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Good value100% agree

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Good movie nice product

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Great i am very pleased.

Thank You i will enjoy it. My purchase didn't take long to arrive. I am very pleased. I will be looking for products from you.


Jaws 3 )DVD, 2003)

Movie Synopsis: The third film in the successful JAWS franchise follows yet another great white shark with a taste for humans, this time invading the opening ceremonies of a marine park in Florida. The brand new complex offers visitors the chance to view the undersea kingdom from the safety of glass tunnels on the seabed. When a 35-foot great white breaks into the structure--seemingly in revenge for the death of its progeny--a group of marine biologists must do battle with the mighty mother beast.

First saw this one in theatre with the 3-D glasses and still is my Favorite Jaws film to watch. Have very many fond memories of this film.

Enjoy!~~~~ with fresh Cut Potato chips!
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I just love all the'Jaws' versions! Creepy, scarey fish tales! I bought all the 'Jaws' just so I can rewatch them at my leisure and because they are not interrupted by commercials.
Amazing how the film industry can make this shark look so real-- and the crunch sounds!!!
Looks like I'll be swimming a pool from now on!!
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Fair viewing

Movie was good but not as good as the first two Jaws. I missed the characters from the other two, but I'm a fan of Dennis Quade so enjoyed seeing him in the starring role. Wasn't as scarey , but guess after two whales going after people, it gets alittle old.Read full review...


Jaws in a Lake- Seriously. A Lake.

I loved the original Jaws, even the sequel was decent. So imagine my surprise at this movie. Jaws invades a lake. Reall, a lake with waterskiers. And he is in Florida (which looks surprisingly like Ohio or something), so Jaws 3 has apparently moved south from New York for the winter.
A really lousy film, even by sequel standards.
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watch age of child thank you

Movie is good just like first one. Just have to watch age of child aii kids like shark stories but they could get scared.


Jaws 3 203 DVD

My Grandchildren wanted Jaws 3 and I couldn't find it anywhere. I was so glad when I won the bid. It was around Thanksgiving and I needed it for Christmas,and it came in plenty of time.
What I didn't like about it was that it came in an envelope, with no hard case as I was expecting. It looked ok-I was just a little disappointed.Read full review...


Sea World

This one is probably my least favorite Jaws movie. It wasn't as exciting of a story line as the others. The 3-D situation is less interesting to watch. But I am still glad to have it.


Jaws 3

One of the best in the series. Takes a different approach to the original and the sequel can stand alone. This is a hard to find movie in the stores and I was glad to find it here on Ebay! Definitely worth buying!!!Read full review...

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