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Easy to use100% agree

Good image quality100% agree

Good value100% agree


Great camera for its price, top quality pictures for great memories!

Quality wise, for the average user, this camera is the best of the best! The pictures are crisp and of high quality. The camera itself is of average size and build, I would have preferred that it came with a rechargeable battery instead of the 2x AA batteries needed.

Only con i have with this awesome camera is that it does not have a speaker for video playback. It replays the videos though, you'll just have to upload them to a computer or youtube to listen to the audio.

All in all, would definitely recommend!
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Kodak Easyshare C182 Camera

Good camera for the price. Easy to use and takes good clear pictures. I took 3 pictures and a message came up that memory was full so had to buy an SD card before I could take any more pictures. It should have had an SD card with it or at least info that one was needed before using camera for any photo taking session. I like the compact size and self focusing feature.
Recommend buying extra batteries and charger because it uses up battery power pretty fast if you use it a lot.
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Takes wonderful Photos and the Menu is User Friendly!

I'm no Photographer. But I do take photos almost daily for my style blog. So I have been using the Kodak for 2 months straight. The camera takes great pictures on the General Setting both indoors and out. I rarely have to switch settings unless I am in motion or taking a close-up. Then I simply switch to the reduce blur or close-up setting on top of the camera. I don't have to go into a menu to switch the settings.

The Menu is user friendly. My only complaint is that I can't choose to leave the self timer to on. Especially since I am taking self portraits all the time. After every 2 timed photo's, I have to reset the 2 shot timer. Especially when I have the camera set in a certain position to take a photo and have to pick it up to re-set the self timer. I also have issues when finding the menu to change the color settings. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not.

The camera is larger than most compact digitals because it uses AA batteries. A rechargable compact battery would have been better.

For the price it was a no brainer choice for me. My friend also purchased the same camera that came with a 4" bendable tripod. She gifted the tripod to me since she knew I would use it more. I can hang the camera from a fence or tree branch, and set it just about anywhere and bend it to face up or down.

Before this camera I had a compact Olympus. The menu was confusing and the photo's were inconsistant. The auto setting took horrible indoor photos that lacked color. But it was smaller to set on narrow ledges, and had a compact battery that was easily rechargeable. The Olympus was a gift from my employer, so I have no idea what the price was. Sadly my son dropped it. But I replaced it with the Kodak and have no regrets.
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Good easy - to - use camera, poor inspection

We got the Kodak C182 and started using it right away. Just as all Kodak digitals I have owned it was very easy to use, user friendly and the quality of the pics for the money is just unbeatable, especially with the new 12.2 Meg. high resolution. I like the new automatic features and almost everything about the C182. But ours came with a spec in the viewer pane that frankly is a pain. We are living abroad just now so eBay sends to our trans-shipper. BY the time the product reached us the time limit on eBay buyer protection was finished. SIGH!!!!Read full review...


Kodak C182 Camera

This is a very good camera. It's very compact, yet has a large display. The only reason I rate it Good instead of Excellent is the transition from optical to digital zoom is not as fluid as my former Kodak Eashshare camera.
It is very easy to use and makes excellent pictures. I feel price/performance wise this is a very good buy.
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this will do well for most peoples photography needs

very easy to use, thumb lever on right top makes for easy photo selections, flash selector button on top is easier to access than my Vivitar, very good colors, 3X zoom is limited of course, but this is a less expensive camera for everday normal use.Read full review...


Good Deal On A Great Product

When It Comes To Photos Of Great Quality Nobody Offers Better Memories Than Kodak. The Kodak Easyshare C-182 12.4 Megapixel Camera Is No Exception To This Statement. It Offers High Resolution Editable Pictures In True Color. The Easyshare Software That Comes With The Camera Helps You Organise Your Memories, And Offers Unbelievable Editing Power For That Rare Occasion Where Your Photo Needs To Be Touched Up In Instances Like Red Eye, Or Fast Movement Blur. Are There More Expensive, Higher Resolution Cameras On The Market? Yes, But If You Do Not Have Hundreds Of Dollars To Spend, The C-182 Is The Best Buy For Your Money.The Only Drawback I Could Find With This Fantastic Deal Was The Fact That It Did Not Come With A Removable Memory Card And The On-board Memory Is Limited. However For A Few Dollars More-{Under Ten Dollars}-You Can Buy A Powerful/Large Memory Card That Easily Inserts Into The Provided Memory Port. Would I Recommend This Product? Yes, Most Certainly, It Is An Ebay Hit With This Buyer.Read full review...


Kodak Easy Share C182 Digital Camera

The kodak C182 is a very good little camera. It is easy to use and does everything the manufacturer says it will do. I thusted the Kodak name and purchased the camera for everyday use. My disapointment came when I discovered it did not come with software. I had to go on the internet and download a program to be able to get the pictures out of the camera and on to my computer.
The downloaded program does not work well at all. It is a constant fight getting my pictures. I think Kodak wants you to buy the easyshare software and I don't really want to do that. I feel everything should have been included with my purchase.
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Great Refurbished Camera

I purchased this camera because it had a small footprint , easy to hold and 12 megapixel. Being refurbished, the known problems are repaired. Kodak build great cameras. This camera is easy to use, just let the camera work for you and it will take great pictures. In one mode in wide screen, 9 megapixel mode takes great pictures and the pictures are very crisp.

It has many modes and one of my favorites is stable picture or if you have a shaky hand this will take the blur out and give you a crisp picture.

Another great feature that I like is the button on top of the camera.It lets you select different flash settings including OFF.

I bought this camera to put in my pocket to carry on short trips when I didn't want to use my digital name brand SLR. I just pull it out and point and shoot. Has some nice feature such as panoramic mode , great for shooting scenery.

In movie mode and I have a 2gb card installed it will take about 30 minutes of video with sound, great for a small camera.

Kodak Software is easy to use with a MAC or PC.

I Use rechargeable batteries in this camera and battery usage is very minimal despite the LCD screen is on and it is the viewfinder.

As far as I'm concerned the only fault with this camera is no remote, it does however have a timer to take a group picture.
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Outstanding little camera. Quality pics, easy to use - and made by Kodak

This is my 3rd C182 - One for my wife, one as a back-up in my bag with the "fancy" camera, and one as a spare. The C182 is a winner on two counts: 1. The photos are razor sharp - helped by the image stabilization - unusual for a low cost camera. 2. It is very simple to operate. Nothing fancy, just takes good pictures with a large LCD for it's body size. My only issue - and it is really very small - is the on-off button - it is "below grade" and very close to the flash button, so can be mixed up and somewhat difficult to get to. Not a big deal at all. All in all, an outstanding buy for a low cost camera that does all the basics well. It must be a secret, but Kodak is making very good cameras, and this is one.Read full review...

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