 (CX-700 can take video in completely dark room, have zoom and more wide angle of scoop).
But PlayTouch quality is appropriate to make video of seminars, trainings, lectures and make YouTube video.
PlayTouch can make video in the dark room (much better then other pocket cam, Toshiba p30 I use before).
PlayTouch videos are not so extremely large in gigabytes as of Sony CX-700, CX-700 picture quality is maybe 2 times better then Kodak PlayTouch one; but PlayTouch price is 20 times less then Sony CX-700 price :)

PlayTouch have no zoom - but you can bye additional lens for $10-$30 and have visual angles from extra wide to telephoto.

PlayTouch Cam works from battery more than one hour - that is good for pocket cam. And you can use additional batteries for long events.

PlayTouch is the best value/price gadget I bye in Ebay until now :))
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Excellent HD pocket camcorder that is easy to use!

This is an excellent HD pocket camcorder that is easy to use. I had no problems figuring out how adjust the settings on the intuitive touch screen. I have not had any problems with fingerprints on my black camcorder. Can record (by your choice) from 720p to 1080, and it's easy to download to a computer or upload to YouTube. Edit your videos right on the camera!

This camcorder has an external microphone jack/earphone jack, and you can adjust the mic for great recording audio. Battery lasts a long time too.
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Kodak Zi10 Playtouch - for video, this is a great product for the money

I bought a manufacturer refurbished Kodak Zi10 Playtouch so I could grab some quick, spur of the moment videos of my children and other family. There were too many times when my 3 year old did something silly or funny and I wished I had been able to capture it. Now I can.

I would never be able to tell this was a refurbished unit other than it came shipped in a box labeled Kodak Certified Refurbished Product. Other than that it's really like new.

I rated Picture and sound quality as 4/5 because it did not allow me to separate video quality from picture quality.

- I have been using the Zi10 in HD 1080p video mode and the video is great - 5/5. Especially if you are using outdoors. When you use it indoors with "normal" lighting it's not too bad either.. certainly not as sharp as outdoors- you see the video is more grainy, but it still works well enough even in those conditions to use it to capture those moments. The digital zoom is also very impressive especially for such a small camera.

- I have been less impressed by the 5MP picture quality - I would say 3/5. Even when used outdoors it is not nearly as clear as the video quality. Frankly I have better picture quality from my Samsung Captivate smart phone than from this. I plan to stick with video use only for the Zi10.

I have a 16GB SD card in the camera and I have been pleasantly surprised by the video size. On the HD 1080p setting you can figure about 125MB for 1 minute of video.

The battery has also been very good for me so far. I fully charged it and then went on a week long vacation with family. I used the Zi10 sporadically over those days- took about 2GB worth of short videos (1 to 5 minutes each) and the battery still showed full strength.
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For $40 or less can't beat this deal. Excellent quality construction/result

I have to say it surpassed my expectations! I bought it for my 6yr old and she loves it too. I'm rating it based on its class and not comparing it to more professional cams. Nice features, love the built-in battery and great life on it. Love the built in USB, video out, high def out, and everything else. Touch screen also exceeded my expectations. It's a capacitive screen of some sort and you swipe to view the next picture. In good lighting it takes good pictures. One CON is that you can't change the resolution of the pictures.
Super value for what I paid.
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I should have saved the money and got a GoPro

The nice thing about this camera is it's small. and the battery life really is not that bad. And the macro-mode works pretty good.

the terrible aspects of this camera is although you can take still pictures with it you'll be better off getting clearer pictures just recording in 1080p. the grain factor makes it impossible for any detail.Read full review...


Super camera for a ridicoulously low price!

Fantastic value for $39 and free shipping. 1080p output, mini HDMI cable included, the size of a cell phone, battery lasted for several days of off/on usage, fully charged in under an hour. I was able to turn it on and start using it without reading any instructions. The screen is very responsive and the controls are simple and intuitive. I found the location of buttons and slots to be well designed. Kodak really surprised and pleased me with this amazing camera. At this great price you can't go wrong.Read full review...

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