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A lot of device for the bucks.

I bought this to use at my newly purchased stationary exercise bicycle. Fits great right in front of the bottom of the display area. Very good picture. Sound is a little low to be heard over the built-in fan on the equipment, but headphones plugged into the headphone jack fixed that. The big plus is the built-in DVD player--at a cost comparable to other mini-TVs without the player. A little tricky to give just the right amount of 'push' on the area that pops open the TV to reveal the DVD player. Remote was another plus for this little unit. Manual shows lots more features I haven't used yet--like ability to display still photos from a memory card, and many more I may not need at this time, but it really is very full featured. It does require the supplied external antenna, and in a fringe area like mine, 25 miles away from the broadcast antennas it doesn't receive a lot of channels, but with the antenna placed just inside a window it does get several. Without the antenna it had no reception, so unless you are in the heart of a major city, don't expect to receive many--and each time you move it you may have to rescan to find which ones are being received.

All in all, a lot of device for the bucks. Remember though, this is not really a 'portable' in that it will run on 110 volt, or 12 volt, with both power supplies included, but it does NOT have an internal battery and cannot be used without being plugged in.
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you got to get one

I love it. It is right on time take it everywhere I go, Easy to pack. But the TV I dont use that much cause I am a movie person.I will recconmend this to you who reading this reveiw to my friends,and family.compact light weighted clear pictures and most of all different from a regular dvd player. I give it two thumbs .Read full review...


This unit work perfectly. This unit would be good during power outages. EX

This unit works perfectly. 5 overall rating. The unit pickups all the digital channels as intended. The Dvd player works great. Plays a movie real good. The battery works good. No problems with this unit. I hope a lot more people would buy this unit. This unit would be good during power outages from storms. It would allow you to receive updated news and weather reports.Read full review...


I have it when I want it to use

I enjoy the LCD television - it gives me the option I was looking for where I can play my video tapes as well as play the DVD's

I think I made a great purchase it has what I wanted

The audio could be better, but I use ear buds-helps

I can't compare-don't have any other
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love the tv

I love the tv this was a great buy I wish there was more I really pleases with the tv thanks again. thanks thanks thanks thanks


great product for the money

bought this for my granddaughter and she takes it to bed with her every night.great picture and sound.


Incredible buy

This is an awesome tv set, I really do love it. It makes for a tremendous gift. I would buy it again!


Haier HLTD7 7" LCD Television is good.

Haier HLTD7 7" LCD Television is good working is good dvd is good service no have adio vedio input jack.


Good To Go

Everything as advertised...Good picture & sound. Perfect for my kitchen while cooking. I had no problems setting it up & getting it up and running.


Okay for a monitor or DVD player

Caveat Emptor, you can buy a brand new one for around $75.00 I didn't do enough research before purchase. My fault.

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