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Good value66% agree

Entertaining66% agree

Engaging characters66% agree


Great movie

Good cast,good story,it was a no brainer for me to pick this up on blu ray!

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Loved it!

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The Italian Job (2006, Blu-ray Disc)

I'm normally not a fan of action-type movies, but the Italian Job is really well-made and has a great plot (note: I have not seen the original). The actual "Italian Job" is a gold robbery pulled off in Venice, Italy. But it is discovered one of the team is a selfish traitor. He takes everyone else's share of the loot, kills the safecracker leader of the gang and leaves the rest for dead, but they methodically plot revenge to get their gold back - adding the 'legit' safecracker daughter of the assassinated safecracker to the team. There are plenty of plot twists, one involving the Russian mob. Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron have wonderful chemistry and Edward Norton is perfectly cocky. Seth Green is also funny as the computer hacker (again - first was Enemy of the State). The Mini Cooper chase alone is worth renting this movie - it is awesome!Read full review...


Good, but not great.

I'm not going to review the content of the movie, just the Blu-Ray's quality.

It is a solid transfer and you can tell at first glance that it's better than
DVD quality. Unfortunately, for a newer movie it has a bit of film grain
going on throughout, although it's not at a distracting level (see: Sleepy
Hollow.) The audio sounds like a carbon copy of the DVD, which isn't really
a bad thing, but it won't blow your socks off either. A good overall upgrade
from the DVD if you're a fan of this movie.
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they are fantastic to do business with...I buy all my movies from them..they are the you can feel comfortable ordering from them....they are honest and trustworthy


Very Unique Movie

If you enjoy mob films, this will be an excellent addition to your collection. It is similar to the Transporter and other suspense movies. The camera angles were well done and special effect sparkled.

4 out of 5 for the Italian Job

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Fantastic cast - so-so movie

Watching the previews, I remember thinking "This is my kind of movie!". I was looking forward to a movie like this with such a great cast.

Sadly, the movie just seemed to move along too slow for my taste. Also, even with a great cast, some of the lines come off as "not quite right" - the chemistry just didn't seem to be there.

This is not really a bad movie - it does have its moments - but without the expected chemistry between the cast members, it does leave you wanting more.

Bottom Line: Rent this if need be... watch it once.. and move on. It's simply not worthy of purchasing for repeat viewing.
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I bougt this Blu-Ray movie a few weeks agao and the picture is amazing. Ofcourse the movie is an excellent one or I wouldn't have bought it in Blu-Ray. The clarity is just amazing. Blu-Ray is the way to go!Read full review...


Great Movie

I've loved this movie since i first saw it, its a little like the ocean's 11-13 movies, but a more realistic version. Love charlize Theron and Mark Whalberg in it. Overall a good action flick with tons of witty lines to keep you entertained..Read full review...


Good Copy

I love how their were no scratches on the film.It was a perfect Blu ray disc. Thank again for the great disc

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