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Great phone. Don't even CONSIDER "upgrading" to a Win Phone 7 device.

My last Imagio got stolen, so I "upgraded" to a new Windows 7 phone. Biggest mistake I ever made. Windows 7 Phone is a pile of crap. It's a useless excuse for an operating system. You can't even access the operating system, let alone do anything interesting with it. Heck, they left the API's out of Win Phone 7 to control the phone. Not only is there no call block feature, no one can even WRITE one! That's one of the most basic features of a smart phone. Windows Mobile 6.5 is light years better that Win Phone 7. It's a real Windows operating system, and with only minor changes it will do anything a desktop computer will do. I even run a web server on this thing. Seriously. I was SO glad to dump that Win 7 Phone crap and go back to the Imagio with Win Mobile 6.5.Read full review...


Does not pick up any other phone carrier data plan.

I'm not sure where to begin. I bought this phone thinking I could use it for T-Mobile because it was unlocked. Of course it worked but realize I couldn't get to use my 4g or data plan. It only worked on WiFi only to get online. I'm not sure if it was a setting I needed to change or not but I thought it would be easy to just put my sim card in and everything would be good. Nope, it was probably made to pick up Verizon data plans only I think? Anyways, the phone I think is now outdated cause while on WiFi, it was soooo slow to upload each page and trying to download something was soooo slow as well. After figuring out that a window phone was way more different then them other android phones, I just had to get rid of the phone and get me a real T-Mobile phone and a more updated one. Maybe it might work better for a Verizon Data plan or something which was my main reason for getting this smart phone?Read full review...


My overall experience with this phone was great!

This is a very nice phone, great features and somewhat easy to use, the battery life is like any smart phone, has to be charged every day but other then that I love it. Tells weather and has great apps.Read full review...


Nice Smartphone, much better than BB

Very good phone, very useful and easy to use, I really liked how easy to install applications, games and more without so many things, very customizable. I found it very useful with office tools, the Internet by sharing SKILLS WifiRouter data plan, it easy to add emails. The quality of the images in both pictures and videos is very good, access to social networks without problems, to enjoy the very good band radio and video playback and excellent music with Windows Media. Excellent for connecting to PC does not need heavy platforms and the SYNC data or mass storage mode.
All excellent least one detail, the battery consumption is very high for what we need constantly to recharge especially in multimedia use.
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Wished I could have kept it!

I brought this phone because it was a good value. I love the features and it was very easy to use. The battery lasted pretty good, and the features were ez to navigate. Unfortunately I could never get it to work for T-Mobile services. I made at least ten calls to HTC and T-Mobile, but I could never get it to send or receive pictures. I really hated sending it back! I have a friend with the same phone and T-Mobile service and they work great! We couldnt figure it out!Read full review...


Good value for money

Overall a good phone. The touch screen is easy to use and its not hard to navigate through the phone. The only problem I have is that sometime its hard to connect to wifi.


love the htc imagio xv6975

i love the phone very easy to use, its fast, it has wifi which i love and the screen is amazing. the fact that it is unlocked allows me to use it with t-mobile. The batter life is great,it stores everything from music to pictures etc.....Read full review...



First let me say that this is not my first HTC Shadow. I bought one last year and loved it but wanted a TOUCHSCREEN phone so I sold the Shadow. Oh how I missed it! So I bought another one on eBay (my Shadow is the original Shadow in Sage Green that is UNLOCKED). Here are the Pros and Cons below:
1) Windows Mobile 6(very stable version of Windows) easy to use and does not freeze up.
2) WiFi (easy to set up and use). No data plan necessary to surf the internet!
3) Very easy to use phone. This phone has all the great things I love:
Music Player, File Manager, WiFi, IE, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.
4) The menus are easy to get to with the START menu.
5) Phone is lightweight and purse/pocket friendly. I prefer a lightweight phone to a BRICK heavy phone!
6) Looks, yes looks. This original Shadow has such great eye appeal and looks expensive!
7) SD card on the outside and it can be removed without having to take off the back cover or battery! YES!
8) SD Card capacity--I have presently a 16 gig card in this phone and it reads the files and folders perfectly and works wonderfully!
9) HTC QUALITY! I have owned HTC phones for years and prefer that brand to all the rest of the phones because of: Windows Mobile, WiFi, Ease of Use, Looks, File Manager. These features keep me from lugging my laptop or netbook around!
Only one: No standard 3.5 jack, however, there are adapters I have found that are available on eBay (I bought several) that allow you to use any headset or headphones with 3.5 plug.
I still rate this phone 5 stars!
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A beautiful phone

This phone is great. It's one of the least expensive Android phones on the market, yet it has basically everything you need; 3G, WiFi, a 3.2Mp camera, Fm Radio, Media Player...and the amazing HTC Sense Technology is so cool! The phone's compactness makes it easy to carry around - and it fits on the palm of your hands. It's got a 2.8-inch resistive touch screen (a disadvantage bacause you wont have the best touch experience - capacitive screens are much better). The slightly smaller screen size means some apps may not work well, but so far I've found enough apps that work for me (on androidMarket). So far, I'm loving this phone!Read full review...


Evo = mini coumputer

We got this for our soon to be US Tour and we will not be getting the phone service!! After reviewing all the phones we could get, we ended up choosing the Evo...why? Well, besides the size of the screen and all the apps you can get for it...the winning factors for us were the front facing camera and sd card. Since we will be making a video documentary of our adventure...we needed the extra storage of the sd card. We also wanted the front facing camera for video chats...even though at the moment there aren't any mobile to PC apps that allow video chat. When we were buying, Skype was available through Fring but they pulled it and I wasn't aware of it. So, I figure its just a matter of time. Ease of use is pretty good...if you got at least a little tech savvy in you. I didn't get an owners manual with mine but was able to figure out how to do things. In the end, this one item does the job of the multiple items we were going to need...GPS, MP3s, Camcorder, Camera...these alone would cost $300+. I am very happy with my swiss army pocket computer.Read full review...

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