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Movie description
Peter Berg (THE KINGDOM, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) directs this story of a reluctant superhero, John Hancock (Will Smith). Like the best superheroes, Hancock can fly, is bulletproof, and has insurmountable strength. He uses these gifts to fight crime in Los Angeles and save people in distress, Unfortunately, he also is a drunk who leaves a trail of costly destruction behind during his lifesaving pursuits, and his constant sarcasm fails to win him friends. But after Hancock randomly saves his life, public relations executive Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman) decides to give him a makeover and help the superhero change his image so that the police and citizens of Los Angeles will realize how much they need their seemingly inappropriate hero. All the while, Ray's wife, Mary (Charlize Theron)--who seems to simultaneously have a strange connection and aversion to Hancock--worries that her do-gooder husband will end up disappointed by Hancock's antics. The special effects are quite impressive, as Hancock flies through Los Angeles crashing into buildings, bursting through freeway signs, and flipping automobiles around as if they were wet noodles. Smith evokes a depth and warmth in Hancock; even when he's unpleasant and anti-social, it's clear that there is more to him. Bateman is well cast as a man who really does want to change the world for the better. And Theron is quite touching in her role as a wife to Ray, a mother to Aaron, and ultimately a savior to Hancock. Be forewarned that this rather lighthearted film takes a rather sudden dark turn about three-quarters of the way through, and gunplay and fight scenes abound.

Producer: Akiva Goldsman, James Lassiter, Michael Mann, Will Smith
Cast: Charlize Theron, Eddie Marsan, Jason Bateman, Will Smith

Edition: Unrated Special Edition / 2-Disc Set

Editorial reviews
"[T]his superhero story comes with some bite....HANCOCK makes for one unexpectedly satisfying and kinky addition to Hollywood's superhero chronicles."
New York Times - Manohla Dargis (07/02/2008)
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Not a great movie, but still a good one.

I've heard many bad things about this movie, but truthfully I enjoyed it. With that said, I don't think it's any great cinematic achievement, but that doesn't mean that it's not a decent movie. I am somewhat of a comic geek, so superhero movies in general appeal to me. What I found with this movie was a very original superhero story, that held together well enough to entertain me for the duration.

The special effects are enough to warrant the high-definition copy, but truthfully the digital disc is a waste of materials and money for me. I have several other movies with digital copies that I've enjoyed putting on my ipod, but this one CANNOT be transferred onto anything but Windows Media Player or a PSP. Sorry, no itunes for Hancock unless you transfer it yourself.
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Not your typical "superhero" movie

I don't understand all of the criticism this movie is receiving. Everyone take a second and realize this is not a Marvel or DC comic book superhero movie. Now think about that again. It is a different story entirely and has some very unique elements.

Hancock isn't action packed. It doesn't have a Superhero vs. Supervillan plot. I would probably describe it as a character study of the superhero. I think this movie does a better job of addressing some of the issues (and vices) a superhero probably would have if they existed today. The biggest conflict in the movie is within Will Smith's character's attitude, not necessarily good vs. evil.

I think much of the criticism I have read about is motivated by expectations that were not met, which isn't fair at all. If you watch Hancock with only the expectation of being entertained, you will leave happy. Its a good movie, don't jump on the bandwagon of not liking it just because you can. Give it a chance and take it for what it is, a July 4th action/comedy.
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I guess Blu-ray is not so awesome afterall

I liked this movie; too again, I love Will Smith. Critics and Sony have bragged about blu-ray for more than a year now and I fell for it, like many others. I went out, but a 46 inch Sharp Aquos and a Sony blu-ray player and I bought Hancock among many other blu-ray dvds.

While the movie is just as funny as it was in the theater, I was pleased to see that the blu-ray version comes with an unedited version as well, which sort of fills in the gaps on Hancock's character, showing the veiewer just how much of a jerk he actually is.

However, what I didn't like about this Blu-ray is that there aren't really any "makings" of the movie. And, the quality is NOT blu-ray. It is comparable to the dvd version in EVERY respect.

In fact, I actually liked the dvd version. The ONLY thing that was crisp were certain scenes that showed craters in the actors and actresses faces. Gross! I always thought Charlese Theron was beautiful. Not on blu-ray! You can see every wrinkle, crack and crevice on her face. Wil Smith isn't all that handsome either.

Thanks Blu-ray. I spent $5.00 more than the dvd version just so I can see how unattractive the actors actually are.
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Will Smith is fantastic

I really liked the fact that Will Smith was able to shift gears and play the perfect anti-hero. Having been a fan since back in the days of the "Fresh Prince", I thought it was great to see him play a real a**hole. It just shows what a diverse actor Mr. Smith has grown into. We laughed our heads off at some of the outlandish antics of Hancock as he transformed from an angry drunk into a true superhero. Some may not like it but I give it two thumbs up.Read full review...


The Unknown Superhero

If you like Will Smith, he does it again with his great acting ability. This is a different kind of movie where the superhero starts out unknown, but by the end he is the greatest! Lots of action and comedy. The special effects and surround sound were amazing! If you decide to buy this Blu-ray movie, be sure you pay close attention to the story. The first time I viewed it, I missed alot of the little details. Watched it again and low and behold I figured it out! Gotcha!

If you are not sure about buying this movie and don't want to shell out the bucks, search for the lowest price on ebay. That's what I did!
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