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Fun Movie!

This is my favorite of Kiplings' books, & the movie does a good job of it. A whale of a lot better than the TV movie that aired in the '70's.It's about Kim, a British orphan who grows up as a native in India in the late 19th century, the time and place Kipling saw firsthand. The skills Kim learns growing up are observed and appreciated by the British Secret Service, and he is groomed for a career in espionage. Great adventure story. The plot very succinctly explains why the Kyber Pass has been so important for so long, an interesting bit considering the events there over the past thirty years.Great cast- Errol Flynn, Dean Stockwell--Great locations!Read full review...


KIM is a great bit of history and action

I love this movie. It stars Errol Flynn, Paul Lukas, Robert Douglas, Arnold Moss and the title character is played by Dean Stockwell. Honestly, there are a lot of familiar faces in this movie, for anyone familiar with the time period. The book it derived some of it's plot from was written by Rudyard Kipling. While I maintain the books are almost always better than the film versions - this is one of the few films I like just as much as the book.

This was filmed both on location in India, and in Lone Pine, CA.

A great adventure film that follows the life of a young boy as he learns the skills of a spy and devotes himself to his Holy Man. He balances the two in an interesting fashion, and it's fun to watch.

The scenes are beautiful and the acting is excellent. The plot is suspenseful and there is violence, but it's not gratuitou -- and it's implied, rather than shown in gory detail.

I enjoyed this when I was younger, and I find I enjoy it even more so as an adult. I haven't seen too many other movies where the same can be said.
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Kim (DVD 2003)

Errol Flynn fans will like and appreciate this one, collectors will want this one in there collection. It's not one that I would consider "a must have" but entertaining and enjoyable.


Rudyard Kipling's Kim

I have always liked this movie and the story. It is something I purchased to watch with my grandchildren.

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