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My favorite coffee maker of all time!

This has been my favorite coffee maker. So much so, that I'm looking for a new one. My last one still works well but is white and looking shabby on the counter. I'm only looking to replace it with a black one. The outside water tank is the best feature. If it's overfilled simply remove the tank and pour out excess water. The carafe has taken many bumps and bangs and remarkably hasn't broken. And to the fellow who complained it drips when poured, that's never been a problem for me. I recently got a new coffeemaker as a promotional item. I hate it. So, I'm looking for another Michael Graves Hamilton Beach 40304. I highly recommend this product.Read full review...


Michael Graves Automatic Drip40304 coffee Maker

Love it and recommend it.It's simple to program,very efficient to use and makes a great cup of coffee.
And. being designed by a leading architect, has a terrific funky design a very reasonable price and you
can use your own coffee.
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Supplier was excellent, product marginal

Supplier was excellent - replacement pot not so much.
The pot is difficult to pour when full and makes a mess.


Very cool

Great coffeemaker, awesome design . Make sure you get some decent coffee for this , like a Reserve bag of Starbucks .


Excellent coffee maker

The coffee maker is simple to operate and makes an excellent cup of coffee. I recommend it to others.


Easy to use!

Water tank removable and on outside of coffee maker- no water dripping into grounds when you set it up ahead of time.

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