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Good value100% agree

Long battery life100% agree

Small form factor0% agree


best phone for the money

The phone is very nice the features are great, the camera has more options then any other phone I seen including iphone.
this phone is almost perfect with the exception of the speaker is not loud enough but it'll do it overall I am very happy with the HTC sensation 4g.
the battery life can be fix very easy, I purchase a battery from ace soft with 2350maH now I can go up to 3 days without charging the battery, of course in a conserve mode but using it moderate to heavy I can go for 11/2 to 2 days.
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Great phone for the Price.

Purchased this phone to replace another HTC Touch phone that I destroyed. This phone is similar but has a few advanced features that I like. I love the home screen with the weather it gives you right on the home screen after one tap. Like my other HTC I find this phone has all the bells and whistles I need and is easy to use. The only negative is this phone is not as good as the Samsung Galaxy phone I lost.Read full review...


Good replacement phone!!

Had a Samsung galaxy s3 and cracked my phone and had to get replacement phone so I decided to buy the HTC sensation for the price. It was a downgrade but I was still able to use fairly easy after some time with it.It was shipped pretty fast and I was able to use rather quickly. The battery lasted almost all day but I always charge my phone at night when I sleep. It had decent app on the phone and was still able to download my old app I had on the Samsung galaxy s3. Overall the Internet speed was my only downside on the phone but a good replacement in a pinch.Read full review...


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This is a great phone for the money when it launched. I personally own one of these device. It has great potential even when it's not rooted. It comes with tons of features. It was one of the first few devices to boast the qHD resolution. It's dual core performance is more than enough for it be in the standard among phones for over a year or two. Which is a lot of time considering how cell phones are evolving. When rooted this phone unleashes it's power with overclock capabilities of 1.5Ghz to 1.7Ghz dual core. This overclock will depend on phone to phone as silicone quality will vary from phone to phone. It's has the capabilities to match almost to the samsung galaxy s2, if NFC and front facing camera's are not much of importance. It's unique unibody is great and having the battery cover as part of the antenna is quite clever. I also like the idea of not having to remove the battery to access the microsd card.Read full review...


Great phone for the money, easy to use and reliable.

This phone was my first HTC, and I have to say I am hooked! I don't see myself buying anything but HTC. This phone is fast, has a good screen, the buttons on the bottom (touch buttons) make it super easy to use, and the back cover is dissembled easily.

It can get dusty inside the Back camera and inside the "Back cover" of the phone.

I would recommend this to anyone with a budget, it is very cheap and you get a great phone.
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This phone is great, but it is bogged down with t-mobile pre-install junk.

Very nice phone! I love this phone, it has a good camera,and all of the right features that I was looking for. If you want a decent device that runs sense pretty well, then this phone is just for you. It packs a 1.2ghz dual-core processor good for everyday use and for gaming.Read full review...



Is a very and useful phone , very fast easy to handle. medium power phone saying that due to the new phone era, but is a very very good phone, brilliant as all HTC products.


Battery Life sucks but overal good phone!

Love my HTC... I recently bought my husband an identical phone. The only thing I dislike about the phone is the battery life is really short and the phone gets hot when using data. The phone will automatically shut off and restart when it gets too hot. Sometimes I have to take the battery out to get phone to stop restarting. Works great as long as you do not play games or on Facebook too long.Read full review...


Excellent phone with loads of features for little money!

Great phone with lots of features. There are many better phones out there but for the money this phone does exactly what I need. I bought this phone to replace my other HTC Sensation that I have had for 4 years stopped working. I like this phone because it will do most things the super expensive phones do but is way cheaper.Read full review...


Great Value

Everything is awesome about this phone, just the battery could last longer. Camera is awesome, apps are awesome, and its dosnt really glitch at all. The volume level could be a tad bit louder in my opinion. The camera is very good on the back, but the front is VGA format. Texting is very easy to do on this product. The feel of the phone in the hand is very relaxing and smooth. Watching videos is very high quality and games as well. I would most certainly recommend this phone to any of my friends or anyone that matter that want a smartphone that is a great value that does not cost an arm and leg to purchase a smartphone.Read full review...

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