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Would recommend100% agree

Good value100% agree

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Great deal

Authentic CD no scratches

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: vgmx-vgmx


It was a very good year.

I know this CD makes an excellent gift for any music lover. I do not understand how anybody who is familiar with Boys 2 Men would not like this album. It is almost suspicious.

I think this CD exceeded Gold when on its debut. And, it has withstood the test of time. It is a classic, and in my opinion treasonous to consider it any thing else.Read full review...


Top 50

If you have to look up a reveiw on this album then you need help. This R&B album is in the top 50 all time greatest albums. This is Boyz II Men's second album and they came out hard hitting right off the bat. With platinum singles like On Bended Knee, I'll Make Love To You, and Water Runs Dry you will understand what I mean. This is one of the few albums you can play from start to finish. 10 of 10 A+Read full review...


Excellent e-bayer

Boyz II Men is my favorite band and my old cd broke so I needed to buy a new one. I like all the tracks on this CD, especially since there is a mix of fast and slow songs; as opposed to the other Boyz II Men CD's where the majority of the songs are slow. Boyz II Men's music appeals to people of all ages. I would strongly recommend this CD to anyone.Read full review...



Randy Jackson said it best when he said that "certain people are put on this earth to show the rest how it's done. Boyz II Men is one of those groups." Enought said. I've loved the group since I was 10 years old. I'm 23 now, and they haven't lost a step.Read full review...


boyz to men II

I bought this item because I had one in casette when I was young! I love it because it brings me back so many memories when I was dating my husband, It has many romantic songs. And the only thing I didn't like was that I didn't find it sooner.Read full review...


Its So Hard Boys II Men

I LOVE it or else I wouldnt have bought it. I like most of the songs that are on the CD and I am curently trying to update to all CD's. So I am slowly buying CD's that I already have tapes of and that i really enjoy listening to and Boys II Men is one of the many groups that I really enjoy listening to.Read full review...


You can't go wrong with Boyz II Men

I love this CD. You can't go wrong with Boyz II Men. I bought this particular cd for one specific song that reminds me of someone very special to me.


i love the album

i have this album my is used so much its hard to play so i glad he sold his copy to me.i can wait to heard it again! again! again!


II - Boyz II Men (CD 1994)

Great CD to OWN! All song are up to speed & woderfully master.
I purchase this CD because of the pricing & the artist stlylish


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