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Good phone.

This is a good feature phone. I like the styling, it is very easy to use and has a pretty good battery as long as your not constantly on the internet or listening to music you can get several days use out of it. If you're looking for a high end feature phones, but not quite ready for the smartphone data plan, this is the phone to get.Read full review...


Good feature phone!

The HTC Freestyle is a good feature phone for someone that doesn't quite want a smartphone. It has the feel of a smartphone.

-It's touchscreen.
-You don't need a data plan to use this phone.
-It has a 3.2 megapixel camera.
-Expandable memory up to 32 GIGS.
-It has all the basics of any phone such as a music player, email messaging, and FM radio.

-Does not have Wi-Fi.

Overall this phone is good for someone that wants a modern phone, but doesn't want all the complicated fuss of a smartphone.
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Fast easy features, but touchscreen has mind of it's own while on calls!

The touchscreen and features are great. The only draw back is that sometimes you have to touch the button multiple times and many many times I get the same text showing up three times in a row. You can have features that you use all the time such as the camera, speed dial to certain people or calculator on a favorites home screen which makes it fast. The major issue I have is that even though you "lock" the screen while on a phone call, it magically becomes unlocked and your cheek has you calling people, making joint calls, texting and all sorts of things while you're on the phone, REALLY annoying.Read full review...


Great Phone, Great Deal

Great phone overall, easy to use, you can access social networking sites and internet. Just wish there was a wider variety of apps you could download. But all in all, great phone for the price.


Save money with this smartphone alternative!

First of all, this phone is NOT a smartphone! I knew that going in, so I did not ding the seller for his posting. With that being said, this phone has many features and, in my opinion, is the best option available if one doesn't want to be saddled with a smartphone data plan from their wireless carrier. I have an unlimited non-smartphone data plan for $10 on this phone and I am able to do basically everything with this Freestyle that I did with my old smartphone. The screen resolution is fine, data speed is fine, battery life is way better than my old Blackberry Torch, voice quality on both ends of a call is very good, signal strength, while somewhat less than my Torch, is still excellent - better than my old iPhone for sure -, the touch screen is very responsive, it looks good, and the price is right! While smartphones are great products, the screens are just too small, for me anyway, to enjoy their full benefit. For my money, this is the way to go for a mobile phone, especially if you own a tablet as well.Read full review...


Great phone..

After using my touch pro (Fuze) for 2 years, with WinMo 6.1, with all its pros and cons, I decided to change.
I need WinMo because of my work (security settings), and given WinPhone 7 is not there yet, I decided to go with this phone instead.

on the software, WinMo 6.5 delivers: smooth scrolling, marketplace, touch friendly, easy connectivity.. and after upgrading to latest HTC stock ROM, the new Sense is right there, stable and USEFUL. 90% of phone functionality available right there, and the graphics are awesome (Weather!!)

I really miss the camera back light though. I would change that useless "mute" button for a bright LED for my camera.

ATnT bloatware: No need to explain too much, ATnT apps are there, embedded into the stock ROM and although you can manually remove some, others will remain, taking program memory.
but you can workaround this by applying a cooked ROM, if you don't need ATnT warranty. EnergyROM fix most performance and bloatware problems... sweet!

Overall, a very good phone that plays the role of a netbook. Great keyboard, great display, good enough battery life, GREAT sound. Excellent option if you are a little savvy on how to customize your phone, to have it the way you want it
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Amazing feature packed Smartphone but Poor performance!

After using this device for a little over 2 months i was pleased with the wide variety of multimedia and business options; the feature set is truly impressive and sets a bar for the competition to aim for or maintain.Inclusive of a variety of IM and Mail clients and support for social network applications, Wifi, Wifi Routing, Fast 3G Data browsing, Bluetooth Support, a satisfying 3.2 Megapixel Camera, Clear loud Speakerphone/Music Player, Great call quality, integrated FM Radio, Music Player, Photo Album Support for editing and creation of MS Office Word, Excel & Powerpoint files,and the list goes on, if its mobile capable the TILT2 has it! It easily replaces my notebook pc while on the go.
That being said all this is marred by a dated Touch-flo interface and buggy OS performance that cause hang-ups, sluggish performance, random reset and system freezing. This has been experienced and expressed in many forums but to date no certain fix has been found.Additionally, poor battery life and the Windows 6.5 menus can tend to cause a bit confusing/frustration for those new smartphone or windows phone users. I love my tilt 2 but it takes a bit of patience to live with it.
A formidable smartphone with much potential,however the many and varied performance issue taint the users overall impression of the device.
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JUNK-Waste of Money. Might as well disconnect your phone.

The Freestyle is NOT a Smartphone. I bought the Freestyle for my mother because it does not require a data plan. She likes the touch screen, menus, etc but does not use applications or internet. Should have listened to other reviews- I mistakenly thought if she was not going to download/ use apps it would be fine. WRONG. This phone is JUNK. "Oops" is the most frequently seen screen on this phone. It restarts at LEAST 3 times daily by itself. Another 3 times daily it locks up and the battery has to be removed to restart. Sometimes accepts calls/ sometimes does not. Sometimes makes calls/ sometimes doesn't. "NO SIMS" card appears randomly. Deletes contacts from both phone and SIMS card randomly- as well as during updates. Alarm MAY or MAY NOT go off. Hours of troubleshooting with ATT. Firmware update with ATT. In 3-4 weeks, we have spent a minimum of 12 hours with ATT (2+ hours at a time)- phone actually locked up twice while ATT was performing update(s).
Phone has been replaced by ATT twice. Battery has been replaced once. Both of the phones she has had have ALL of the issues I have ever read about. Currently awaiting 3rd replacement phone. My mother carries a 5+ year old Motorola PEBL U6 in her purse in case she needs to make a call and the Freestyle will not turn on.
I feel horrible about being the person to buy this present. It has caused her hours of frustration. No one can consistently get in touch with her anymore. HTC and ATT both should be ashamed of this product but neither will even admit to there being a problem. WORST case of buyer's remorse I have EVER experienced and I have bought some really dumb things. None so Dumb as this Non-Smartphone. Mother's Day is coming up; I will be buying another new phone so the rest of my family does not disown me and we can get in touch with Mom again! Needless to say, I will not be buying another HTC- of any model.
If you have a teenager who runs up lots of overages (data, minutes, texts) buying one of these will definitely help. If you need a phone for work, emergencies, or to talk and text buy something different- anything different, it can not be worse than this phone.
I have owned 10+ different cell phones (and bought that many more as gifts) but this is my 1st review so I may have missed something. If this does not answer your questions- read a few more reviews but DO NOT think you will get a different outcome. Just buy a different phone and forget about how great this phone could have been because it is not great at all.
By the way, 1 Star is the least you can rate an item. I would not have given the Freestyle any Stars if that were an option.
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HTC Tilt 2 - AT&T

+: Touchscreen is very responsive. Not too bulky or big. Keyboard is big enougha and keys are wide enough to be easy to type. Messaging is intelligent and categorizes and orders messages by person instead of by time received, making it easy to review each conversation. Internet and operating system is easy to use and quick. Includes FM radio, with not-included wired headset. Similar to working on a computer. Running multiple programs (a plus if you love listening to music while checking your email. Also able to run programs in the background while charging the phone (without the screen having to be on).

-: Not very pick-up-and-go (some reading required to understand the details). Phone is a bit laggy, not horrifically but enough to where sometimes you have to let it finish. Battery life is a bit short (if you use text, internt, data constantly--not really a surprise). Back plate of phone is a bit flimsy (plastic instead of metal like the middle strip is. Minimum applications available (miss Pandora from ipod touch/iphone), and most cost money or have a monthly premium.

Overall a great phone, one of the best I've had so far. 8/10!
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