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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree


Arcade FUN!

TONS of stuff to unlock, if you're a fan of rail shooters, this is a MUST have! Excess gore, wicked soundtrack, and great sound for that matter.
Would recommend a wiimote "pistol" or the "zapper," but that's just my personal opinion. The graphics arent the greatest, and they won't look the best on a larger screen, it still looks great, and performs well...

Golden Brains splatter with a satisfying clang to signify unlocking bonuses.
Max out your combo meter to get a bonus multiplyer!
Grenades to throw, and weapons to purchase and upgrade.
Minigames to unlock and master.

Good fun, that you will return to over and over.
Not regrets at 25 for the game and a zapper.
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A fun game, and parody of 70s horror, but not for everyone.

Coming off the Grindhouse craze of Death Proof and Planet Terror, Sega made this game in the same style of 1970s Grindhouse trash. And if you're a fan, of either Grindhouse movies or House of the Dead, you may want to check this game out.

However, the game can offend some people, with the Samuel L Jackson wannabe spewing obscenities every couple of seconds, the dark sense of humor, and some of the gross out moments (especially near the end). If you can be easily offended, this game may not suit you. But, keep in mind, this is true to the style of the 70s horror cash ins.

The game also has touches that call back to cheesy movies, from the horrible stereotyped villain, the running gags (what dose that "G" stand for anyway?) scenes that aren't consistent with each other (the scene where Jasper gets his glasses knocked off, and is still wearing them in the next scene), and even the realist film grain on the screen while playing, all make it feel like a bad movie, in a good way. Even the chapters are highlighted by movie posters.

The gameplay itself is much in the style of the standard House of the Dead games, with the goal of trying to rack up a high score and kill chains. You can also shoot grenade pickups, and time slowing powerups. You can buy guns to use in later chapters, but it will take a while to buy guns and upgrades, requiring multiple playthoughs to unlock just the guns.

The game's story mode won't take a lot of time to beat, and the extra mutants mode (they're not called Zombies) will make it more chalenging. Director's Cut mode is much more challenging, with additional scenes, and only three continues. There's also some party style minigames, but not much else if you're not into these kind of games.

Overall, a fun parody of 1970s Grindhouse flicks, with enough gameplay to keep you going. But if you're easily offended, or don't care for arcade style lightgun games, it might be a hard sell. Still, if you're looking for a great game to add to your Wii Zapper library, you can't really go wrong here.
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Fun Shooting game, wholly inappropriate for children

House of the Dead, Overkill is a reboot of the House of the Dead Franchise. It does feature G from previous House of the Dead games and is an arcade shooter in the same vein as the previous House of the Dead games. That being said, this game takes a Quentin Tarrantino, dialogue driven approach, where the developers went out of their way to include cursing and nasty comments. It is supposed to be set up like some '70s B-movie, and that part of the game was novel and sort of funny. I myself did not mind the cursing and thoroughly enjoyed playing this game solo and with friends, but then again, I don't have children. You will find this game to be a bit too short and a bit too easy to complete, but it does have replay value and a harder difficulty setting. The mini games are nice, but not very engrossing. It is easier to play the game with just the Wii remote instead of using a pistol or rifle adapter, because the reload button is on the top of the remote. Get this game at a good low price and you will be glad you did, just don't leave it laying around where kids could play it.Read full review...


Nostalgia In The R-Rated Sense

I love playing the House of Dead series and this is a fun extension. While the graphics may not be up to par with the specs of today's world, this game certainly brings nostalgia to the days of old arcade games on the Wii platform. And for the price--I'd say it's a great steal!Read full review...


Best game ever

I love the wave after wave of Zombies and all i have to do is point and shoot. This is a great game for adults and not children. But by far one of the funniest games that i have for wii and i love how the story mode goes. really funny. I would recommend this to anyone that loves games like call of duty and any other shooting game. you dont have to have to use a nunchuck and look around they just come in front of you and you just keep shooting!! really easy button control on top of everything else. This is a must have and the seller i bought it through was fast shipping and it was just how I imagined it when I was reading it. A MUST HAVE TO ANYONE WHO LOVES TO SHOOT IT UP.Read full review...


Great game - avoid if you don't like cursing or gore.

This is a great game that is pretty short the first time through. Not to worry though because there's plenty of unlockables and an "extended" story mode that adds tons of replay value. Also, if your one of those people who cannot take cursing or vulgarity, this game is in the Guinness Book of World Records for most use of the word F#@ in one game. So, avoid this game if you or people around you are curse-sensative. There's gore too, but I think that's a given.Read full review...


Major Pros and Cons

After reading such great reviews about this game I purchased it hoping that it would be like the "zombie killing" arcade games I used to play. And for the most part that is exactly what it is. The game play is just what I was looking for. What kept me from giving this game a five star review was the language. I honestly did not expect it to be so extreme. Every other word the characters say is F!@#. I really wanted to enjoy this game with family and friends but am too ashamed to even own such a vulgar game. I have yet to find a way to skip the storyline and go straight to the shooting. For those who enjoy the "b-movie" style, it is a must have and would thoroughly enjoy this game. But for others, the "Strong Language" rating is an understatement.Read full review...



This game was everything I read on a review. It does say the F-bomb ALOT. So I would not recommend for children. But it takes you through a story line so you don't have to worry about finding your way. Lots of killing zombies that aren't creppy looking really. This game is loads of fun. I played Obscure the Aftermath and did not like that game, it made me dizzy and just wasn't very much fun. When looking for fun games for the Wii I would buy the House of the Dead. I bought a used copy and i'm so glad I did. Best game. You get points for shooting. Can't say enough good things about this game. If you don't really care too much about graphics and technical stuff, this is a great game. I would highly recommend.Read full review...


Did He Just Say That?

I love first person shooters and super gory zombie action, so this game was right up my alley. They could have toned down on the F-Bomb a little bit, not that I've never used the word, but this was a little over the top. I beat the game in about six hours, but unlocked a bunch of cooler levels to explore on my next go-round with HOTD: Overkill. Liked the pace of the game, although it did get a little glitchy during the boss level fight scenes. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'll give it an 8 for great fun and head popping action. I would reccomend this game for FPS fans and zombie lovers.Read full review...


game mechanics are a bit difficult

I was shocked at the language in the game. I'm not just easily offended as I am an autoworker and that sort of language is considered 'shop talk'. I thought the rating was for the violence, but apparently, anything goes with a mature rating. I haven't really gotten a chance to play this much as I bought it to "shoot zombies" with my kid.Read full review...

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