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Good value100% agree

Entertaining100% agree

Engaging characters100% agree


The Sociological S*** Sand-which of the past decade.

I give it a chance & a nod but would never recommend it. This movie isn't inappropriate for a film whose point is what this one is yet it is just only a shallow attempt to depict a want-to-be bad-a** character & one whom is hopelessly lost and one whom any real person with integrity and real grit most likely can't stand or is ticked off to witness. It has good acting just horrible plot & truly elementary character depth & creation.

The point of the film is not to judge what looks bad... as evil, and also how help can come in the strangest ways. The plot and point of this movie probably couldn't even barely "pass" for a black comedy which is a style I would be fan of usually. For Ex: "A Clockwork Orange" or "Fight Club".
In my opinion honestly the main character made me remember every jerk who thinks hes hot stuff, but has no true integrity, respect or honor for other peoples freedom and personality.
A wanna-be or a hypocrite in other words.
It fills me with a sort-of deep frustration to watch the way this films loser kid screws around with the family whose house he forces himself into. I know why the film was made sociologically at least but i'm no fan of its content & attempts as the plot unfolds to show it's meaning. I know about "the other side of life" & have been a rebel myself but this is just a depressing torture-fest of a movie. I could easily go to a local bar and watch people acting tough or fighting and have better entertainment. Look up the DEFINITION of character in a dictionary and you CAN fine tooth comb this movie and find VERY little. Simply a childish sub-conscious failed attempt at a "Taxi Diver" style film. It is similar to a "Sunday newspaper cartoon" concept with no depth, just shock value.
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Shipped out in a timely fashion, and was in perfect condition.

Very dramatic movie. Very meaningful as well. Too bad Hesher (in real life) looks nothing like he does in the film.


Hesher is a must have DvD

Overall amazing movie! The casting and acting are unbelievable and the story is unique and filled with some funny but dark scenes. I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys Metallica(The basis of the soundtrack) or dark comedies.Read full review...

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