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Good quality for a good price

I got the M575 because it was a cheap and small (portable) camera that seemed to have some great quality. I got it cheap from eBay and started talking lots of pictures.

The photo quality is fantastic, and with 14MP the photos are huge. Even on 2MP I'm getting huge photos that are clear and crisp. It's really, really easy to use, and really fun. Not much bigger than my cell phone, I can carry it with me everywhere I go, and because it has a 1second start up time, the chances I will miss a picture is rare.

When it's dark, you might get some noise in your photo if the flash is off. So I don't recommend it for night time pictures unless you have a Tripod and put the camera to [P] Program mode, where you can change settings like the ISO, exposure, Color Mode, White Balance, Focus Mode, Long Time Exposure (kind of like shutter speed. The shutter can stay open for up to 8 seconds, enough time for taking pictures of stars and light bursts.)

The video mode is pretty good, but I find it a little sharp around edges of objects. While not the best video quality in the world, it's not bad for a little camera like this. I use it for in-car recording all the time and am happy with the way it turns out.

The camera itself is pretty noisy, and the zoom is loud. If you zoom while on video mode, the audio will pick up the camera noise. I highly recommend not zooming while recording unless you need to.

If you want a cheap camera that is fun to use, provides easy features and takes great quality photos, this is the one you should get. It's an awesome camera!
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Another great Kodak camera!

After dropping my M1093 on the bike trail, it was time to upgrade my camera. I was seriously considering going to a different brand, but I've been buying Kodak since I started buying digitals and I have never regretted it. So why change? They take great pictures, are easy to use, and reasonably priced. After some research, decided that the M575 was just the ticket for an upgrade. Love the fact that it has a 28mm lens. The 14mp is just a bonus, I certainly don't need that much, but it'll come in handy since the zoom is only 5X. I can crop to my heart's delight and still get really good picture quality! :)

The only gripe I have is the same as with all my other Kodak cameras...the macro is just not that great. But, I think that is the same on most point and shoot pocket cameras. Sigh. Guess I'll have to go get a DSLR if I want to take really good macros.....
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Kodak comes through again!

I have been a fan of Kodak cameras for years, both film and now digital. I needed to upgrade and shopped around in the stores as far as the feel of the cameras, the ease of use, etc. It came down to this and a Canon. Kodak won out because of my previous use of the brand and I have been very happy. This is a great camera and I can take 2MP up to 14 MP photos. I needed it for my online business so need to take pics of items up close and clear. The only thing is the battery does not last as long as I would have liked. I did order an extra battery to use when the original is getting charged.The price was right and it prints clear online and at the kiosks. GREAT!Read full review...


Easy to use,great camera!

This is a light weight camera with easy to use directions.The 14 mgp make your shots clear and sharp.It is so small,it fits in a pocket for easy use on vacation walks or hikes.I recommend this camera to all travelers and vacationers.Read full review...


This camera takes awsome pictures, I love it

This camera takes very good pictures and is very compact for easy use. It was delivered very quickly and I am very satisfied with this purchase. I took a picture of a picture on the wall and blew it up, it looks just like it is a portrait shot. very good. I am very happy with this camera and glad I bought it.Read full review...


nice camera

Great camera it take very nice pic plus with the share button you can send them to emails, facebook,and my space, you love it. And its very easy to use just point and click.


Great Camera

I love the easy share options. It takes great pictures! It's easy to use, reminds me a lot of my last Kodak camera which I loved. I thought it would be more red, the color is more pink than you would expect.Read full review...


kodak ES m575 14.0 mp

takes awesome pictures. and the shutter speed is AMAAAZZZINGGG!!! BUY IT! its awesome!takes great pictures as well. its slim/ thin design makes for easy moving out and about. overall the camera works really well.Read full review...


Brand name, good camera, and low price

Taking a great picture and making a very good hd video. Easy to use with sd card and charger. battery works great and long (2-3 days if not taking to many pictures). Camera looks good and thin. Recommanded.Read full review...


Good, at least on the paper

I had high expectations with this camera, 14 megapixels are many megapixels, at least in theory. But the reality is different, the image is very poor, especially when viewed in its real size. Only the center of the image is clear and is impossible to focus the whole picture in the outside.

A litte bit is improved by lowering the image resolution, but then there is no point in buying a camera with 14 megapixels.

Definitely do not recommend it.
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