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Great romantic comedy marred by weak ending!

Until the final ten minutes of HITCH, this was one of the best romantic comedies I had seen in a long time. The premise was fairly original, though in a way an inversion of the Cyrano de Bergerac theme. The difference here is that instead of an ugly man capable of great love who gives voice to a less deserving, but handsome surrogate, Will Smith's Hitch is a man who is afraid of love enabling somewhat unattractive men who are capable of a great love, an opportunity to express it. Hitch is a date doctor, someone who corrects the errors in a person's dating style that prevents his meeting the woman of his dreams. The film revolves around two poles: Hitch's efforts to help the hapless Albert--an overweight, clumsy accountant with bad taste and music and a hopeless dance style--woo the woman of his dreams, the socialite and heiress Allegra Cole on the one hand, and Hitch's own attempts to get to know (but not to love) Sara, a gossip columnist. I like the way the two story lines intersect and complicate one another, so that at the end of the film Hitch ends up with not one but two disasters to correct. Like in so many romantic comedies, the way to true happiness is paved with misunderstandings, and this is no exception. My only problem with the movie is the way Hitch takes care of his own problems at the end of the film. The person I saw this with hated the ending even more than I did, and she was quite upset that Sara had not taken what she considered to be the minimal steps that should have been expected for Hitch to be able to forgive her before trying to win her back. I didn't hate the ending as much as she did, but I do agree that the final ten minutes of the film are much, much weaker than the rest of it. On an intellectual level I understand why the decided to portray Hitch as temporarily bumbling and inarticulate, but I just couldn't buy the particular way that they pulled it off.

How nice to see Will Smith in a romantic role! And how refreshing to see Hollywood present an interracial relationship! Granted, Eva Mendes is a dark complexioned Hispanic of Cuban descent, but it is one of the very few times we've ever seen a romance between an African American and a person of European descent. Interracial relationships are common today, so it is nice to see Hollywood stop pretending that they don't occur. Smith has never been funnier than in this one, and the scene in which he suffers an allergic reaction to shellfish is about as funny as I have seen in a while (the make up is exceptional in that scene). Eva Mendes I had only scene previously in a film I absolutely detest, TRAINING DAY (as Denzel Washington's wife) and in the mess that was ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO. She is much better served in this film, and she acquits herself admirably. She has a festiveness and projects a confidence that I really like. Kevin James is a stitch as Albert, and reveals himself to be one of the more physically graceful large actors to appear in some time. Model Amber Valletta is fine as Allegra, the object of Albert's affections, but since she is quite attractive in an arm-trophy sort of way, she was perfect for the role. Special mention must be made of Jerry Donovan, who is excellent as the reptilian Vance, who wants to hire Hitch to help him "bang" a girl he had met (Sara's best friend) so that he could forget about her and move on.

I will confess that my own personal favorite type of film from the birth of the sound film to the present is the romanti
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It's just what i wanted thanks

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GREAT Movie For The Entire Family! Awesome In BLU-RAY!

I can't say enough good things about this movie. I just recently purchased this on Blu-ray and it was well worth the money! What I really liked about the film is that it's a movie your entire family can watch. There is no bad language, nudity, or violence. You don't find that, or lack of, in many movies these days... I also own this on regular DVD, but what a difference BLU-RAY made! If you thinking about adding this one to your collection, think no longer. Will Smith, Kevin James, Eva Mendes, it's a no-brainer! Trust me, you'll really enjoy the film. It's a real treat to watch.Read full review...


Great Product! Definitely would buy again!

This movie has something in it for everybody! Will Smith does a great job in this movie. Hitch is based on understanding what people are looking for and how to hit it off with the opposite gender. In the beginning of the movie, Will Smith thinks he has it all figured out and can tell you exactly how to win somebody over. By the end of the movie, you find out that Will Smith is as clueless as the rest of us. It all boils down to the right time at the right place and meeting that right person.

Great movie! I promised you won't be disappointed if you buy this!!!
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Great love film

Great film about love, and how you might have all the answers, but still dont understand love, i think will smith played this character great, i recommend this film for a great romantic night with you loveRead full review...


Hilariously entertaining!!

A romantic comedy good for the whole family. Will Smith does a great job as usual. Still funny watching it every time i see it. I find myself laughing later remembering the ridiculous scenes. Good humor.Read full review...



This is a classic movie that one can watch over and over again and never get tired of seeing it. It is a great romantic comedy for all to see. It has the perfect cast and keeps you entertained throughout the movie. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone in search of a timeless classic.Read full review...


Great movie to buy!!

Very funny, Will Smith always great and who doesnt enjoy looking at Eva Mendez. The movie is also a little different than other romantic comedies as it's more of a comedy than a romance.


Fun for Friends

This is a great movie to watch when your hanging out with your friends. It has a fun approach and is quite entertaining. Some creative dancing too! Most people should have this movie just because its fun!Read full review...


Great Romantic Comedy!

Will Smith doing what he does best! Very funny movie good for the whole family! Looks great in Blu-Ray!

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