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Good value100% agree

Long battery life100% agree

Small form factor100% agree


If you don't have one, you need one.

Best phone, a replacement of my dead Inspire, that I have ever had. Wish my phone had died sooner. This one worked right from the box. The screen is vivid, better than my HDTV. Very happy with this HTC Inspire.Read full review...


Tips: - don't bother installing "app killers" in a misguided

My background: have used Blackberries for as long as I can remember, use the phone mostly to keep in touch with work email, occasional web surfingl

The good:
- screen size noticeable bigger than IPhone, though not as sharp looking
- I love the Android OS and the availability of apps on the Android market. Took a little bit of getting used

The bad:
- phone comes with bloatware which can't be uninstalled unless you root the phone
- the battery is severely undersized. I would recharge my blackberry every 2-3 days, with this guy an overnight recharge is a must. Note that the OS provides an app that tracks battery use statistics by app, the screen itself uses 60% of energy (no wonder given its size). By comparison, the next big user was way down at 14%. By decreasing screen luminosity I could reduce battery usage on screen to 40%, but the phone becomes unusable under sunlight - you can't see what's on the screen.
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What a great phone--Of course, I already had experience with using it. It replaced one that did not survive a very high fall from a very high roller coaster at 6 Flags over GA. This phone is awesome--for texting, browsing, playing music, you name it--it can't be beat. It's sleek, easy to hold and use. I just love it. Where would I be if I could not have replaced my HTC???? All I really want to say is, "Wish you could see my grin."Read full review...


Awesome phone, great value for the money!

It is a cool smartphone, works great, almost like Iphone 4, but the only problem is the battery.
I am using it already for couple of months, everything is fine, the programs work cool. I prefer android than the iOS, they almost seem the same, but I think it is cooler when you can put ur music and video into ur phone and take it back from it to ur laptop, or computer of ur friends; apart, the system control is much better; the solution for the battery life cud be to buy a new battery and have it for long trips and charged, but it wud be great if there was sun pallette charger, small one that u can stick and charge.
THe most important is the price, because its a good deal for this price, i mean quality!!!
recommend to buy it!
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is good phone , but the battery finish quickly

is good phone , but the battery finish quickly, the phone needs special configuration for USA mobile carriers, if you need to use it in side the US then u need to be aware of that , and u need to know how to configure the internet, and other networks.Read full review...


excellent experience

is an amazing phone i just loved and very fast with 8 megapixel this phone you use the apps like viber and whatapp with out pay nothing because you know whit the iphone you have to payfor use the whatapp i would recomendend for use is a very good smart phoneRead full review...


Love it

I simply love this phone, love the big screen and the apps. The only negative thing about this phone is its short battery life, which isn't a big deal but u got to charge it almost twise or three times a day, but other than that like i said its a great phone for the price you pay and im loving it.Read full review...


Absolutely a great phone. None better in my opinion.

I absolutely love my HTC Inspire. This phone does everything I want it to do and then some. I was a little skeptical when my sister told me that once I used this phone that I would not want another phone ever; but she was right, I never want to have to give up this phone for anything. LOVE THIS PHONE. I would recommend it to anyone looking to buy a new phone.Read full review...


It is a fantastic phone, really got my moneys worth.

I love my new phone. It has everything I want in a phone.Takes great pictures, gets good signal, so many things you can do on it. It just makes life easier.


Great Product. Great Value for money. Excellent Shipping time.

This phone was literally in mint condition. I love it and definitely I got a great product value for my money. I want to purchase a few more. Great product!

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