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Great movie

I ordered this movie, because all of the other ones were being shown on TV each week, but they never scheduled this one. I could not watch the later movies in the series without watching this one first. I was pleased, as I was with all of the Harry Potter movies. Super graphics, and lots of action.Read full review...

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The Darkest Of The Potter Films

I, personally, love the Harry Potter Movies even though I am middle aged. They are exciting and entertaining, and this last one, The Order Of The Phoenix, was the darkest of them all. Sometimes I wonder if they arent a bit too macabre for younger children, but none the less the films have great effects and acting. The characters and stories capture your fantasitical side, no matter what age you might be. I purchased this film because I have the others and wanted to keep the collection complete. Each one has made me look forward to the next, as they are well above the excitement I had growing up watching the Wizard Of Oz. I borrowed the first in the series from my friends children and instantly enjoyed it and desired to the see the next, and wait for the next. These are must see films for any that likes fun and adventure, and a few chills along the way. Though each one has gotten a bit darker as the characters age, they are still fun. It was sad when Richard Harris passed and needed to be replaced as Dumbledore because he really fit the character, though Michael Gambon does a good job potraying the headmaster of Hogearts.
Though these films can seem a bit scary for the younger crowds I have found them to be a lot of fun and feel they really help to bring out that inner child, no matter how old one might be! These films are not just for the little kids as many might think, especially this one. I have enjoyed playing them for guests my age and watch as they discover the same thing. Almost makes you feel cheated these weren't around when we were young enough not to looked at as silly for liking them at our age now. Regardless, for any that has not ever taken the time to watch Harry Potter films, do yourself a favor and indulge in a little curiosity and see if you, too, aren't entertained. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are wonderful main characters. The supporting wizards and witches each have their own distinct qualities that help the children learn their way. The remaining cast of characters complete the films. Be ready for a surprise at every turn if you have never seen them. I own the films because sometimes it helps to watch them again and again, as I had to with The Order Of The Phoenix to truly appreciate it. Do yourself a favor, if you havent seen them, and borrow them as I did and see if they don't help remind you of how much fun it can be to be young!!
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Potter 4

Emma Watson's acting, as previously mentioned, is a little forced, but at the same time it does suit the type of character she is playing, and overall it can be forgiven. I think the special effects used in the Department of Mysteries and the battle scene were fabulous, and the screenplay was excellent, particularly when you look at the screenplays from the first couple of films.

I know I really enjoyed this film and it far exceeded my expectations. While the movies will never match up to the sheer brilliance of the books, I think the Harry Potter films are 'bloody brilliant' as an additional outlet for fans and a great way to enjoy the stories in a new medium
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Another great movie. Too much focus on new headmaster.

These movies are for kids, yet they are obviously targeting for the appeal of adults. Why all the swearing? Adults are not expecting or desiring that in this movie series, and it serves only to offend the kids and those adults who are also offended by that kind of language. JK must feel incomplete and trying to gain acceptance from the world. Announcing the Gay inclination of Dumbledore was completely unnecessary. It wasn't in the books and wasn't in the lexicon, so why bother? Attention! Alert! Wake up! Most of the world is not Gay. Most of the parents out there try to teach their kids good values. This is not a blast blog on gay people, but is to serve as a voice of the masses...we want clean entertainment. JK did a fabulous job keeping us entertained with the books, (minus the swearing)but as the movies seem to get darker and darker, we find ourselves inclining more towards Narnia. PG should be the highest rating attempted for these movies. PG-13 is over the edge and we will not let our children watch them, even though they have read the books. So gather your millions from the movie take, but know this, that sum will not include our dollars. I know I am in the minority with my views, but my views are worth fighting for.Read full review...


Better than the Book

This is one of the very few times that I felt that the movie was better than the book. Order of the Phoenix was the only book I did not rate Excellent, but I feel this movie rates it.

Unlike the book, which I feel was Rowling's one and only drop into "middle book funk", this movie can stand on its own.

The Ministry of Magic, in an attempt to keep Harry Potter quiet, assign Delores Umbridge to the school. Although Umbridge is never specifically mentioned as being a Death Eater, loves to leave people in perpetual misery. Later in the series, she is an inquisitor working for the Ministry under Voldermort's command.

Much of the pain and anguish she passes out like candy in the book is thankfully left out of the movies. She still her magic quill that, when used, uses the writer's blood for ink. This has the side affect of etching the words in the skin of the writer as well. She also posts an almost infinite number of decrees to dominate the school. Whereas the book went into endless detail of these and other tortures, the movie was able to successfully convey the full depth of her psychosis without boring the reader to death in the process.

This also kept the movie from being quite as dark as the book. The characters in the movie are clearly on the defensive, but they never give up. The climatic battle at the end feels more like a costly draw than a pointless loss of one of Harry's closest friends.

The actors and actresses continue to perform magnificently. I simply can not imagine anyone else playing the parts of Harry, Hermione, the Weasleys, Snape or McGonagall. Imelda Stauton was perfect as Delores Umbridge, as was Evanna Lynch as the quirky Luna Lovegood. Gary Oldman, who I thought was over the top in Prisoner of Azkaban, did wonderfully here as Sirius Black. I feel Michael Gambon does well as Albus Dumbledore. And there is over a score of secondary characters of which this movie would not work if they were not top notch themselves.

The script writers did well in condensing the much too long book into a few simple effects. A single shot of hundreds of framed decrees hanging on the wall outside the Great Hall, limiting the Umbridge torture scenes, combining the Weasly rebellion with the O.W.L. tests expertly wrapped up entire chapters into single scenes. I also appreciates using Daniel Radcliff's talents as a actor to demonstrate his angst as opposed to the self-destructive patterns Harry has in the book.

A few things could have been better. Harry's hair is neatly combed, something that never happens in the books. Also, the waith-like forms the Death Eaters take in the big fight at the end I felt was over the top. The special effects otherwise great, but they should have left well enough alone.

John Holland-author of The Necklace of Terrersylvanous
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Great movie all in all :)

Well first off i never really got into Harry Potter till the 3rd movie came out. From then on out i liked the movies! The Order of the Phoenix i really liked i read the book and watch the movie i liked it alot and understand alot of it now i didnt at first i had to read the book to get some of the movie that i just didnt get, i like the movie i can watch these movies and really never get sick of them. There are parts in the movie that just make me laugh. I love how everything follows into place and has you understanding Lord Voldemort and Harrys connection at the end of the movie. All in all i love the movie!Read full review...


Not too bad o.O

The 5th Harry Potter movie was in many respects very well made. The character development was good as always as was the acting. For die-hard fans, myself included, it's a little disappointing exactly how much they have left out of it...

However, Imelda Staunton plays the sweetly wicked Dolores Umbridge brilliantly. The returning cast does very well too. The special effects are especially well done, particularly in the battle scenes in the Department of Mysteries.

On the whole, a pretty good movie :D
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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - enjoy

This is the 5th movie in the Harry Potter series. The movie is better than the recent films, though doesn't measure up to the first two, which I believe are classics.

This closely follows the book with many short scenes, that are edited together well with good transition. This is the darkest story to date and may not be appropriate for youngsters. Yates does a good job as Director. I just wish the scenes were longer.Read full review...



So, why buy the 2 disk special edition?
Well, maybe because one must begin to thing of the FUTURE instead of the present. Eventually, ounce the 7 movies have been released on DVD and Blu-Ray, the cost for buying all 7 movies in one pack will be really expensive. Therefore, i think it'd be wise to buy the two disk of all the movies out so far and simply safe them.

The Order was one of my favorite movies, not because of how it stuck the book (for it really didn't), but for the action and special affects that it contained. For any fan out there, this movie is really worth buying in a special edition!
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