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Good value82% agree

Long battery life66% agree

Small form factor69% agree


HTC EVO 4G - Gently Used

A great phone for the value, and certainly met the 9/9.5 level for cosmetic quality. The used battery is just that. USED and unable to hold much of a charge. So be aware you might have to fork over for a new battery - but at $5-10, not a major expense considering the phone price. Just something to be aware of if we are being professional and transparent on our listings.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: wise-deals


evo 4g

I personally have owned (including the one I presently own) 10 HTC Evo 4G phones, not because they break easily, not because of misplacing them... I have had just no luck with keeping things on my person. I have lost 6 evo's inside of the same gas station and the others just from normal things like dropping in a toilet by my nephew, a girlfriend smashed my last one with a hammer. They are so reliable under normal circumstances.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: cmosfm


Google Market / Play App download / install ills

I've had three of these devices

One was locked in Boot Looping mode.

Bad ROM, no Recovery, no Factory Restore.

So I went looking for others, here on eBay

One had a cracked screen, but worked

Am using it's logic board

Another worked with battery and backdoor from

previous machines...

PROBLEM downloading Apps from Play / Market

Says: Starting Download, but nothing happens...

After many minutes

I have had experience with HTC myTouch 4Gs that gives no such problems. from Google Play.

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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: wallachee


No longer works with Sprint

This was one of the best phones ever released. However it is no longer functional on the Sprint network...

Please note that this phone is not LTE. I tried to connect this phone 2/2016 and the calls failed. It would not work because this phone uses older WiMax technology that was phased out by Sprint in 11/2015. This phone was released in 2010 and it was out of service by 2015. Amazing how fast the technology changes.Read full review...


Nice inexpensive smartphone.

Not the latest and greatest smartphone but it does the job. It's very easy to use and it runs all the apps I need. Add a SD card for best results.


lightweight with great features

fits in your back pocket easy. fast and easy to use for work but does not have good apps.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: wise-deals


Nice phone.But due to sprints bloat-ware & software I can only give a 4of5.

SPRINT HTC EVO 4G 1Ghz - Sprint pre-installed way too much bloat-ware on this device which wastes too much memory & data usage. The battery stand-by is pretty good. Has WONDERFUL hardware function & recovery. Runs android 2.3.5 GREAT, but the actual sprint software versions vary & some run great while others slow. The sound is WONDERFUL on speaker or headphones. Has a nice FACE DOWN SPEAKER-PHONE feature. Has HDMI output port which has a clear & nice video/picture/sound output. GREAT cameras (Rear has dual LED flash). Beautiful display & resolution. I've had some wonderful smartphones & this would've been a 5of5 if not for Sprints software versions & bloat-ware & low memory which prevents it from running Android 4.+. So, I can only give this a 4 out of 5.Read full review...


Can't really say

I used mine for two days only. I never got to use mine. It was a previousy owned model and the charging port broke off of the main board two days after it arrived. After googling this issue it appears that this was a common problem for this model.Read full review...


Great Value, easy to use, long battery life.

When I first got this phone, the battery life was excellent and it still is but not as efficient as it was after a year plus use.

When it is fully charged and I start to use the phone the battery meter dips a notch almost immediately. The phone battery will still last me the whole day without a charge with light use, but will be very low if I use certain apps heavily for hours at a time which is obviously the case with many other phone batteries, but this one last just a little bit longer than other phones I've used in the past.

The thing that makes this phone unique from others out there that in has it's own kickstand built into the phone. It's a great feature when you are watching videos on your phone.

The camera takes great pictures and videos, but doesn't take action shots to well.

Overall this phone is easy to use. The features are intuitive. The value is great for those looking for smartphone on budget on the sprint network.
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Great phone, but rather delicate.

I really like this phone. I paid less than $50.00 for it, so it was definitely a good value for the money. I dont know f I would say the same thing if I had to pay full price for it from the store, though. But then, all phones brand new are ridiculously overpriced. There are really only two things that I have a problem with: the battery life and the fact that you have to treat this phone VERY delicately, because if you drop it, the screen gets these weird black dots on it which grow into black lines over time. It makes it very hard to see what's on the screen. My boyfriend has an iPhone and he has dropped his phone several times - sometimes from pretty high up - and his phone screen is still like the day he bought it. He didn't even have a protective case on it, either! I dropped my phone from a height of about a foot off of the ground and I immediately got the black dots. And my phone had a rubberized case on it, too. Other than those two things, I can say that this is a good phone which is easy to use.Read full review...

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