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Good value90% agree

Long battery life63% agree

Small form factor70% agree

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Great Phone

This is a great Phone that has a lot of features that I need, among them a built in fm radio so you can listen to music without incurring data charges. The gentleman I bought if from was very quick to get me the phone, answered my questions, a true professionalRead full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: refurbished | Sold by: smartmobilellc

by Top critical review

Htc thunderbolt

Advertised as never used, was a store display. Worked horribly. Froze a lot, very slow, overheated easily in otterbox case. Had to get a different phone shortly after. My son had same phone few years back, we did not have all these issues. That is why I picked it for my daughter to use for a few months until she was due for her next upgrade through Verizon. She like all teenagers broke her phone and needed a temporary replacement. Could just be because phone is an outdated older model, but it sucked. Seller was good in handling the sale, shipping quickly, price was not bad, BUT product horrible.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: zkarlo


It is a good smartphone except for the battery keeps draining.

The only thing wrong with this phone is the battery drains all of a sudden.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: refurbished | Sold by: smartmobilellc


Esperando un reembolso al parecer es fiable puede confiar

Esperando reembolso por el equipo ..............................

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: ecommercewarehouse



I love the thunderbolt wish I never let my boss barrow it. He went mia after letting him use it

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: megafixit


I love this phone, so happy not to have a contract in this economy to risky

I didn't want to go back on a contract so decided this was an affordable alternative. The phone itself is slightly outdated and very heavy, but the screen is a good size and very responsive, very little lag while on the web and for me that's pretty great for the price considering the only place I sacrificed was in the weight. I have read of issues with short battery life, I didn't notice a difference but I'm use to the smartphone drain and carry a external charge as well as car/work adapters so I never risk it.Read full review...


Not bad for the price, poor battery life

For the money, it's very decent, but has terrible battery life and not as user friendly as iPhone. Bought as temporary replacement after iPhone screen broke.
It has a nice, large screen, but touch screen is too sensitive and it's very easy to accidentally end a call when phone is by cheek. Also had to purchase memory card before could use many of the features.
Overall, it works, but I prefer the stability and battery life of iPhone 4. Battery on this phone will not last more than 8 hours if phone or apps are being used.
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Thunderbolts are great android phones

I love the HTC Thunderbolt, especially when they are rooted. Battery life isn't the greatest with the Thunderbolt, but it has a nice size screen, and it's pretty easy to use.


Good performance, 4G, and value, but low battery life. 4/5

I was looking for something to replace my old BlackBerry Storm for about 14 months until I could renew my contract with Verizon and upgrade to a newer phone. I liked the way BlackBerry handled e-mail, but just about everything else was sub-par. After deciding to go with an Android phone, I was looking for something fairly cheap with 4G. My brother recommended the Thunderbolt, which he had received as a work phone, and generally liked. It had the added advantage of being a little older, so I could get one for a reasonable price.

After ordering this one slightly used, I was impressed with the phone at first, until I realized I could not use the Chrome browser because it did not have Ice Cream Sandwich. After some searching, apparently Verizon and HTC were supposed to have rolled out ICS for a bunch of the older phones by last August, but that deadline passed without a word. So I assume I will get the update at some point, but HTC has not put out any information, which is quite frustrating, needless to say.

The phone has pretty good performance, though in some graphics-intensive games it clearly struggles somewhat. And the battery life is not great; I'll probably get three hours or so if I'm using it heavily. I leave it plugged in during the day at work, though, and plug it into the car on long trips, and that eliminates most of the battery problem.

It's certainly no Droid Razr, but it is a fairly cheap 4G phone that does all the things you would want a smartphone to do without any significant problems aside from the battery life.
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Awesome product! Great value for the money!

It was a decent price for a decent phone.

My like about this product are it a high valued phone at a decent price.

I dont really know how to explain how it compare to other cell phone. My dislike about this phone is that the internet take from the phone battey lifeRead full review...

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