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Good value100% agree

Long battery life100% agree

Small form factor100% agree


Bottom line: A sturdy PocketPC phone if you're not looking for bling.

First thing to know, I am reviewing this just after MicroSoft discontinued upgrades & support for this phone's OS (Windows Mobile 6.1), hence the lower rating.

Do you like Windows PocketPC phones? If so, this is a decent little phone. Even without the MS support. Note too, however, that MS has discontinued selling all 6.1 OS apps online, & there are precious few available through the online stores you access with this device.

I bought this phone to see if I might be able to get comfortable with a Windows phone before investing more money in something more high end. Being an avid BlackBerry junkie who fears for the future of RIM, it was an experiment of sorts.

I like that it supports A2DP, has a speaker that doesn't distort the sound output, & also has a true QWERTY keyboard with distinct keys. The external buttons & keyboard controls are simple, & easy to use. Additionally, the IE browser is relatively straightforward & works about average for a native browser of this generation "smartphone.

Regarding the camera (a 2.0 MP without a flash) & the video recorder, I haven't really played around with them. I didn't buy this phone for either of those features, so I'm afraid I'm not much help there.

If you want something highly customizable in regard to profiles etc, this may not be your cup of tea. It does, however, allow you to easily set one of your own photos as home page wallpaper.

This lil phone had no problem with me unceremoniously popping my 4MB SD card in it directly from my BlackBerry. It did not attempt to format the card, or damage or overwrite any of the files that were on it. I did have to got into one of the settings and tell it to scan the card for media, but once done, most of my songs & photos were easily accessible.

Forgive me for not knowing what else you may wish to know, as this is my first review. I tried to address many of the questions I typically have which, for whatever reason, I have a difficult time finding answers for when I search.
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It's simply an awesome phone has everything I need!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this phone! So many great features! I love the applications it comes with and the apps you can put on here are nice too. The wifi is awesome ! I can get online all day and night from my internet connection at home,or pick up on hotspots when out and about.It takes fairly nice pictures and videos, just wish it had flash, but not to big a deal for me. The fact it has a micro sd slot is very nice ! The call quality it great! I never drop a call.The qwerty keyboard is a little small for me, but you get use to it after time. The fact thats it's also a global smartphone is awesome! I just Love this phone,and it's a keeper for me!Read full review...


Good phone

I had simialr phone like this one in the past and the features are the same. The phone is easy to use and a nice size.


Great phone for the money.

I put this phone on PagePlus and it works great. Good reception and has windows mobile 6.5 so it's easy to navigate. If you don't want all the unnecessary bells, whistles and gadgets of the android phones this one's for you!Read full review...


Great Phone!!!!!! I love it! Really Good Price

First of all the price of this phone is great!!! The phone is very very easy to use. Nothing out of this world. Full qwerty keyboard. Wi-Fi. Tons of other things; after all it is a smart phone. One of the few things is dislike is that the camera isnt very good. Its a 2.0 mega pixel camera so it sucks but it still works. Another thing is that i find the phone slow at times. But its a good phone over all.Read full review...


good product

Easy to use and great features. Better ooeration system than other blackberry n look alike devices. There is always more to be discovered.


Excellent Phone!

I had my worries about this phone. But this phone is perfect! You can use it without having to shell out the additional $10-$15 a month for a data plan. Very good organizational phone, alarm and calendar work great! Wicked great phone reception, texting is wicked easy. Camera is only a 2.0 but is crystal clear! Absolutely perfect little phone for someone who is looking to get a touch screen phone without having to pay the data plan coverage. I would recommend this phone over any of the newer phones ex. EnV touch and the Droid. Like I said before, no data plan required! It's awesome, would totally recommend to anyone.Read full review...


Great phone

I decided to buy this phone because I wanted to get into the Page plus celluar network and I heard that if you buy a verison phone that it would be easier to activate on their network( and it was!). So I didn't like the phones that they had to offer so I bought this one. Pros: It's small,stylish(looks like a blackberry), light weight, great camera resolution. Cons: the buttons are a pit clumbersome, the menue style is a bit annoying, the way text message are set up is a bit annoying, and if your not very phone savy the functions and gagdets on this phone will drive you crazy. I recommend this phone to everyone that dose not want a touch screen phone but would like a smart phone that only looks like a blackberry( but isn't as complicated)and anyone who is phone savy and has a little time and patience to deal with this phone's functions and gadgets.Read full review...


Dont waste your money on this phone!

The seller of this phone was OUTSTANDING! My review in NO WAY reflects on the seller!
This by far has to be the WORST phone I've ever owned. Its possibilities are endless! It does everything under the sun! But trying to figure out how to do it all is another story! Everything on the touch screen is so small you hit multiple items when you try and touch something. When you talk, the screen is so sensitive that your cheek opens up multiple windows, sometimes after a call I have to close out between 8 & 12 windows to get back to my main screen! The camera will come on too from your cheek and that makes the battery die! The phone basicaly sucks!
As I stated earlier the seller is AWESOME and I will definately deal with them again. Please dont hold my negative opinion of this phone against the seller. They were great!
Thanks for letting me vent!
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Very sturdy and nice Lcd screen!

Very sturdy and nice phone, a lot of features. However, navigating the menu can be a little cumbersome. The phone has no facility to do namecard messages ie Send the name and number of someone in your contacts list in a message to someone else. Very good camera, the zoom needs to be improved though! Wifi is fast and bluetooth works very well. Overall I would give it a 7 out of 10 rating.Read full review...

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